World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 1
In the sky is cloudy, will emit a lightning once for a while, with stuffy thunder, heavy rain will soon approach. In Wohu city, Shen Xiang raises head to look at sky, murmured: Cannot drag again, I must a bit faster find good spirit herb, otherwise I am hard to have the stand up opportunity.” Shen Xiang 16 years old, has compared with the contemporaries this year wants the vigorous and healthy big body, this body and that bring the naivete handsome pretty face egg to have the striking contrast, but his pair with the age not symmetric profound pupil, looks like must idly compared with contemporaries maturity some. Shen Xiang must pick the medicine at this time, although he is the Shen family Patriarch grandson, but he because actually does not have Spiritual Vein, cannot become fierce martial artist, therefore, he very diligent exercise own body, goes out to carry on various secret trainings since childhood frequently, even also carries on to pass away with the tiger beast on fights, although he is young, but has several life and death to experience, mood and will by far contemporaries. „Isn't this Shen Xiang? Must rain hard, can you also exercise?” An old steward walks saying that seeing Shen Xiang to be so vigorous, he cannot help but admires, what in the look are more is regretted. Shen Xiang studies diligently and practices hard every day, until now six years, but stays in Mortal Martial Realm 3rd level, entered Mortal Martial Realm 4th level with his same age most Shen family juniors, fierce entered 5th level. All these are because he does not have the Spiritual Vein reason, therefore did not attach great importance to by the family, but now he is only in Shen family a very ordinary person. Although does not have Spiritual Vein, but Shen Xiang is never actually discouraged, diligently has been exercising itself, at least process diligently makes him feel that he is very substantial. Old Ma, I am pick the medicine.” Shen Xiang runs up to the old steward behind, smiles is pulling taut his that bald on whip. Useless, you do not have Spiritual Vein, no matter how does not help matters diligently!” That old steward shakes the head to sigh. Regarding such words, Shen Xiang listened to spread innumerably, but he actually must insist that in any event he will not give up. Xiang'er, weather this!” At this time, a middle-aged man walked. Shen Xiang curls the lip, said: Father, the wet weather picks the medicine is a good opportunity, at least does not need to snatch badly beaten with others.” Middle-aged man named Shen Tianhu, is the Shen Xiang's father, is a name moves a side formidable martial artist , under inherits hopefully, no matter what Shen family Patriarch person, although his son does not have Spiritual Vein, but he has actually encouraged Shen Xiang, but also gives some precious pills once for a while him, but does not help matters. Taking.” Shen Tianhu smiles helplessly, throws to Shen Xiang small case. Shen Xiang received the box, looked that does not look at inside thing, he knows pills that in puts, happily said with a smile: Many thanks the father, I did not need to steal these chickens that Mr. horse raised to build up one's health like this.”

This makes that horse steward whole face bitter and astringent, he does not have to think own unexpectedly will stare. Looks that the Shen Xiang's back vanishes, Shen Tianhu can only sigh, although he has very high status in Shen family, but the Shen family elder actually manages to pills these rare precious practice resources very strictly, he can only save his one to give Shen Xiang, but that actually cannot play anything role, because pills are too few. Is the father, which doesn't hope sub- turn into dragon? But Shen Tianhu does not have the means that he can only do everything possible, strives for pills for Shen Xiang. ...... Immortal Devil Cliff, this is very desolate place, on this moment cliff actually climbs up one to be red youngster of upper body. At this time has the torrential downpour, Shen Xiang is actually climbing the cliff in this place, this is an unusual danger(ous) matter, must know under this Immortal Devil Cliff deeply not to see the bottom, moreover below year to year is filling one type black Qi that is bringing aura of death, therefore many people do not want to approach this place. But Shen Xiang actually comes to here to pick medicine, but also climbs up on cliff, slowly downward, if makes others know that can laugh at him is a lunatic not awfully, everyone knows that this bird does not defecate, the death Qi strong place will not have any good spirit herb. Shen Xiang is not only not silly, but also is very intelligent, he knows that this Immortal Devil Cliff existed many years, especially under these death Qi, are nobody knows that has multi- youngster. In the cognition of common person, does not have the life Qi/angry place not to have spirit herb, but Shen Xiang actually does not believe when things reach their extreme they turn back the truth he is knows, he affirms on this cliff certainly to have precious spirit herb in Legend. Hell Spirit Grass this spirit herb sounds to be very fearful, but is actually one type spirit herb that has the effect of dead flesh white bone, grows generally in the ancient battlefield, cemetery these death Qi heavy places, is constantly rare herb. The rainy day can make some black Qi sink, such Shen Xiang can see clearly deep cliff, he goes to the deep place, like this he can seek for that Hell Spirit Grass. Although he does not need Hell Spirit Grass, but after he obtains this saint medicine, actually absolutely can trade precious pills, can make him free from the predicament, has the formidable strength. The raindrop hits on Shen Xiang's, making him feel that is very uncomfortable, makes the rock on cliff more slippery. This makes him more discrete, cautious and solemn climbs up from the cliff, otherwise incautiously he will fall. Nobody knows that under Immortal Devil Cliff has anything, although has gotten down the person also has many, person that but can come up does not have, to fall down means dead! Two double-hour pass by, the heavy rain, Shen Xiang is still relying on strong that his many years are exercising, gets down to dozens zhang (3.33 m) deep cliff.

