World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 18
divine tool? weapon that Gods uses? That is very formidable, moreover is four, what expression but listens, this Four Beast's Divine Weapons was extremely illusory. Bai Youyou said: In the past Four Beast's Divine Weapons was born with Divine Art of Four Symbols, our Master only obtain Divine Art of Four Symbols, moreover Four Beast's Divine Weapons actually completely lost the sound, it is said only then cultivates the Divine Art of Four Symbols person to obtain the approval of Four Beast's Divine Weapons!” The Su Meiyao booth lets go saying: I, although also cultivates Divine Art of Four Symbols, but I actually never want to look for that anything Four Beast's Divine Weapons, I am not interested.” Shen Xiang and two females chatted the moment, has known the matter of many Martial Dao world from their mouth. Shen Xiang wanted ten thousand large spirit coins to Shen Tianhu, then in a hurry arrives at that Spirit Pill Pavilion, he must make the best use of the time to refine Mortal Level Middle-Grade Dan, not only to defeat that Yao family talent, meanwhile can let oneself fast promotion strength. Anything, price unexpectedly rose three times!” Shen Xiang stands on the counter, knits the brows to look at Spirit Pill Pavilion Pavilion Master. The Spirit Pill Pavilion Lord traces the beard, said: This is price that just set, you have the words of any issue, can ask the master.” Spirit Pill Pavilion also has the master! This is Shen Xiang first time heard that isn't calculation that Pavilion Master said? Starting today, so long as is the Shen family person buys pills, same five times of prices.” At this time the arrogant sound conveyed together, Shen Xiang one listened to know that this was that medicine day magnificent. Spirit Pill Pavilion unexpectedly by Yao family purchasing!

In the Spirit Pill Pavilion hall is peaceful immediately, people Jing Jing (quietly) looks that youngster that walks from the staircase, this youngster is long very handsome, the skin is fair, wears the magnificent and expensive golden clothing, with two vision swift and fierce old man, his pair fills pupil proudly to take a fast look around the people, finally stays on Shen Xiang's. This youngster is the Yao family talent, medicine day magnificent! Spirit Pill Pavilion is in Wohu city only one sells pills, the price they decide, many many, buys as you like, Spirit Pill Pavilion is controlled by Yao family now, but envious hatred Shen Xiang's medicine day magnificent naturally must cope with Shen family through this well. What you purchase refines Baptizing Marrow Dan herbs . Moreover the seedling, should you not want alchemy?” On that medicine day magnificent face full is disdainfully said. „Is that also what kind of? World only then can you alchemy?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. I heard that you can release good True Qi Fire, but there is True Qi Fire not to represent can alchemy, alchemy is very tasteful! If your this poor ruffian can build up pills to come, then world not that few alchemy masters.” Medicine day magnificent jokes. In the Shen Xiang mind Divine Halo dodges, he has thought of an ingenious plan, his happily said with a smile: „The Yao family talent, my this poor ruffian truly understands alchemy, how do we bet one? Does not know that you do dare not to bet.” Medicine day magnificent laughs immediately: „Do you understand alchemy? This did not boast to refine, well good...... What do you want to bet? I accompany.” Saw the fish to swallow the bait, in Shen Xiang heart one happy, he has put out one red such as spirit mushroom of blood, this spirit mushroom like the face shape size, was releasing a strange fishy smell, this was he millennium Blood Spirit Grass that won from Shen Haohai there.

This Blood Spirit Grass, all people in Spirit Pill Pavilion cannot help but change countenance, that medicine day magnificent also looks the startled color, he is the Yao family juniors, saw that this Blood Spirit Grass has thousand years above, this is very expensive spirit herb, does not have the city valuably. I bet these millennium Blood Spirit Grass, does not know Master Yao family whether with my this gambling stake?” Shen Xiang said with a smile lightly: So long as I can build up pills to win, cannot build up to lose, what kind of? Do you dare to bet?” Looks at Shen Xiang that appearance, this precious incomparable millennium Blood Spirit Grass probably is not valuable is the same, unexpectedly brings to bet casually. Medicine day Hua Wei people is arrogant, is concerned about face-saving, in any event he will not reject, but the gambling stake is too big at this time, must link him unable greatly to follow, although he is the Yao family talent, the wealth of belt are also along many, but is actually not able to compare favorably with this Blood Spirit Grass. Shen Xiang unexpectedly was surmising millenniums Blood Spirit Grass, this makes many people hold in high esteem to him, but no one dares to have his idea, after all Shen family in Wohu city may have the status. Now the Shen Xiang's father becomes Shen family Patriarch, the Shen Xiang status can be imagined, can look from that millennium Blood Spirit Grass. Shen Xiang sees the medicine day magnificent complexion to be ugly, in heart dark crisp, he has taken off a scrap from millennium Blood Spirit Grass, said: Medicine young master first time arrives at Wohu city, I am only and you crack a joke, bets this point! If I have won, so long as I three refine the Baptizing Marrow Dan material, maturity.” Similar to fingernail big, truly enough received in exchange for three materials, the medicine day magnificent complexion became attractive, in the heart also relaxed, said: Does not have the issue, starts!” Shen Xiang receives Blood Spirit Grass, immediately puts out that inferior alchemic furnace to let the Pavilion Master inspection of Spirit Pill Pavilion, after confirming does not have the issue, he puts out some herbs processed herbs.

At this time the people steadily look at Shen Xiang, coming here person somewhat very to yearn for alchemy, witnesses the alchemy process rarely, no one will let off, let alone this is youngster in alchemy. True Qi Fire one, that Spirit Pill Pavilion main shamelessness is one regretted, because Shen Xiang is not a willing worker his apprentice, he can see this type of flame, but alchemy good flame, but medicine day magnificent sees the Shen Xiang's flame, cannot help but frowned, the facial expression is stern, in his heart is criticizing: Damn brat, actually has been hiding itself.” Looks at Shen Xiang that skilled movement and calm facial expression, medicine day magnificent clenches teeth secretly, at this time he had determined that Shen Xiang has certain experience in the alchemy aspect, moreover is not worse than him. Shen Xiang refinement naturally is he most adept Body Quenching Pill, this pill is not only good to refine, the material that but also uses are not many, controls a furnace also to build up many grains well. The people see a Shen Xiang face relaxed appearance, incomparably is exclaiming in surprise, they have not seen alchemy to be so long-drawn-out, a double-hour unknowingly on the past, after the people saw Shen Xiang that serious complexion vanishes, knows that Shen Xiang crossed the most essential place. Built up!” Shen Xiang turns on the alchemic furnace cover, medicine overflows fragrant, scatters in the hall. The people encircle immediately, stares the big eye to look in alchemic furnace, sees only five grains of pure white pill pellet to wind around by the white mist. The people poured took a deep breath immediately, Shen Xiang refine Body Quenching Pill to come really! The Spirit Pill Pavilion main shamelessness coagulated, unbelievable looks at that five grains of Body Quenching Pill, he is a alchemy master, he can distinguish this Body Quenching Pill quality from the luster and fragrance, this is the excellent quality, moreover in the so short time, refines in so inferior alchemic furnace, what most unacceptable is, this is 16-year-old youngster builds up!