World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 16
Shen Xiang stands on Immortal Devil Cliff, he receives Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, must know that can turn into the wing to need True Qi advanced cultivation technique to achieve, in Vermilion Bird Divine Art that he cultivates has certainly this martial skill. Shen Xiang just arrived at Immortal Devil Cliff top, hears the distant place to hear the fighting sound, although is very far from the great distance, he but who enters into the Divine Sense boundary can actually clear hearing. He grazes immediately, if will be the ordinary battle he will not pass, but he will actually be able to hear the sound to be very giant from that fighting sound, will not be ordinary martial artist is fighting. Grazing that Shen Xiang is quietly in the past, he arrived in a forest, sees only two handsome youngster just and five black-robed man dogfights. That two youngster look like somewhat frail, but their strengths are good, can deal facing that five black-robed man swift and fierce blade technique, their True Qi are not very just vigorous, the words that continues to consume, will decide however is struck to kill by that five black-robed man. This probably is Xue family illusory sword technique, can the illumination of to rely on ray make the sword produce illusion, making the match be hard to distinguish!” Shen Xiang has read the books in many martial arts aspects, therefore his eyes can look. Knows that is the Xue family person, Shen Xiang has not stood by, after all Xue Xianxian is his fiancee, moreover Shen family and Xue family relationship is good. Looks to incur!” Shen Xiang loudly shouted, the body such as azure rainbow, flies to go, the hand Dragon Transformation claw, grasps toward a head of black-robed man, at the same time he roared, the air wave that azure True Qi turned into spouted from the mouth, covered that black-robed man, along with Azure Dragon Roar, Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Claw also grasped to the head of that black-robed man, was only instantaneous, the head of that black-robed man was stressed the smashing! So might, lets that four black-robed man and two Xue family juniors tarries immediately, that type fills dignified Azure Dragon True Qi to let in their hearts panic-stricken, naturally, the one who most makes them shock is that martial arts, that is they have never listened. After Shen Xiang grasps the head of that black-robed man is broken, dragon claw immediately turns into the fist, hits toward another black-robed man bang, was only suddenly, rumbles dozens fists, fist image like the wind, howled toward that astonished black-robed man, the bang hit after his body, exuded a series of explosive sounds, this was Storm Killing Fist! True Qi vigorous Shen Xiang displays Storm Killing Fist is handy, does not need to be worried that can consume True Qi, but the might that each fist explodes is huge, is hard to resist, let alone is he instantaneously rumbles so many Storm Killing Fist.

Also is the time of flash, Shen Xiang has defeated black-robed man, at this time that two Xue family youngster responded that wielded a sword to continue to attack. Has Shen Xiang's to join, that black-robed man retreats in defeat again and again, quick was hit the severe wound, this is they have not thought. Many thanks the big brother rescues.” Slightly high youngster holds the fist in the other hand saying: Little brother Xue clear(ly).” Xue Zhiliang!” Another youngster also holds the fist in the other hand saying: Much study brothers get rid to rescue!” Although Shen Xiang is only 16 years old, but is long very tall and strong, therefore looks like compares maturity some. Does not need to be polite, I called Shen Xiang! Our Shen family and Xue family are the family friendships of many generations, this is must.” Shen Xiang also returns a courtesy said that this lets that two Xue clear(ly) and Xue Zhiliang changes countenance, they have not thought that unexpectedly was Shen Xiang has saved them. Shen Xiang is quite famous in Xue family, because their Xue family lovable girl of Xue Xianxian day is the Shen Xiang's fiancee, Xue family many juniors do not favor Shen Xiang, because they know that Shen Xiang does not have Spiritual Vein martial artist, the strength that but Shen Xiang shows now is astonishing. Shen family chooses the Patriarch matter not to be passed on, therefore outside person has not known that Shen Xiang transformation has become monster. „Are you really Shen Xiang?” Xue clear(ly) some are unbelievable. The Shen Xiang nod said with a smile: Naturally, two should be attended our Shen family banquet!”

Xue clear(ly) and Xue Zhiliang nodded, although they have mind filled with the doubts, but has not asked anything again, after all the matter of this politeness, let alone others a moment ago had not saved them. What origin these are black-robed man? Why can assassinate two?” Shen Xiang looks in the tread that three severely wounded black-robed man. Xue clear(ly) said: Is the killer! Does not know that is any organization, in brief their strength in Mortal Martial Realm 5th level, on the road that we come has met one time.” Xue clear(ly) and Xue Zhiliang cut to kill remaining three, has not uncovered anything to come from them, but they had not planned that asked from their mouth anything comes, after all these killers after the special preparation, die cannot start to talk. Big Brother Shen, you should enter Mortal Martial Realm 6th level! Otherwise is unable to kill two black-robed man with ease!” Xue clear(ly) remembered Shen Xiang suddenly to clash a moment ago, several instantaneous seconds have killed two black-robed man, cannot help but hit one to tremble, at this time he to Shen Xiang full was the respect, because Shen Xiang was not older than them many, but strength they were many. Shen Xiang is smiling nod of: Just broke through!” Shen Xiang emits True Qi Fire these corpse burning down, this makes Xue clear(ly) and Xue Zhiliang slightly one startled, True Qi Fire, that is the alchemy flame, at this time they understand why Shen Xiang had the guts to accept the challenge of that Yao family talent! Xue Zhiliang the whole face ashamed look said at this time: Big Brother Shen, has not thought really you have concealed the strength, before I have looked down upon you, but also please forgive!” Shen Xiang shakes the head to say with a smile: No problem, this world strength was supreme, was right, Xianxian can she attend the banquet?” Xue clear(ly) said with a smile: You and competition of Yao family talent is she shoulders, can she not come? No wonder this little girl has only one in mind to Big Brother Shen, and self-confident.”

Shen Xiang is dumbfounded, he has not thought that Xue Xianxian makes that Yao family talent challenge him, initially he truly had said that but he has not thought that quickly. Shen Xiang and Xue clear(ly), Xue Zhiliang was chatting, while moved toward Wohu city. Big Brother Shen, that Yao family talent is very sly, although your strength is strong, what issues the challenge is he, he can definitely compete alchemy with you, but his strength is not probably weak, his strength is a fan.” Xue clear(ly) said. Xue Zhiliang nods saying: I have seen that fellow, is arrogant, the previous time was invited our Xue family, narrows the eyes on the color sees Sister Xianxian, other people were not paid attention to by him, but his alchemy is splendid, Patriarch and these elders also endured, therefore they must reconcile the wedding of Xianxian and that fellow.” Shen Xiang early had to hear regarding that Yao family talent, was one is supercilious, very arrogant person, but many people think that this was natural, after all that was the rare young alchemy master. Front was noise lively Wohu city, Shen Xiang and Xue clear(ly) their suddenly saw the distant place to have one team of carriages and horses to sail to Wohu city slowly, this team of carriages and horses scenes were very big, five luxurious horse-drawn vehicles, each was being towed by eight steeds, but caravan around had is riding the guy of steed, powerful, over the face murderous aura, understood at a glance that was the guard. Is the Yao family person, is really out of the ordinary!” Shen Xiang said that because he sees on carriage to have a big medicine character, but extravagant magnificently dressed of these guards install also has medicine character, the Yao family attitude all along so the high-sounding talk. That side three people, fast reported to come! Otherwise we treat as the killer to process you.” That caravan suddenly transmits drinks together severely. This lets Shen Xiang and in Xue clear(ly) their hearts is not quick, when they just must reply, a handle long sword such as the arrow is common, came from out of the blue, above is mixing with vigorous True Qi, is flying to Shen Xiang.