World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 15
Shen Xiang arrived at Immortal Devil Cliff, he looks below that thick black death Qi, murmured: In this world has Immortal Devil really?” Su Meiyao tenderly snorted: „ Naturally has! Do not think that True Martial Realm is Martial Dao strongest Realm, has Three Extreme Great Realms above True Martial Realm, is Nirvana Realm! After success Nirvana, then can enter Heaven Martial Realm, arrives at a more formidable space world, is day of Wu Jie! Did not say that these formidable world, said we now Mortal Martial World is great, place Spirit Qi that you are at now is thin, therefore Demon Beast are few! But these practice Martial Dao expert truly, goes to the Spirit Qi rich place, there experts as common as the clouds, Demon Beast is many, danger(ous) heavily, certain strength will not have died in that region.” Shen Xiang first time hears the Martial Dao world the matter, this makes him, know surprisedly own tiny, True Martial Realm in his eyes before was formidable, now has not thought that above True Martial Realm also has. brat, this Mortal Martial World is great, many lands beside this continent, in some above also many formidable martial artist, in the endless world, is also hiding many secret realm, in these secret realm has massive Heaven and Earth Treasure, danger(ous) heavily. So long as you are competent, you can experience to the greatness of entire Martial Dao world, when the time comes you know that you have tiny how.” Bai Youyou said cold. The Shen Xiang fist grasps, at this time his in the heart widened much, he knows, only then the unceasing promotion strength, can guarantee one can such as in the Martial Dao world of forest survive in expert! He has jumped down that abyss, he has the Mortal Martial Realm 5th level strength, but below the puddle, he naturally does not need to waste the time to climb up slowly. pū tōng, Shen Xiang arrived at that to brave the white light again the puddle, under this abyss had Demon Beast to appear and disappear frequently, but Shen Xiang present did not fear, Demon Beast that because appeared and disappeared here will not be strong, the Shen Xiang present strength deals with sufficiently. Sister Meiyao, how can I use this Immortal Devil deep pool?” Shen Xiang asked that was mixing this type of strange water with the hand, except for will shine, he had not thought that this also had any strange place. Su Meiyao said: „After this troop Immortal Devil dies, from the body flowing the pure energy, but these energies cannot by your devour, after all not be your, you can only quenching the body with this energy! Quenchings your spirit, but process is painful.”

Shen Xiang frowned, said: How long in this Immortal Devil deep pool do I want to stay?” Su Meiyao said: Does not know, until you cannot feel painful that's alright, you jumped revolution Tai Chi Divine Art to introduce your within the body that's alright these energies.” Shen Xiang not saying anything further, took off the clothes to jump, he submerged the puddle below, instead under can the eupnea, he not have what good worry, but can also prevent Demon Beast to attack. Arrives below, Shen Xiang starts revolution Tai Chi Divine Art, at this time he only felt that his body suddenly from was being extruded by strange strength in all directions, probably must push one group his body, this makes his heart startled. Also at this time, that strange energy entered his body, crazy emerging, attacked general flowed in his body, making him feel that the body must explode probably general, the eroded bone ache made him live to might as well die. In the Immortal Devil deep pool braves some blisters, the water surface also to seethe unceasingly, this is reason that because Shen Xiang struggles under the puddle crazily...... Does not know how long, Shen Xiang difficult floats from the puddle, he lies down in the nearby of puddle, gasps for breath in gulps, said: How haven't I entered Mortal Martial Realm 6th level?” You think that quickly can break through? You have quenchinged the body now, making entire fleshly body more formidable, can promote your spirit!” The Su Meiyao's sound conveys. Shen Xiang stands, tight grips the double fist, really felt that the body became well, although has not entered Mortal Martial Realm 6th level, but can actually build a solid foundation.

How many days did I under stay now?” Shen Xiang asked that he under the Immortal Devil deep pool continuously blurry withstood that severe pain. Five days, this Immortal Devil deep pool did not have what use, but made you overcome has practiced the Immortal Devil Body foundation!” Su Meiyao said that in the Shen Xiang heart also secretly shocks this Immortal Devil Body, listening to the name to know that this is fierce. The Immortal Devil Cliff following abyss will put on a roar once for a while, as well as weak unusual True Qi, that True Qi fills with a plain great changes aura, to an inexplicable pressure, that is Shen Xiang cultivates Azure Dragon True Qi that Azure Dragon Divine Art produces below. Shen Xiang has not left Immortal Devil Cliff, but still exercises martial arts below, sees only him to be red the upper body, in a pair of armored hand braves steaming azure True Qi, shells cliff unceasingly, the crushed stone is flying violently, his whole body is winding around light True Qi, after he rumbles hits several hundred fists, cliff by him is made small hole, but his aura actually still steady, obviously his True Qi and physical strength are how vigorous. Every time makes a fist, True Qi will recoil, emerges the forehead from the arm directly, suddenly and spiritual power accommodating together in brain, thus develops the brain, strengthens spiritual power, this also cultivates Divine Sense means. Shen Xiang exercises martial arts below, the sound is not small, but peaceful below also left bang the sound to flood, reverberates in the entire abyss. Two days passed by, at this time Shen Xiang only thought that own True Qi is full, but spiritual power strengthened, so long as opens sea of the Divine Sense, even if enters 6th level „the Divine Sense boundary, this need spiritual power and vigorous spiritual power break through. Prepared to attack 6th level!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, after two days of practice, he can feel slightly clearly own fleshly body was more tyrannical, this is because has quenchinged in the Immortal Devil deep pool reason. Shen Xiang sits cross-legged in the place, closed eyes with rapt attention, True Qi in revolution body, simultaneously releases spiritual power, making both melt together, spiritual power induces that Divine Sense front door, but True Qi is used for the bang to break that front door!

Tai Chi Divine Art mysterious sutra is directing Shen Xiang's True Qi and spiritual power seeks to hide the Divine Sense front door in soul, making Shen Xiang see a leaf of golden front door to be as if ordinary quickly at present. Saw this leaf of front door, means that „the Divine Sense boundary at present, him congeals the forehead, the intention is moving, sees only azure True Qi to turn into one to make threatening gestures immediately, Azure Dragon wild cry that Azure Dragon of solemn silence, True Qi turns into, fires into that leaf of golden front door. Azure Dragon hits that leaf of front door, blew out bang one, Shen Xiang saw piece of dazzling [gold/metal], at the same time he has opened the eye, powerful True Qi irrigated his body, making him cannot help but bellow, wild five elements of True Qi spewed out from his body, starts strong winds, blew to all directions. „Is this Mortal Martial Realm 6th level?” Shen Xiang closed eyes is feeling within the body that vigorous and formidable True Qi, simultaneously releases Divine Sense, all around slightest sign of trouble performs during his grasps! Shen Xiang opens the eye, lightly smiled: Then I can incur with that!” Sees only his back suddenly to emit a flame, the giant wing that pair of flame turns into leaps to dance is appearing in his back, the flame explodes dodges, the heat wave is steaming, looks like resembles the wing of Phoenix. Vermillion Bird Fire Wings! Flies!” Shen Xiang laughs, the fire wings flutter gets up, is only several suddenly, his form submerged in black death Qi. This is the Mortal Martial Realm 6th level fierce place! Can control True Qi to flow out within the body through formidable Divine Sense not to diverge, therefore Shen Xiang can put True Qi in within the body, the formation wing, will soar the soaring.