World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 2
Two beautiful females have not moved, but on pretty face covers entirely dreadful killing intent, that two pairs of beautiful eyes are full of anger to squint he, their unexpectedly is unable to sway from side to side continually. Two eldest sisters, you...... Aren't you cold? Why does not wear the clothes, I felt that is very cold.” Shen Xiang does not know that should say anything, carelessly asked one. At this time, that elegantly beautiful noble, female coldly shouted of over the face cold frost, you proceeded again one step, I decide however will let experience suffering the pain of eroded bone, lived to might as well die.” Although the voice of this female elusive clear, but does not have the sentiment, making the person have to think that has meaning of the minor defect in something otherwise perfect. This female is the same with her sound, the facial expression or the makings, have an ice-cold feeling of aloofing, pair of cold glow glittering beautiful eyes is passing thick hostility. brat, you, if dares to approach, I will make you regret to arrive at this world!” Another female whispered, the voice of this female is similar to euphonious charming, the class hopes that seductive appearance comes up in great numbers and from all sides, cancels the person to seize the soul, this is gorgeous monster flexure, flatters the peerless outstanding person in bone. Present romantic participation, has big attraction regarding Shen Xiang this without the fledgling of human affairs, although he thinks that is not the honorable gentleman, but he is not that deceitful villain, at present two females are unable to move, he will not take advantage of somebody. Shen Xiang calms down secretly, said politely: Two misses, this...... I am not intentionally, I pick the medicine above cliff, then I was shaken, I have not died am have good luck ever.” During the speeches, Shen Xiang has put out two big Chinese-style gowns, walks toward that elegantly beautiful female, he can look at these two females unable to move, for does not make them feel shy, he can only cover their exposed body first. By the Shen Xiang so short distance looks at her luster of the skin, the elegantly beautiful female can only close eyes, endures Shen Xiang that hot look to fire her luster of the skin! Her whole body is shivering slightly, sends out one type thoroughly gloomy and cold cold air murderous aura of person marrow, making Shen Xiang cannot help but hit to tremble. The Shen Xiang whole body breaks into sweat, some Shirdi does not cover a big Chinese-style gown on the body of that elegantly beautiful female, this lets her slightly coldly snorted, but the complexion also becomes moderate, did not have formerly like that murderous-looking. Shen Xiang arrives at that seductive woman side, sees only that seductive woman toward his lightly smiled, seductive appearance myriad, this makes Shen Xiang shamelessly slightly one red, his took a deep breath, covers that big Chinese-style gown on her. Shen Xiang this act, making in two female hearts secretly feel grateful, in their hearts somewhat is also guilty, they also that threatened others before, moreover others shaking, if not Shen Xiang has good luck ever, perhaps plunged to death. Two females both relaxed, Shen Xiang has not made the dirty matter to come to them, this strength in meditation makes them appreciate, they are very clear this time the attraction to the man are strongest.

„Did two misses, you stay in this below are very long? Can tell me to come up? I cannot stay here for a lifetime, I have very important matter to do!” Shen Xiang somewhat depressed said. The seductive woman gentle voice smiled faintly: Little brother, I thinks you not to have Spiritual Vein, this lives is unable to step into Martial Dao expert Realm! However...... I can present as a gift you Extreme Yang Divine Vein, teaches your formidable divine art, teaches you alchemy drugs manufacture, making you formidable martial artist, but I have a condition.” seductive woman has thrown a coquettish look toward Shen Xiang, that flatters the intent thick manner, lets Shen Xiang cannot help but mind, the words of this female also make him be startled slightly. However some of his actually doubts, he could see that these two females are very strong, but is injured now but cannot move, what can he help their? Elegantly beautiful female eyes one bright, her coldly said: brat, I present as a gift you Extreme Yin Divine Vein! Meanwhile teaches devil art that I practice to you, my devil art not compared with my Junior Sister divine art difference! We do not go back on word.” The Shen Xiang whole body shakes, High-Grade Spiritual Vein was the talent, but above Spiritual Vein also had rarer Profound Veins, above Profound Veins also had Heaven Veins, but above Heaven Veins was Divine Veins in Legend! Has Divine Veins words, that is very heaven defying! „Did you fall being injured by falling down head from above? Do not seek with me happily, I do not have the time and you am here silly.” Although Shen Xiang a moment ago has shocked, but he is unable to believe. If you obtain these, must become formidable martial artist is not difficult! However you when the time comes may probably help us restore the strength.” seductive woman tender dī dī said that sound makes Shen Xiang feel a bone weakness. The elegantly beautiful female said: We by a personal enemy here, were experienced personally the severe wound sleepily, is unable to move, cultivation base completely loses, but under this will have formidable Demon Beast to appear and disappear, we must hurry to leave here.” They cannot move now, they injure very seriously, the meridians, skeleton and dantian within the body, the five main internal organs (entrails) caused heavy losses, it can be said that discarded completely, this was they a moment ago created with personal enemy great war, caused move the earth and shake mountains to shake Shen Xiang at that time. But Shen Xiang this good youngster appears, to them without doubt is a stand up opportunity, must know that under this has Demon Beast to appear and disappear frequently, they do not have the strength of revolt, finally only will become Demon Beast food. You must believe us now, otherwise your this whole life do not want to come up.” That seductive woman earnestly said.

