World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 100
Cliff in Shen Xiang in perishing on Longshan [lineage/vein] seeks for a cave, he took that four grains of True Elemental Dan in inside, entered the practice condition, digests vast True Qi that these four grains of True Elemental Dan brought. At this time he must do respectively compresses massive True Qi in beasts likely, making the beast shape clearer! He has Yin and Yang Divine Veins and Tai Chi Divine Art, this can make him build up these True Qi fast, meanwhile can all around rich spirit tool inhaling draw in! Shen Xiang not only cultivates True Qi now, meanwhile nourishes the shinbone in within the body with massive True Qi, integrates in massive True Qi fleshly body, expands fleshly body! Four days pass by, wind around four color Qi mist suddenly dispersing outside Shen Xiang body, see only in the Shen Xiang's body to gush out strange and formidable qi flow immediately. Shen Xiang has made that square beast look like Completion successfully, making that four True Qi beast shapes clearly discernible, lifelike! His consciousness unknowingly entered in that Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram in dantian, resembles to be the same in. At this moment he is similar to sits in the Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram center, oneself resemble the universe dust particle to be common, but that four divine beast are similar to the hot sun generally hangs in the four directions, grand magnificent, the aura is threatening. The East makes threatening gestures, azure light dazzling Azure Dragon! The south is the whole body braves the flame, is similar to the raging fire combustion red giant bird, Vermilion Bird! The west is the sparkle pure and holy white light, angry glare dignified White Tiger! The north is a big dragon and great turtle fuses the together formidable giant beast, Black Tortoise!

The Yin-Yang is representing the world universe, but these four beasts are guard the world four directions divine beast. Four divine beast whole bodies are lending the great changes plain aura, making people think that they looked like permanent exist were the same, feels own tiny in Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram middle Shen Xiang, but he actually knows that he was this Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram master, that four antique divine beast was he cultivates. Now Shen Xiang knows after this Tai Chi Divine Art and Divine Art of Four Symbols coordinate Yin and Yang Divine Veins, unexpectedly so powerful, he thought that he has entered into road of the unusual Martial Dao, if he wants these beast alike strength complete displays, he can control the world! Only missed earth Divine Elephant!” Shen Xiang also secretly exclaimed in surprise True Qi that True Elemental Dan contains, although is only higher than True Qi Dan two equivalents, but actually differs. Shen Xiang takes completely his all True Qi Dan, one like eating meal squeezing in mouth, is chewing fiercely, simultaneously revolution divine art builds up, nobody sees eating True Qi Dan that he wolfs down like this luckily, will otherwise certainly be frightened the urine. Also only then Shen Xiang this monstruous talent alchemy master can eat True Qi Dan with this way, is not grieved! Shen Xiang feels faintly that guards in the middle beast shape must completely the congealing shape, True Qi that needs be more than other beast elephants, he can in regard Tai Chi Diagram, can see fuzzily middle that was winding around by one group of golden yellow Qi mist pictographially, unceasing devour these Qi mist...... Two days pass by, the Shen Xiang's body sends out shakes the golden yellow airing, then spout colorless True Qi along with it, breaks his clothes, sees only on him to fluctuate unceasingly five colors, the muscle from time to time is also inflating, the appearance is very scary. The color on his body fluctuates more and more quickly, in the pore unexpectedly overflows a black grey mucus . Moreover the whole body muscle is also stiff is similar to the stone is common.

Of bang in the Shen Xiang mind crack, in that instantaneous, he only thought that incomparably huge strength rushes all the limbs and bones, in the mind erupts five beast alike simultaneously roar, mammoth! Shen Xiang opened the eye, took a deep breath, on the face full is the happy expression, because he has entered into Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, entered Completion Realm, then attacks True Martial Realm! Looks in the dantian the golden great shape on that Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram, Shen Xiang lightly smiled, five beast completely condense in within the body, detail is likely clearly discernible, Jing Jing (quietly) revolves along with Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram, ingestion world Spirit Qi. True Martial Realm, I also dare with a it war!” Shen Xiang grips tightly this fist, the nail deeply falls into the palm, he remembers the beforehand that two virulent woman, in the heart cannot help but angry. „After you enter into Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, the strength is truly strong, but you directly and fight of True Martial Realm, still does not have the stratagem which ensures success, if there is fierce point spirit tool, can perhaps sneak attack successfully!” Su Meiyao said that she knows Shen Xiang at this time in the heart in thinking anything, she also knows disparity between Shen Xiang and True Martial Realm. After entering True Martial Realm, then can be reborn, removes the mediocre air/Qi, has millennium life essence, is not Mortal Martial Realm martial artist can be victorious. Shen Xiang nodded, puts out one set of black skintight clothes to put on, jumps down from the cave, according to the map, walks toward that Heavenly Dragon Treasure. On that map draws very in detail, Shen Xiang arrived at the hidden treasure place quickly, then in a Grand Canyon, but at this time the entrance of canyon is gathering several thousand people, in these people, in many manpower is taking a paper, that is the map, Shen Xiang also thinks why is unclear this map to spread. Mixes in the crowd, Shen Xiang can see in that Grand Canyon clearly, making him feel that shocking matter, middle unexpectedly glittering of Grand Canyon a fiery red ray, will be flashing through several red lightnings once for a while, an intermittent scalding hot wild air wave spews out from inside, Shen Xiang can affirm at this time that Heavenly Dragon Treasure in Mysterious Realm, Grand Canyon that rolls the fiery red ray is the entrance.

Shen Xiang inquired that entrance has powerful strength to prevent, above martial artist except for True Martial Realm, other, once approaches to be rebounded by that strength, if must go in actually, will only be extruded completely squashed to be broken by that strength! Knew after this news, in Shen Xiang heart one happy, his hastily looked for a quite high position, seeks for that clothes female in the crowd carefully. The strength of that clothes female does not arrive at True Martial Realm, but her Master is actually True Martial Realm martial artist, therefore her Master entered certainly in that Mysterious Realm to treasure hunt, such one , he so long as sought for that clothes female, can kill her with ease! Not long, Shen Xiang sees the distant place to have ten to sit together personally, in some of some of their side Demon Beast, these people are some young people, besides that clothes female, other is some youth, that clothes female gathered round by their many things around a center generally Shen Xiang can see looking distressed of that clothes female in the distant place, because her Demon Beast by Shen Xiang butchering, but she cannot kill Shen Xiang, this makes her take to heart. Is the Beast Martial Sect's disciples.” In the Shen Xiang heart the sinister smile, across crowd, moves toward that clothes female. The clothes female looked at a crowd, but actually suddenly sees the handsome face that Shen Xiang that unemotionally, this makes her cannot help but stare, in heart pleasantly surprised, she does not certainly think that Shen Xiang can kill her strength, let alone she also knows Shen Xiang, although can run away, but was actually seriously injured. Senior Brother Junior Brother, are that brat kills my Little Black, although he some strengths, but my Master palm, certainly had actually been seriously injured, you go to seize him, I must be cut to pieces him!” The clothes female whole face said mean.