World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 12
Shen Xiang is not only the young alchemy master, but also young entered Mortal Martial Realm 5th level, but he does not have, therefore proud, this divides shrewd to let Shen family some branch commander and elders in secret is nodding. Shen Xiang looks to a Shen Haohai middle-aged person, that is the Shen Haohai younger blood brother, Shen Yihan, the Mortal Martial Realm 7th level person! This is one is keeping the delicate middle age of beard. He walked slowly, he has not spoken from the beginning. Shen Xiang is then going to fight with him, but he has the Mortal Martial Realm 5th level strength. The people atmosphere does not dare to leave, Shen family Patriarch elects unexpectedly to have such matter, is all people cannot expect. Shen Yihan sees own nephew to be defeated, on face a unexpectedly not anger, his cynical has smiled one: Even though your how talent, challenges Mortal Martial Realm 7th level also certainly to lose again.” Shen Yihan has to acknowledge, if gives Shen Xiang several years again, he must defeat without doubt, but he has ten tenths stratagem which ensures success at this time. Shen Yihan cultivates one to ice True Qi coldly, in Shen family is also the True Qi quite special person. The Shen family young talent juniors, unexpectedly must challenge uncle generation of Mortal Martial Realm 7th level, if before is, others hear, certainly will think that this is the crazy idea, meets does not believe that but after the Shen family person in plaza saw a moment ago Shen Xiang that fierce method, under was hard to decide. But most people think that Shen Xiang will lose, after all Shen Xiang and Shen Yihan age differs very in a big way, moreover Shen Yihan is the Mortal Martial Realm 7th level master, practice high level martial arts are also many, True Qi is vigorous, is not the young people can defeat. A disparate war will soon start, the people peacefully are watching, after this fights, can select Patriarch!

Shen Xiang cultivates the Azure Dragon Divine Art two months, he has Yin and Yang Divine Veins, every day absorbs world Spirit Qi with the massive time, strengthens True Qi of his within the body, after all he simultaneously cultivates five groups of True Qi eddy currents, cultivates five attribute, therefore his True Qi is vigorous. 5th level „the True Qi boundary and 7th level „the True Aura boundary between is also away from 6th level „the Divine Sense boundary. Divine Sense, through practice spirit, concentrates one type to control True Qi special spiritual strength, to controlling True Qi has very big help, meanwhile can strengthen True Qi, after having Divine Sense, can practice really the Qi Aura strength. Shen Yihan is 7th level „the True Aura boundary, he can use fierce Qi Aura, this is not True Qi can compare, therefore he has the absolute confidence to defeat Shen Xiang easily. Although Shen Xiang that terrifying martial arts deters the people, but has the person who understands to see that True Qi to True Qi slightly also very immaturely, is far from arriving at Qi Aura degree, the same rank, was formidable. Shen Yihan walked toward Shen Xiang slowly, every time treads one step, the temperature on plaza on a drop point, bringing ice cold qi flow to blow to all around, can see this Shen Yihan also in the breakthrough edge, ice cold True Qi is vigorous. Shen Xiang is recent from Shen Yihan, that piercing ice is cold he to feel profoundly, what at this time Shen Yihan releases is Qi Aura that becomes by True Qi condense, this is Mortal Martial Realm 7th level can achieve. Shen Xiang within the body Vermilion Bird True Qi, but fire attribute, after receiving the cold air exciting body, that Vermilion Bird True Qi spouts from the dantian immediately, fires into all the limbs and bones, after feeling the comfortable warm current, Shen Xiang that somewhat stiff recovers. In this time, Shen Yihan sinister smile, separates the spatial palm, white cold air overflows from his palm immediately, threatening ice cold Gang is mad clearly discernible, to Shen Xiang's head perpendicular incidence in the past. Shen Xiang sees the opposite party to move, his slides, the step is similar to the flexible snake walks randomly general, slides forward fast, he while avoiding attack, unexpectedly also attacks.

Shen Xiang treadons the flexible mysterious step, both hands turn into dragon claw, absorbs Azure Dragon True Qi of person to overflow from both hands, this was he defeated Azure Dragon Claw that Shen Zhenhua used a moment ago, at this time he was pair of claws is uneven, when his both hands congealed appear two dragon claw that turned into by True Qi, the people cannot help but held the breath to stare. Snort!” Shen Yihan sends out gentle and reserved low, braves the cold air a double palm racket, strokes above Shen Xiang that pair of dragon claw, a cold airing wells up, sees only Shen Xiang that pair of azure light dragon claw to vanish immediately, but the Shen Xiang's both arms are covering the thick ice, the biting cold ice emerges his whole body coldly, causing his whole body to be stiff. Shen Yihan coldly smiled, saw only on his foot to congeal incorruptible, he leapt gently, a foot was flinging the Shen Xiang's cheeks vigorously, kicked ten zhang (3.33 m) far Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang falls to fall on the place, cheeks is sheared by the sharp ice, delimited several scars. On his both arms is covering the cold ice was also thrown down and broken, but his both hands were actually frozen stiffly incomparable, he revolution Tai Chi Divine Art, will flow in the cold air of his within the body to absorb immediately, simultaneously makes fiery Vermilion Bird True Qi emerge the both arms, drives out the cold pain. Shen Xiang realized at this time present he has very big disparity facing Mortal Martial Realm 7th level, even though he has divine art, but he must win. He He...... Has to acknowledge that you are in Shen family a history non- front row talent! But you and your father were too arrogant!” Shen Yihan gentle and reserved smiles, walks step by step toward Shen Xiang, he anxiously has not been killing Shen Xiang now, he must devastate Shen Xiang before numerous Shen family people, simultaneously shows his strength, deters the Shen family people. suddenly, a Shen Xiang body ball, unexpectedly has stood, the people also think that he was kicked a moment ago the severe wound by a foot, has not thought that now looks as if nothing has happened, including the Shen Yihan surprise.

Shen Tianhu that is watching at the same time also relaxed, simultaneously the luck therapy. Sees Shen Xiang not to receive the big injury, a Shen Yihan leap in the past, the personal appearance was elegant and light and lively, the speed rapidness, this movement technique movement technique also made people pleasant but actually. Shen Yihan approaches, Shen Xiang is similar to places oneself in Land of Ice and Snow general, but his big place is also covering incorruptible. During the Shen Yihan leap, flies high a fist, ice cold fist energy is shaking the air, then hits instantaneously on the Shen Xiang's chest, sees only the Shen Xiang's chest place to overflow a blood immediately, but immediately incorruptible was actually covered. Is Profound Ice Aura Energy! Profound Level excellent martial arts, releases, can put on [gold/metal] Lieshi!” The Shen Tianhu expression said dignifiedly. After Shen Xiang was hit, personal appearance fierce dodges, shunts Shen Yihan that has flown high to fly to trample to come, causes Shen Yihan that by treading of foot heavily the cold ice covers in the ground, breaks big piece of stone brick, broken stone brick immediately was frozen. „When he displays Qi Aura has two weakness, one is consumption very True Qi, consumes Divine Sense, if he does not use Qi Aura, is unable your severe wound!” Shen Tianhu said. Shen Xiang was understanding, now he must do drags!