World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 17
Shen Xiang takes fast several steps, hand like dragon claw, stretches out like lightning, steady long sword that holds that flying, Qi Energy explodes immediately, Shen Xiang is only the arm shakes, blocks that True Qi that on the sword blows out, as stable as the rock of Gibraltar standing there. Shen Xiang coldly said: I am Shen Xiang, is the Shen family person! Who are you? Fast reported that otherwise treated as the killer to process!” This lets Xue clear(ly) and in Xue Zhiliang heart suddenly one startled, Shen Xiang this has clarified in provocative Yao family caravan, must know that Yao family sent out many masters to protect that Yao family talent, a sword that flew a moment ago, let Xue clear(ly) and Xue Zhiliang balls trembles, if were they, definitely could not catch. Brother Xiao Xiang!” When both sides are silent, in caravan transmits a delightful tenderness to drink, sees only the slender form to graze to come together suddenly, the speed must make the person suck the tongue quickly, if the eyesight is not good, cannot see clearly that person of appearance. But Shen Xiang can actually see clearly, that is Xue Xianxian, her movement technique was in the brought to the point of perfection situation, cannot help but is exclaiming in surprise including Shen Xiang. Xue Xianxian gently plunders, one breath grazes hundred zhang (3.33 m), arrives at Shen Xiang their front, said tenderly with a smile: Small seven, small eight, you also in!” Xue clear(ly) and Xue Zhiliang complexion lowers snort|hum, Xue clear(ly) said: little girl, should not be in front of bystander such to shout us, which this makes our faces toward put!” Xue Xianxian spits the tongue to them, then smiles in a low voice tenderly, the cheeks reveal two tender sweet small dimples, is very beautiful moving. Shen Xiang has pinched Xue Xianxian that sweet and pretty cheek, said with a smile: „Can you with your future husband enemy together? I was almost killed by that group of fellows a moment ago.” Xue Xianxian wrinkled the nose, said with a smile tenderly: I know that Brother Xiao Xiang is very fierce, but a moment ago that sword the Yao family elder put.” Shen Xiang recalled that a moment ago that True Qi, is truly terrifying, at least is True Qi of Mortal Martial Realm 7th level strength, but cultivates five elements of True Qi him to receive with ease.

That Yao family caravan stopped, several people go down from a carriage, probably is waiting for Shen Xiang they to pass. Brother Xiao Xiang, we pass!” Xue Xianxian said in a soft voice. „! Does not need.” Shen Xiang coldly looks at that caravan, remembers a sword that punctured a moment ago heartlessly, in his heart is angry, if average person that dead very injust? „The Shen family junior, has not given the Yao family elder to salute quickly!” That side person and others, loudly shouted. I do not kill my person to salute, moreover in the Shen family clan regulations had not said that the Shen family younger generation must salute to the Yao family elder!” Returning of Shen Xiang coldly said. Xue clear(ly) and Xue Zhiliang admire to Shen Xiang immediately, unexpectedly dares so to contradict that Yao family person, moreover is in front of Yao family elder! Snort, a good-for-nothing of displaying one's eloquence, we continues to hurry along!” Is full of the arrogant sound to transmit together, sounds to be very weak, but can actually pass to near Shen Xiang their ears, obviously this person is talented, great distance thousand feet (333 m) is far. A Xue Xianxian delicate eyebrows wrinkle, tenderly snorted, is then pulling the Shen Xiang's arm, whispered: Do not manage him!” Shen Xiang sneered, gripped tightly a moment ago that the sword, then poured into True Qi, got rid toward that caravan of distant place, the long sword was winding around azure True Qi, was similar to azure light shoots, flew to a wheel of carriage, sewed in the wheel, afterward exploded, the entire wheel scrap, but that luxurious large cart was four wheels, has not dumped. Xue clear(ly), Xue Zhiliang and Xue Xianxian thoroughly dumbfounded! They have not thought of the Shen Xiang unexpectedly provocation that Yao family person again and again! They feel regarding that sword that Shen Xiang shoots very shocking, that strength unexpectedly is fiercer than that sword that the former Yao family elder throws.

Excuse me, gives back to your actually nobody to meet the sword.” Shen Xiang indifferently said, the sound biography to four directions, is full of the provocation. You court death!” That medicine day Hua shouted angrily, but did not have as follows, obviously was prevented. caravan continues to go, resembles any matter not to occur to be the same. My father also on vehicle! I must accompany him, I later possibly did not have what opportunity to keep side him.” Said here, Xue Xianxian was somewhat worried, the beautiful face revealed the anxious look. Shen Xiang traces her beautiful hair, said in a soft voice: Goes!” The Xue Xianxian floating body departs, Shen Xiang looking pensive looks at her back, said: „After she why, doesn't have the opportunity to accompany his father?” Xue clear(ly) frowns, said: Big Brother Shen, can you listen to these Immortal Mountain inside Martial Dao sect? This little girl possibly settled on by these Immortal Mountain inside Martial Dao sect, perhaps was enrolled in these sect.” These powerful Martial Dao sect are the experts as common as the clouds places, is many martial artist yearned that from slightly can go is certainly best. You must enter these sect, best enters Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, otherwise you are not good to mix because of there.” Su Meiyao suddenly said. Shen Xiang truly wants to enter these sect, after all can experience there to many powerful martial artist, there rich Spirit Qi can make him use the Yin and Yang Divine Veins true potential.

Shen Xiang was leading Xue clear(ly) and Xue Zhiliang entered Wohu city, some industries of Xue family also in Wohu city, therefore they have turned down the Shen Xiang's invitation, has not gone to the Shen family mountain village with Shen Xiang. In the Shen family mountain village is lively, three days were the banquets, but Shen Xiang came back and Shen Tianhu has said a hello, hurried back own residence. I now was Mortal Martial Realm 6th level, can start to taste trial to make Mortal Level middle-grade pills!” Shen Xiang looks that two are drinking the beautiful female of scented tea. Bai Youyou said: I, although not alchemy, but actually knows the material that Mortal Level two pill needs is expensive to you, you must taste the trial system the words, but needs to spend many spirit coins.” Su Meiyao light sip the tea, was saying with a smile: This issue, don't you have half Hell Spirit Grass and millenniums Blood Spirit Grass actually? These two spirit herb put out the words that sold little to be enough.” Shen Xiang had not certainly forgotten that he also has these two precious spirit mushroom, he said with a smile: Two elder sisters, you along have not brought treasure what? I do not have weapon of name hand now.” Su Meiyao sighed lightly: My storage equipment was taken away by that personal enemy, I have one to store up the life fortunately the ring, but in the ring only then some clothes, do not have other things.” Speaking of this matter, Bai Youyou that elegantly beautiful face full was angry, the crumb the teacup, could see that in their then storage equipment had many good things. You practice Divine Art of Four Symbols, was most appropriate your weapon to be Four Beast's Divine Weapons, but this Four Beast's Divine Weapons was not good to look, must know that this each was divine tool!” The Su Meiyao's words make Shen Xiang slightly excited.