World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 13
Snort, useless, my True Qi is vigorous, perhaps has not burnt out me, he first dropped down.” Shen Yihan thinks otherwise, launches to fiercely attack to Shen Xiang once more, Shen Xiang was hit a fist by him a moment ago, has been injured, he believes that can strike to kill Shen Xiang not long. A Shen Yihan fist another fist rumbles, Profound Ice Aura Energy attack continuously comes, moreover attacks in the distant place, causing Shen Xiang is unable to approach, can only resist. Ha Ha...... Also kept on proclaiming a moment ago must go to battle for the father, now does not have the strength of resisting!” Shen Yihan has exuded the incisive laughter, but on Shen Xiang left a blood hole, that is hit to cause the skin to burst by Profound Ice Aura Energy. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram of his within the body revolves slightly slowly, preserves in five elements of True Qi in within the body along with his spiritual power control, but fuses together slowly. The five elements of True Qi gathering, at this moment, Shen Xiang can only simultaneously use five elements of True Qi has the stratagem which ensures success, but after five elements of True Qi fusion together, displays, will become very powerful and wild, his present meridians are hard to withstand. five elements of True Qi fuses together to display, this never has the person to attempt, nobody has the opportunity attempt, present Shen Xiang is actually touching the mysterious domain, it may be said that is crazy, if the control is not good, qi deviation, will explode the body dead. But Shen Xiang has now succeeded, although he felt that the meridians are rupturing, but his dantian inside five elements of True Qi actually perfect fusion together, but some are hardata-titleo-control, massive True Qi are draining from his meridians, Shen Xiang knows that he must make the best use of the time, has not exhausted while True Qi, uses this terrifying strength to defeat Shen Yihan. Shen Xiang's body suddenly erupts a wild aura, the heart of Shen Yihan also cannot help but jumps, this True Qi is overbearing and tyrannical, is full of the ruination to the feeling of person! „......” The wild True Qi impact of Shen Xiang by within the body resulted in the body severe pain, cannot help but rave, sees only a tyrannical air wave suddenly spout, is similar to the Tsunami sweeps across all around generally, entire plaza fierce place that in a flash, Shen Xiang stands, stone brick disruption. The world universe is constitutes by Five Elements, the strength of Five Elements fuses together, that is the day, is the universe, at this time Shen Xiang the strength of fusion Five Elements, condense leaves strength of universe, Universe True Qi! Lies down to me!” Shen Yihan whole body cold airing shoots, he even more thought that Shen Xiang can defeat him, he must fight a battle to force a quick decision, a bit faster defeats Shen Xiang, in order to avoid Shen Xiang turns defeat into victory.

Shen Xiang both eyes glittering lightning, stride is running toward Shen Yihan, his both feet fulls floaded operation that type to have the strength of ruinous universe at this moment, each foot is well-grounded, can step on a smashing the floor tile, his running swiftly past tense, the imposing manner is similar to goes full steam ahead. Profound Ice Aura Energy!” The Shen Yihan congealing eyebrow looks at original Shen Xiang, the double fist is uneven, two more intrepid ice cold Aura Energy are spraying the cold air, strikes to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang is at a demented condition at this time, in his eyes only then a thought that defeats Shen Yihan. When that two can put on crack stone Profound Ice Aura Energy, Shen Xiang bellows, unexpectedly catches that two terrifying Aura Energy with a pair of meat palm, although his double palm incorruptible was frozen, but the above ice actually quickly disrupts, but he still before dashing about wildly, but. Shen Xiang several run to Shen Yihan in front of instantaneously, a pair of meat fist connects the bang to hit, every will fight with the fists to produce intermittent True Qi to explode, this unexpectedly will be very ordinary Mortal Level excellent martial arts Storm Killing Fist, every will fight with the fists, will enable True Qi to have an explosion, will be a lethality is very big, but will consume True Qi actually many martial arts. Each fist rumbles, blows out a explosion sound and air wave, but Shen Xiang's leaves the fist speed to be quick, one after another, incessant, probably displays Storm Killing Fist not to consume True Qi to be the same. Shen Xiang displays Storm Killing Fist terror to make the will of the people with Universe True Qi at this time tremble, this degree of attack unexpectedly presses up to Qi Aura! Shen Yihan at this moment, has to resist Shen Xiang that with Qi Aura is similar to crazy that the raindrop bang hits to come Storm Killing Fist, he meets a fist every time, the heart cannot help but shrinks, that wild True Qi explodes, making him feel the fear. If he were hit a fist, that is injured is ironclad. Even if several time of breath, Shen Xiang continuously rumbles dozens fists Storm Killing Fist. Stares greatly eye including Shen Tianhu, he unbelievable own son unexpectedly is so intrepid, but he actually could see that Shen Xiang this time situation is not very wonderful, strength of this transcendence limit, is damaging under the body to display generally.

His mother......” Shen Yihan resists continuously crazily Storm Killing Fist, cannot help but lowly scolded, can the person who Storm Killing Fist utilized this situation, he first time saw, was first time understands this Mortal Level excellent martial arts unexpectedly to be so terrorist. five elements of True Qi of Shen Xiang within the body is draining crazily, in his heart is hating darkly, he felt that True Qi must consume, when the time comes cannot defeat Shen Yihan, was finished is he. Shen Xiang suddenly opens the mouth, exudes one to roar, a dragon roar resounds through the horizon, wild, but colorless True Qi sprays immediately from the Shen Xiang's mouth, covers Shen Yihan! This is Azure Dragon Roar, just this time Universe True Qi is colorless, but after spout, actually flashes before lightning, flame, water and ice and other attribute strength Shen Yihan has not expected Shen Xiang suddenly to display this move, hastily retreat comes, revolution True Qi, releases a Qi Aura ice cover, is resisting the attack of this wild True Qi. Among suddenly, in the Shen Xiang hand presented a cold light glittering broadsword! The whole body sends out wild True Qi Shen Xiang to put out this blade, bellows, pours into within the body remaining True Qi the blade completely, sees only dazzling azure glow to blow out, incisive dragon roar spreads, the crack stone cloud penetration, absorbs the person heart and soul. Shen Xiang flies to jump, sees only the broadsword that azure light inspires greatly to leave behind together the azure remnant shade, is tearing the air, by potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt, chops from the Shen Yihan top of the head. Slow......” distant place several voice convey, this is the startled shout of that several elder. The broadsword cuts, breaks out that Shen Yihan Qi Aura ice cover, but actually stays by the neck of Shen Yihan. hastily receives strength Shen Xiang, a wild True Qi release, the air wave rushes in all directions, all people are similar to the stone carving stands in generally same place, dull look at Shen Xiang of hand-held broadsword.

All people deeply were shocked by Shen Xiang that crazy fierce overbearing martial arts, at this time his where doesn't have the Spiritual Vein waste? Radically is the terrifying monster! 16 years old, defeating of Mortal Martial Realm 7th level! This is a miracle! But Shen Xiang is a alchemy master! In a family can be born so the talent, this lets in many Shen family person hearts excited incomparable! Shen Xiang Shen Xiang Shen Xiang!” Many people simultaneously were shouting the Shen Xiang's name, the sound spreads over big Shen family to grow, really shocks. Shen Xiang looks at people that surprised excited facial expression, in the heart cannot help but a pride. Before the people think that Shen Xiang met head-on the challenge of Yao family talent to fight a hopeless battle, but looking back now, Shen Xiang has very big assurance to win.