World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 22
Shen Xiang has put out that millennium Blood Spirit Grass, said: This is millennium Blood Spirit Grass.” In the former people heard that Shen Xiang has these millennium Blood Spirit Grass, but personally sees now is startled, after all this is the rare famous medicine. Naturally, the words of this gambling stake, am I looking down upon Yao family? Therefore I add half Hell Spirit Grass again!” Shen Xiang's another hand presented half black spirit mushroom. This Hell Spirit Grass had half has eaten by Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, but the remaining half were still precious. At this time had several old man to jump on the stage reckless, but Shen Tianhu and Shen family several elder also flying run-ups, after all this is Hell Spirit Grass in Legend! In entire plaza dies immediately the general silence, the people sees that gray Hell Spirit Grass, but has not believed that they know old man that these can judge the quality of goods is the run-up confirms, the Yao family elder also comes to power to look at that Hell Spirit Grass. Right, this is Hell Spirit Grass!” The Spirit Pill Pavilion Lord exclaims in surprise one, in sound is bringing an envy and envying of not being able saying that that pair of old eyes fills looks in the Shen Xiang hand frantically that half black spirit mushroom. Has been authenticated, in plaza sends out one to call out in alarm immediately, people discuss spiritedly, Shen Xiang unexpectedly puts out half Hell Spirit Grass and millennium Blood Spirit Grass takes the gambling stake, this gambling stake big, is not the common family can withstand. What are your gambling stakes?” Shen Xiang looks at medicine day magnificent and his side old man. The complexion of medicine day magnificent and that elder is unattractive, so long as is the alchemy person, knows that Hell Spirit Grass means anything, that was Profound Level spirit herb, Spirit Level spirit herb was rare, Profound Level, therefore the value they know. Thousand Year Beast Dan, Thousand Vein Fruit! Do you think what kind of?” The elder said.

pill pellet that Thousand Year Beast Dan, after only the life is the millenniums wild animals died, leaves behind grain of Yuan Essence that congealed, this beast core used in the alchemy aspect has very big help, but Thousand Vein Fruit was also Profound Level spirit herb, it is said the millenniums bore a time fruit, moreover on the fruit had thousand traces, refines Building Foundation Dan main material. The Yao family gambling stake is similarly astonishing, lets the people are one startled, if won, that gained absolutely greatly! Good, such decided!” Shen Xiang said. Then I said that rule, mainly competes with alchemy, who uses the quickest speed to build up best pills to win, the pills quality is judged by everybody.” The Yao family elder said. Shen Xiang did not have the opinion, Shen Tianhu to pat his shoulder, encourages, Shen Xiang and medicine day magnificent put out alchemic furnace to come, making some elders inspect, in order to avoid cheated. After inspecting, other all leave that stage, announced that the competition starts. Shen Xiang puts in one package of herbs alchemic furnace fast, that medicine day magnificent has not seen clearly Shen Xiang's herbs, in the heart somewhat is not feeling well, because he is unable to know what Shen Xiang refinement is any pills. Medicine day magnificent has confidence to win, because he is the Yao family person . Moreover the material is high grade, in his opinion, in pills of same rank, nobody can practice absolutely well compared with him. Looks alchemic furnace that medicine day magnificent that golden light four dodge, in the Shen Xiang heart on an envy, his shoddy pill furnace was really too inferior, many people saw Shen Xiang's alchemic furnace, thinks that Shen Xiang lost. With this pill furnace alchemy, too comedy! Makes the soup cauldron furnace to be inferior compared with my family!” youngster said while loudly laughing, other people also smile.

Person who only then has the general knowledge to alchemy knows that alchemy does not look at pill furnace, but looks at the alchemy person, if builds up the Dan Ancestor master, does not need the cauldron furnace also to succeed refined into pill. What Shen Xiang refinement is Baptizing Marrow Dan, he saw spirit herb of medicine day magnificent investment cauldron furnace a moment ago, looking from these herbs, medicine day magnificent refines one name named spirit Yuan pill Mortal Level Low-Grade Dan, was one type pill who was helpful to cultivating, it can be said that in Mortal Level Low-Grade Dan was most expensive, the refinement difficulty was also very big. In many Alchemy Competition, many people build up this pill, this is also tests a alchemy master to pills grasps. This pill Shen Xiang had already built up, but the cost comparison is high, is only compared with Baptizing Marrow Dan slightly convenient some, therefore Shen Xiang has not built up. Waited for that the process of result is very arid, the people are also the food and drink chatted, while looks at the two young alchemy masters on stage. Shen Xiang in order to builds up Baptizing Marrow Dan smoothly, therefore he has not pursued the speed, cautious and solemn is building up. Used more than half double-hour, Shen Xiang to make all herbs turn into herbal powder, but in pill furnace was also flooding colorfully now herbal Spirit Qi, he must do first made the different types herbal Spirit Qi fuse together, then let herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder fusion, this process most took the trouble, was most essential, did not do well on easy explode pill furnace. Suddenly passed two double-hour, at this time Shen Xiang is serious, full guy, but that medicine day magnificent actually idles is relaxed, he also once for a while looks to Shen Xiang, sees in Shen Xiang that appearance his heart also secret haughty, he could see Shen Xiang certainly to the most essential place, moreover might make a mistake very much. I built up! Five grains of spirit Yuan pill!” Medicine day magnificent suddenly shouted, this makes the people send out a tumult, but at this time Shen Xiang has not completed, the people see a Shen Xiang face to tie tight, obviously has come across the difficult problem. „The Yao family talent really lived up to reputation, using two double-hour to bring forth five grains of spirit Yuan pill! This is in Mortal Level Low-Grade Dan is best, it seems like that Shen family brat lost.” A person said. Heard that spirit Yuan pill does not build up easily, Shen family brat also builds up this pill? If so, it seems like he lost, he fell behind a big truncation in the time.” Another person said.

Under person discuss spiritedly, was guessing that Shen Xiang can lose, after all Shen Xiang has put very big gambling stake. Medicine day magnificent also in waiting for Shen Xiang, in the heart is chuckling to oneself secretly, he thinks that Shen Xiang must lose without doubt, he can win quickly that millennium Blood Spirit Grass and Hell Spirit Grass, moreover he can also praise Southern Martial Empire. How long Shen Xiang has not let the person and others, his he long implored the one breath, said: Finally built up!” Sees Shen Xiang to speak, the people are peaceful, only hears medicine day Hua to ridicule: „Is that also what kind of? You are also not same lose!” Shen Xiang smiled lightly, has wiped the sweat on forehead, said: I refine three grains of Baptizing Marrow Dan, please inspect!” Three grains of Baptizing Marrow Dan! This lets all person dumbstruck, unbelievable, they suspected one misunderstood, Shen Xiang refinement unexpectedly is Mortal Level middle-grade Baptizing Marrow Dan, this is compared with that spirit Yuan pill expensive many pills! Is impossible, he is only 16 years old, is impossible to refine Baptizing Marrow Dan!” Spirit Pill Pavilion main is crying out strangely, while rushes to that stage, some elder also rapid flights on, Shen Tianhu early arrived at side Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang, now is not cracking a joke time.” Medicine day magnificent is unable to believe that Shen Xiang can build up Baptizing Marrow Dan to come, most people on the scene are unable to believe. Shen Xiang looks to smile, said indifferently: Asked everybody to inspect!”