World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 10
This...... Did I misread? He was only 16 years old refines Body Quenching Pill to come, this was really too the talent!” A person startled shouted. This Body Quenching Pill looks like compared with good that we usually eat, has not thought that Shen Xiang his unexpectedly deep conceal does not reveal, understands alchemy technique! Depending on this potential, compared with any High-Grade Spiritual Vein stronger.” A man exclaims. In plaza gathers is the Shen family core juniors, at this time they were sighing, had the envy, to envy. But Shen Haohai while shocking, is grieved and angry, his complexion is very ugly, because he lost one millennium Blood Spirit Grass, takes away the auction words, that is can sell many spirit coins. Elder both hands of Shen family are shivering, stares big that pair of old eyes, looks at snow white pill pellet on control, muttered is saying: Shen family had the alchemy master finally!” Shen family had the alchemy master finally! This simple a few words, make the Shen family people seethe with excitement. Must know Shen family, because does not have the alchemy master, must spend a lot of money to buy others. Frequently was ridiculed also by some fierce Martial Dao aristocratic families. But now, Shen family had the alchemy master, moreover is very young, soon, must become builds up the Dan Ancestor master not to be difficult! Shen Haohai, wishing the gambling to concede!” Shen Tianhu said with a smile. Snort!” Shen Haohai envies, has put out that very big piece of blood red spirit mushroom grievedly, has given Shen Xiang. At this time the Shen family person does not dare to look down on Shen Xiang, but after all others alchemy master, moreover is only 16 years old! At this time had many collateral branches young girls to throw the coquettish look to Shen Xiang. Many young young girls in Shen family look at Shen Xiang with the fiery look. Some youngster are actually the envy. Shen Xiang totally looks but not see, he remembers these people before sees him, will probably have satirizes several. Do not think your son to be able alchemy, when you decided Patriarch, when Patriarch must put together the strength!” Shen Haohai coldly said.

In this time, competes for in which two middle age of position of Patriarch to announce with Shen Tianhu withdraws, they see the Shen Xiang 16 years old to refine Mortal Level low-grade pills, later it can be said that has boundless prospects, offends alchemy Master Ke is not the wise procedure. Now only then Shen Haohai and another person competed for the position of Patriarch with Shen Tianhu. Shen Haohai said: Shen Tianhu, you, so long as can win our brothers, the position of Patriarch was your!” Shen Tianhu has narrowed the eye, said: „Was this you says?” Comes together?” Shen Tianhu unexpectedly takes a person to fighting Brother Shen Haohai, has the words of this minute of strength, truly can the obedience. Independent combat, otherwise cannot be convincing.” Shen Haohai was saying, all around person has drawn back. Shen Tianhu said: That starts, fights a battle to force a quick decision.” People in abundance retreat comes, strength that Mortal Martial Realm 7th level great war, erupts is very terrifying. After the people have fallen back on the plaza, Shen Tianhu and Shen Haohai simultaneously moved, they used the quickest speed sprint in the past, was only the instantaneous time, their palms hit together. Tight is pasting, they are to the palm, disputes True Qi. The Shen Haohai whole body braves scalding hot True Qi, on Shen Tianhu not to have any sound, but his muscle exploded the fierce blue vein, can see True Qi to surge in inside crazily. Their palms stick, concentrate item of looking at each other, looks serious, but entire plaza unexpectedly shivers slightly, the place that they stand, has disrupted many stone brick, intermittent wild qi flow also blows to the four directions, blows the sand dust.

As Shen Tianhu drinks one crazily, shivers vanishes suddenly, the strong winds stop suddenly, but Shen Haohai has flown upside down, in the mouth was also spitting the blood, Shen Tianhu also retreat several steps. Shen Haohai falls in the ground, he struggled to stand, could see that was he has defeated, but on his face has actually shown a haughty smiling face. This contest was Shen Tianhu won, but the Shen Tianhu complexion was actually not very attractive. Shen Haohai said while loudly laughing: Although you won, but you had not occupied convenient a moment ago! The second fight you must lose without doubt, even if now is Mortal Martial Realm 6th level can defeat you.” Laughs, he has spouted many blood, could see that he also received the extremely heavy internal injury. Your unexpectedly also entered Mortal Martial Realm 8th level!” Shen Tianhu is covering the abdomen, at the same time was saying. He has not thought that Shen Haohai unexpectedly has entered into Mortal Martial Realm 8th level. „Are you different?” Shen Haohai sneers was saying. Shen Haohai and Shen Tianhu unexpectedly is Mortal Martial Realm 8th level martial artist, this makes the people shocking, the people could see that was not hesitated all severe wounds at this time in Shen Tianhu by the opposite party a moment ago. But the Shen Tianhu also fight must hit, is the Shen Haohai younger blood brother to the war! Shen Xiang hastily runs swiftly, supports Shen Tianhu that almost must pour: Father, how?” During the speeches, Shen Xiang the hand according to the Shen Tianhu abdomen on, pours into his father's body pure wood attribute True Qi. Feels that vigorous wood attribute True Qi to sprint, the Shen Tianhu whole body shakes, dumbfounded looks at Shen Xiang, but quick restored. My internal injury is very serious, Shen Haohai does not hesitate to probably my severe wound, do not waste True Qi!” In Shen Tianhu heart excited, because he feels oneself son's True Qi to be vigorous, the strength far exceeds his expectation. Shen Xiang hears the Shen Tianhu words, in heart is very heavy. His father also war, being defeated words, then means game is as good as lost.

Second, have not wasted the time!” Shen Haohai said weakly, his face whiten, although severe wound, but in his heart is very excited, he concluded that Shen Tianhu cannot certainly hit his younger blood brother. Shen Xiang looks to Shen Haohai, in the eye flashes through wipes the none remaining, said: I go to battle!” Shen Xiang unexpectedly must replace the father to go to battle, this lets the people are one startled, they know that Shen Xiang will not have Spiritual Vein, where the strength strongly to not to go, but he can release True Qi Fire, will control flame alchemy to make up, but will not be the short time can make up absolutely. But the person who Shen Xiang must face is not an average person, is one has the person of Mortal Martial Realm 7th level strength, many people think that Shen Xiang to help oneself father preserves the position of Patriarch to be hotheaded, makes the decision of this idiot. Shen Tianhu also feels surprised, but after he sees Shen Xiang that is full of the self-confident vision, then considered that agrees with Shen Xiang to go to battle, now his severe wound, going to battle was incorrect, otherwise he will be defeated, when the time comes injured seriously. youngster contemptuously laughs, said: Depends on your this not to have the Spiritual Vein fellow also to coordinate the elders to dispute? Although you can refine some inferior spirit dan, but by the words of strength, I can solve you! I entered Mortal Martial Realm 5th level now!” This youngster is Shen Zhenhua, before has had the conflict in Spirit Pill Pavilion and Shen Xiang, he is the Shen Haohai son. Shen Zhenhua this age enters Mortal Martial Realm 5th level now, this was also the rare talent character, he had such arrogance is also natural. Shen Zhenhua, if I have won you?” The Shen Xiang expression said lightly that his calm facial expression, likely is not the person who the brain is sick.