World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 19
The medicine day magnificent that fair and handsome face is ugly, the muscle on face twitches slightly, he was also given the shock by Shen Xiang's alchemy technique, he has not thought that unexpectedly also has a young alchemy master all over the world, moreover is equally matched with him! Shen Xiang places the palm that five grains of Body Quenching Pill, like eating the sugar bean grains of puts in the mouth, is eating, while said with a smile to that medicine day Hua: Now you can give me that Baptizing Marrow Dan material.” Sees Shen Xiang Body Quenching Pill casual eating that just refined, the corners of the mouth of people twitch, is criticizing the Shen Xiang ruined family, wishes one could to trample his foot maliciously, unexpectedly treats as between -meal snack to eat pills, this too attacked the person, was the alchemy master usually like this treats as the sugar bean to eat pills? Spirit Pill Pavilion main both hands shiver are giving Shen Xiang three packages of materials, asked wear a look of amazement: „Should you do not taste trial to make Baptizing Marrow Dan?” Shen Xiang scratches the head smiles: First tries is always not misdemeanor, your Spirit Pill Pavilion pills sells now that expensively, can only refine.” Shen Xiang receives herbs, then the turning around stride gets out of the way, he arrives at the front door time, turns head to say to medicine day Hua: Medicine young master, several days later is we meet, when the time comes hopes that can you be able to take makes my satisfactory gambling stake come to bet with me! Since is the competition, will want crisply, when the time comes my also to add on a bigger gambling stake, if you will unable to play not to come with me to compete with.” Shen Xiang natural departure, but in Spirit Pill Pavilion discuss spiritedly, one millennium Blood Spirit Grass took the gambling stake to be startled immediately is Celestial Beings, unexpectedly must upward add! Medicine day magnificent angry coldly snorted, then arrives in the building. In Spirit Pill Pavilion, that Spirit Pill Pavilion Lord murmured: Is impossible, he is only 16 years old, is impossible to refine Baptizing Marrow Dan to come, impossible......” The Shen Xiang mood is good, because he can obtain three maturity Baptizing Marrow Dan materials in vain, he can start to taste trial quickly to make Baptizing Marrow Dan.

little rascal, other Yingouli capsized, selects carefully!” Su Meiyao reminded him to say. Compared with any alchemy, is really insipid! Should come up to chop the pulp him directly.” The sound of Bai Youyou yin cold conveyed, making Shen Xiang cannot help but hit one to tremble, he knows that Bai Youyou was cultivates the devil art peerless female devil, now his suddenly some do not want to practice Bai Youyou these devil art. Shen Xiang returns to the Shen family mountain village, inquired to Shen Tianhu, knew that the Xue Xianxian father and daughter is a guest in City Lord, moreover must some families in Wohu city visit, must know that the Xue Xianxian father is a personal connection very broad person. Shen Xiang came to a very secret underground stone chamber, he first tastes trial to make Baptizing Marrow Dan to need to concentrate the spirit, cannot be disturbed. Opens installs herbs paper-insulated, Su Meiyao is provoking these herbs with Qianqian jade finger, said satisfied: Blood Ginseng of 50 years, spirit mushroom, the profound Yuan fruits and fire Yang Hua 50 years, these four taste main herbs qualities are good, other ingredients are only same, but actually does not affect to refine Baptizing Marrow Dan.” Shen Xiang takes up a walnut big white fruit, takes up that seems like the floret of small sunflower, this is the profound Yuan fruit and fire Yang Hua, the price is very expensive, because needs dozens years maturity. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou do not want to stay in that ring all day, therefore, they will come out to ventilate at the first opportunity, simultaneously and Shen Xiang chatted, this will make them feel that is not bored. Shen Xiang likes these two peerless beautiful women being able to appear once for a while, after all they are very attractive, look like can pleasant, is happy, two beautiful woman companions, this is the how wonderful matter. Sister Meiyao, if I use the Dragon Saliva Art accelerate ripening, how long time requires to obtain a Baptizing Marrow Dan material probably?” Shen Xiang asked that he also knows that the Baptizing Marrow Dan material took above dozens years.

Su Meiyao beautiful eyes is rotating, said: Takes ten days probably! You now are Mortal Martial Realm 6th level, will display Dragon Saliva Art also to raise the enhancement.” Ten days can expedite dozens years spirit herb, this makes Shen Xiang pleasantly surprised. Su Meiyao said: Starts to build up, refines this Baptizing Marrow Dan to have two main points! First, because herbs before you have refined pills are more, moreover each material withstands the flame the degree to be different, therefore you must control the good crucial moment, do not have to the fever some auxiliary herbs! Second, is concentrates pill the time, this when the time comes you comprehend.” Shen Xiang has remembered these words, was saying to not far away cold beauty: Sister Youyou, can you return to the ring first? That cold air that your sends out can affect me the control to the flame......” Bai Youyou complexion one cold, Shen Xiang hurriedly said: Sister Youyou...... you are very attractive, if not I do not want to allow your this beauty to enter in the ring as a last resort.” Su Meiyao hears, smiles again and again tenderly: Beautiful Senior Sister, do not frighten this little brat, lets his well alchemy.” Bai Youyou lightly snorted, then returns to that ring. Shen Xiang starts to refine Baptizing Marrow Dan, this is Mortal Level Middle-Grade Dan, a grain can sell to five thousand large spirit coins, but now Spirit Pill Pavilion pills rises in prices, one grain is to need over ten thousand large spirit coins, that is equal to million small spirit coins. After herbs all invests pill furnace inside, Shen Xiang puts the produce fire flame, simultaneously controls the flame in pill furnace inside temperature, the temperature of each region is different, this is used to burn down these herbs, making herbs evaporate completely characteristics Spirit Qi.

Baptizing Marrow Dan herbs is not ordinary, Shen Xiang used more than double-hour to start to grasp these herbs characteristics, knows that these herbs fire-resistant degrees, at this time in alchemic furnace was scattering colorful Spirit Qi, this was these spirit herb is evaporated by hot the really roasting, this was also the main part that spirit dan composed. herbs formation herbal powder slowly, but Shen Xiang also needs the phase unwrapping to live in herbal powder at this time with Divine Sense, so long as and these evaporates these herbal powder medicine air/Qi fusion, will coagulate pill pellet to succeed finally. Just started to be smooth, but actually has been finally sweating profusely to Shen Xiang, because these medicine air/Qi was tyrannical, is hard differently medicine air/Qi fusion. No wonder needs the Divine Sense boundary to refine Baptizing Marrow Dan, these spirit herb medicine air/Qi are very difficult to control!” In the Shen Xiang heart adheres to stick cohere darkly, then concentrates the spirit, releases stronger Divine Sense, making these colorful medicine air/Qi fuse together, finally will turn into black Spirit Qi, then with these grey herbal powder fusions. Must succeed! Insisting!” In the Shen Xiang heart is meditating, herbal powder and medicine air/Qi is slowly accommodating, but he thought that Divine Sense is not very formidable, how is unable it condense to become pill.