World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 11
Chapter 11 divine art reveals the prestige Shen Tianhu in felt Shen Xiang's True Qi to be exceptionally formidable a moment ago, moreover one unique aura, that is he has never seen, he has given careful consideration, said: Makes my son represent me to fight! If he lost, the position of Patriarch is your brothers, moreover he also will also return that millennium Blood Spirit Grass!” A Shen Tianhu such saying, means that believes Shen Xiang can win, this makes the pressure in Shen Xiang heart not small, he turns head to look at Shen Tianhu, sees only Shen Tianhu to show a gentle smile, nodded to him. Snort, allows me to come has been OK, this fellow my hand can level!” Shen Zhenhua walks from the crowd, on the face full is contemptuous, full is the arrogant color pupil looks at Shen Xiang with that pair. Young has the Mortal Martial Realm 5th level strength, making Shen Zhenhua disregard Shen Xiang this young alchemy master, this arrogant procedure made many Shen family elders shake the head secretly, because they know that had the potential alchemy master to raise allow Duoge young formidable martial artist. Injury Shen Haohai said with a sneer: They are young and impetuous young people, in the process that in fights what to do if died that? Massacres the Shen family rare talent alchemy master, I will be scolded by these old fellow.” Shen Tianhu has not spoken, he is giving careful consideration. Shen Haohai lightly smiled: If you are determined to make your this alchemy Master son go to battle, that, if fights time presents the casualty, that is his scholarship not fine, no wonder other people.” Relax, if I were injured or died in battle, that is my responsibility!” Shen Xiang said that he knows, if his father could not make Patriarch, even though he were the alchemy master, will be suppressed by that Shen Haohai vigorously, because he was in the Shen Haohai eye a big threat. Everybody heard, this was he says! Such being the case, then first contests with my son, if he wins my son, explained that he has the qualifications and my younger blood brother fights.” Shen Haohai said with a smile, because he concluded that the Shen Xiang's strength will not be strong, even though can exceed his son, could not win his younger blood brother, but after all his younger blood brother Mortal Martial Realm 7th level strength.

When the time comes he not only can become Shen family Patriarch, but can also recapture that millennium Blood Spirit Grass. Shen Zhenhua obtains the agreement of father, on face full is contemptuous: If I were not careful that makes into the severe wound you, do not blame me, who lets your this fellow overestimate one's capabilities.” Shen Xiang unemotionally, turns the head to look to Shen Haohai, asked: Won his me to replace my father to go to battle, right?” Ha Ha......” Shen Haohai laughs: Right, but can you win?” Supports the Shen Haohai person also to send out to laugh. The Shen Zhenhua double fist grasps, said with a sneer: I will not show mercy.” Starts!” Shen Tianhu looks dignified, loudly shouted. The sound falls, Shen Zhenhua leaps gently, such as Feiyan plunders generally toward Shen Xiang, movement technique is elegant, but he lifts up high, but the hand actually instantaneously spout a strong ferocious aura, [gold/metal] pasts, instantaneous condense becomes a golden great axe. Shen family Spirit Level excellent martial arts, Heavenly Sun Axe Strike, can turn into the weapon shape True Qi, has the formidable striking power!” A person calls out in alarm said that must know Spirit Level martial arts excellent martial arts is very difficult to study, and might is huge. Shen Xiang stands there is motionless, stares at Heavenly Sun Axe Strike that” that overhead is dividing to chop to come, when the people only he by that strong ferocious metal attribute True Qi daunting, saw that the golden adze that True Qi turns into must the Shen Xiang's head chops the pulp the time, the Shen Xiang fierce raising air/Qi, opens the mouth, sends out shocking roaring hiss.

If dragon general roaring hiss, lets the people tympanum stabbing pain, what is most shocking, in the Shen Xiang mouth unexpectedly emits large formation azure True Qi, submerges Shen Zhenhua that grazes. Azure Dragon True Qi one presently, that type brings great changes plain Dragon Power to fill the air immediately in plaza, making the people shock. Everyone could see that this True Qi might is powerful, is not ordinary martial arts sutra can practice. That dragon roar that as Shen Xiang sends out, entire plaza person dumbstruck, whole face surprised looks at Shen Xiang, if not they witnesses Shen Xiang to send out so tyrannical True Qi to come, they do not certainly believe! Shen Tianhu saw own son so, in heart proud incomparable, what were more was excited and excited, but the Shen Haohai and the others complexion actually became exceptionally ugly, they fully realized that True Qi was how terrifying. Shen Xiang exudes one Azure Dragon Roar, that Shen Zhenhua Heavenly Sun Axe Strike melts, that True Qi storm that in his mouth spout also has terrifying destructive power, saw the Shen Zhenhua whole body is the bloodstain knows. Azure Dragon Roar is also in Azure Dragon Divine Art, roaring at the same time can send out with dragon same dragon roar, shakes the person heart and soul at the same time, but can also spout one to bring the wind and lightning violent wind and thunder from the mouth, wind such as blade such as electricity attack enemy, overbearing incomparable. The people do not dare to blink at this time, for fear that misses anything, Shen Xiang has not disappointed them, after Shen Xiang sends out roaring hiss, the body such as You Dragon is ordinary, Zuo Shunyou dodged arrived also in front of vacant and panic-stricken Shen Zhenhua. Shen Xiang five fingers, azure glow glittering, sees only his hand like dragon claw, mature and powerful, spout that tyrannical incomparable Azure Dragon True Qi, is similar to the goshawk catches the rabbit to be ordinary, by the potential of thunderclap, grasps to the head of Shen Zhenhua, grasped past flickering to check, claw suddenly increased, like dragon claw! If the scale and sharp claw hook of blade are clearly discernible. azure dragon claw that suddenly presents covers on the head of Shen Zhenhua, swift and fierce murderous aura blows out immediately, in the people heart trembles, after seeing only the head of Shen Zhenhua dragon claw covers, along with a pitiful yell sends out, that Shen Zhenhua mouth spat the blood, retreat several steps! This is Azure Dragon Claw, in Azure Dragon Divine Art strong attacks martial skill!

The people look at the whole body bloodstain, face panic-stricken Shen Zhenhua, dumbstruck, they are hard to imagine, Shen Xiang unexpectedly is only an illumination defeats Shen Zhenhua, moreover is so attractive! Bang, Shen Zhenhua drops down, the people whole body trembles, the back is cool, after they hold breath cold air, confirmed a moment ago that short instantaneous matter real! might dreadful azure True Qi, strange and terrifying martial skill, both unify, erupt tyrannical strength, but displays all these people, is that does not have Spiritual Vein Shen Xiang! Shen Haohai looks with own eyes own son made into the severe wound, looks cannot help but spouts together blood arrow, he sees Shen Zhenhua also to have the aura, was loose being angry, although the Shen Zhenhua whole body was scarred, but the injury was not generally speaking serious, this was Shen Xiang keeps the hand obviously. Shen Haohai looked at Shen Tianhu one at this time wear a look of grateful, but Shen Tianhu smiled to him. This is his scholarship not fine, injured words, no wonder other people!” Shen Xiang indifferently said. Shen Xiang eyes is limpid, not cold did not say pale: I can go to battle on behalf of my father now!”