Shen Xiang had found a quite good temporary lodging, at this time under he carefully observed, suddenly, he saw anything, this makes him excited the heart fiercely to beat. Hell Spirit Grass!” Shen Xiang shouted excitedly, under the vision stares excitedly, has in his ten zhang (3.33 m) places is similar to the thing of white pie is sticking to cliff together, he affirmed that this is Legend in Hell Spirit Grass. Here year to year was being covered by black death Qi, but the Hell Spirit Grass color and cliff are similar, is very difficult to discover. Shen Xiang is excited, he was been calm by himself, has rested the moment, slow is climbing up downward. Not long, Shen Xiang arrives at that Hell Spirit Grass side, he swallows the saliva, looks at that is similar to wash bowl big white Hell Spirit Grass, he can also feel exuberant Life Force that Hell Spirit Grass sends out now. Shen Xiang can only pick this Hell Spirit Grass with a hand, he estimated that this is millennium above Hell Spirit Grass, takes away the auction words, is astronomical figures. Shen Xiang spent very big vigor to pick spirit mushroom, put in that precious storage pouch, he grinned to smile: Ha Ha, father salt fish stand up time to!” So long as he sells out this Hell Spirit Grass, can purchase many rank good pills, when the time comes he can advanced by leaps and bounds! The rain was gradually small, Shen Xiang is the person who is content very much, therefore he has not continued to search for big cliff, but is the choice climbs up, after all his physical strength is limited, crawls is also very difficult with danger(ous). When he crawled more than half double-hour, suddenly felt that cliff is shivering slightly! In Shen Xiang heart one startled, that excited and excited heart sinks immediately, he has not the good premonition. He looks upwards, sees only many small stones to fall from cliff, falls into deeply does not see the bottom under the abyss, but cliff that shivered slightly also vibrates more and more fiercely. His mother, obtains Hell Spirit Grass with great difficulty, the heaven you do not joke with me!” The sudden earth-shaking power, making Shen Xiang cannot help but lowly scold. He must keep cool, was held uneven cliff by oneself tightly, otherwise he will be shaken falls down. Trembling that intensifies unceasingly makes Shen Xiang gradually desperate, at this time above he saw to fall unceasingly a bigger stone, but he felt the rock that his both hands grabbed has also produced the crack. God, I just obtained Hell Spirit Grass, you let under me Hell, plays my!” Shen Xiang cannot help but crack cursed gets up, at this time, following black Qi ascended, rock suddenly that Shen Xiang grasped split......

„” The Shen Xiang's body crashes into the abyss that black Qi has filled, his is full of the unwilling sound to reverberate below...... Has not known how long, Shen Xiang has opened the eye, his unexpectedly can see luminously, this is under the abyss, most makes him feel what is inconceivable is his unexpectedly in the water, moreover he can also breathe! Shen Xiang floats the water surface, the place that he is a puddle, but the puddle actually braves white pure and holy light glow. Those who make Shen Xiang dumbfounded is, is sitting cross-legged two uncombed hair shawls in basin not far away unexpectedly, the appearance extremely beautiful female. Most makes him feel what is shocking, at present these two have not worn the clothes just like Celestial Immortal female unexpectedly! Development that the luster of the skin of two perfect non- flaws like this are outspoken before him! That two scarlet. The bare female probably with the semi-transparent jade careful vulture grinds, not slightly varicolored. Their twin peaks abundant strong, waist equally is tender thin, they are much more beautiful...... This is Shen Xiang has seen the most beautiful woman. So influential romantic picture makes the Shen Xiang whole person petrify instantaneously, is red in the face, the heartbeat and breath as if stopped! Two females sit cross-legged in the place, they look at the opposite party, has not discovered Shen Xiang completely, this makes Shen Xiang have to plant the despised feeling, his unexpectedly was disregarded by two beauties. After absent-minded, Shen Xiang sees under this abyss the sores all over the eye, has many cracks and pits, the crushed stone everywhere, in the crushed stone also has many broken white silk, seems like has had the fight, he guessed is that two females fights to create, therefore causes the clothes to crush. Although Shen Xiang does not know why these two beautiful woman outstandingly beautiful females of will fight under this abyss, but he actually sees these two females very much to be strong, moreover is formidable goes beyond his cognition category, unexpectedly can display move the earth and shake mountains strength. Really was seductress, unexpectedly gives to shake me, had good luck ever after luckily has not plunged to death!” In the Shen Xiang heart scolded lowly, but he very curious these two mysterious females. Shen Xiang stares looks that at present these two do not have the slight defect luster of the skin, simultaneously walked toward two females gently. Immortal Devil Cliff nearby abyss was called Hell, but at this time stays in this Hell following Shen Xiang is similar to the fairyland is ordinary, here has a deep pool to send out the pure and holy white light the water, what is most important is near the puddle two has not put on the beautiful female of clothes. That two females realized that at this time not far away has a fiery eye to take a fast look around them, this makes them shame the anger.