Shen Xiang is very difficult to accept these two females to grant others at will Divine Veins, and has devil art and divine art. But now he can only choose to believe. Shen Xiang sighed one painstakingly, said: brat named Shen Xiang, two elder sister fine reputations? Hopes you not to play me to play.” Elegantly beautiful female coldly said: Bai Youyou.” The charming female smiled faintly: Su Meiyao.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Really is the person, if! What do that then I want to make?” Su Meiyao said: We can have Blood Contract with you and ensure we do not betray mutually, because we must coexist the 1st Stage very long time! Shifts Divine Veins to you on is also very simple matter, I and Senior Sister are double Divine Veins, gives you one nothing.” Double Divine Veins! They are, the Shen Xiang corners of the mouth are twitching, this makes him more unbelievable. However in his heart is somewhat excited, because these two fierce females must with his together very long time, this regarding the man, but wonderful matter, moreover they in must depend upon him to restore the strength. Bai Youyou coldly said: We do not understand the opposite party, to prevent to dismantle the bridge after crossing, ties Blood Contract to.” Su Meiyao simple explained that Blood Contract matter, then subscribed the Blood Contract step to say in detail. Blood Contract is very simple, first soaks beast skin with three people of blood, then draws the Blood Contract trace above, writes down the contract content on Blood Contract, the final three people drop the blood on Blood Contract, after Blood Contract forms, will form the relation that a soul and soul see only, can feel the contract clearly the content. After Shen Xiang has completed Blood Contract, is shocked to this mysterious technique, at this time he has believed what these two females said is real! In the heart has the excitement of not being able saying that after he knows, with these two beautiful woman coexistence 1st Stage very long time, moreover this rotten salt fish not only can stand up, but also turns to Tianshan very much goes. Then, two appearances, if the Celestial Immortal female and Shen Xiang built the agreement.

Two elder sisters, you cannot move are because the skeleton meridians in within the body did receive the severe wound?” Shen Xiang asked that he just picked Hell Spirit Grass, this Hell Spirit Grass had the effect of meat white bone, was very big regarding this injury help. The Bai Youyou nod said: Our personal enemies are very strong, but that slut actually because of the Blood Contract reason, cannot kill us personally, therefore discards us, then makes us sit waits for death here.” Shen Xiang's leaves, without doubt has saved them, therefore they are also willing themselves to think that unnecessary Divine Veins presents as a gift to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang heart startled, these two have the pair of Divine Veins mysterious female, so was intrepid, but their personal enemies are powerful, can make them fall to so the paddies. I picked Hell Spirit Grass on cliff, this to your injuries helpful?” Shen Xiang asked that he can obtain two Divine Veins quickly, therefore not stingy that Hell Spirit Grass. On Su Meiyao face one happy, said: Naturally useful, this can however we be able to move quickly.” Shen Xiang grins smiles simple and honest, puts out the larger part Hell Spirit Grass to be divided into two, feeds in two female mouths, feeds to the beautiful woman, makes Shen Xiang quite enjoy...... Although Hell Spirit Grass cannot make two females fully restore the injury, but enables actually to make them repair within the body disruption the skeleton, can enable them to take a walk, but they do not have the strength now. Two elder sisters, your what background? The foes so are fierce, who are your foes?” This is Shen Xiang has been curious. Bai Youyou coldly shot a look at his one eyes: On contract had not mentioned that I must tell you these, I can not reply you!” Su Meiyao is reorganizing beautiful hair, said in a soft voice: These matters do not ask, involves too broadly, your is small, for the satisfied curiosity knows that these bring in fatal disaster that are not good. Below starts to transfer Divine Veins to you on.”