World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 23
Two pill furnace also open, pill furnace of medicine day magnificent is five grains of azure pills, but Shen Xiang's pill furnace is three grains of black pill pellet. Medicine day magnificent refines five grains of spirit Yuan pill, Shen Xiang's is...... Is three grains of Baptizing Marrow Dan.” A Shen family elder said that the sound is very excited, Shen family left a alchemy talent, so long as is the Shen family person can him equally excited incomparable. Medicine day magnificent and Yao family elder look at that three grains of swarthy pills, smells that gang of pill to be fragrant, that truly is Baptizing Marrow Dan, but Spirit Pill Pavilion main also takes up one grain carefully to watch. This truly is Baptizing Marrow Dan . Moreover the quality is very good! This makes people be hard to accept really! Such baby unexpectedly can build up this pill to come.” The Spirit Pill Pavilion main exclamation again and again, on the face full is the complex facial expression, his suddenly thought own these 70-80 years lived on the dog. In plaza surges to call out in alarm, after having been confirmed that the people are shocked , the alchemy process that they witness, Shen Xiang truly has not gotten up to any tricks, truly builds up Mortal Level middle-grade Baptizing Marrow Dan! Shen Xiang did not have the Spiritual Vein matter already to be put behind, he at this time in the heart of people was a potential huge alchemy master! Medicine day magnificent ashen-faced, on that handsome face is full of the anger, envy and mean, if possible, he wished one could to kill Shen Xiang, because he thought that lost to Shen Xiang is an insult. Wish the gambling to concede! Takes the thing!” The Shen Xiang wear a look of light smiling face, but in medicine day Hua Yan is actually contemptuous, the smiling face of ridicule, making in medicine day Hua Xin resent. That Yao family elder whole body is trembling, was mad, because of losing but life Qi/angry, their Yao family not only lost the thing, but also lost the reputation, their Yao family talent was inferior person who Shen family does not have Spiritual Vein. Very much the Yao family elder does not prefer gives Shen Xiang the gambling stake. Thousand Year Beast Dan and egg is big, looks like looks like an emerald, inside flows is Yuan Essence of millennium wild animal. That Thousand Vein Fruit is the apple is big, with is very heavy, grasps can feel inside the energy of implication in the hand.

Obtains these two precious alchemy materials, in the Shen Xiang heart dark crisp, if refined into pills, he can the strength can be increased quickly. Shen Xiang, I must contend in martial arts with you!” Medicine day magnificent draws out treasure sword of waist, murderous-looking said. Shen Xiang has defeated including the Mortal Martial Realm 7th level people, under medicine day magnificent naturally no longer words, therefore the Shen family person also feels relieved very much. Shen Tianhu sighed lightly: Young people, should not be arrogant, will otherwise suffer a loss.” At this time Shen Tianhu is very excited, his son not only can build up Baptizing Marrow Dan to come, but also gains to two precious alchemy materials. Compared with on ratio, if the wound muscle breaks the bone, do not blame me, after all fists and feet does not have the eye.” Shen Xiang said slowly that the Shen family elder and Shen Tianhu have fallen back on one side. But the Yao family elder somewhat was worried that he lived for dozens years, can see the Shen Xiang's uncommon place, is not one does not have the Spiritual Vein good-for-nothing like the hearsay. Day magnificent, do you have confidence to win him?” Yao family elder sinking sound asked. Ten tenths assurance, I am Mortal Martial Realm 5th level martial artist, moreover martial arts that cultivates excellent.” Medicine day Huamu looks at Shen Xiang including the anger, wishes one could to kill Shen Xiang. Good, is only simple comparing notes, do not want his life, after all we in Shen family.” The Yao family elder said that left the stage. Shen Xiang thinks somewhat funnily, before others thought that he cannot refine Baptizing Marrow Dan, now medicine day magnificent also thinks unexpectedly his strength is very weak.

Since is the competition, how can no longer add a gambling stake?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Sees medicine day magnificent not to speak, Shen Xiang knows that Yao family has bet does not get up. Shen Xiang said with a smile: If you won, that Thousand Year Beast Dan and Thousand Vein Fruit give back to you! If lost, then Spirit Pill Pavilion Pavilion Master must join our Shen family, became our Shen family alchemy master, moreover I also wanted Spirit Pill Pavilion 50% spirit herb, what kind of?” Spirit Pill Pavilion becomes the industry of Yao family, explained that Spirit Pill Pavilion main had won over by Yao family, but Spirit Pill Pavilion main also has certain attainments in the alchemy aspect, therefore Shen Xiang must win over Shen family this talented person. Does not have the issue! But Spirit Pill Pavilion is our Yao family.” The Yao family elder complies with straightforward, in his opinion is only alchemy some people and spirit herb, their Yao family does not lack these, let alone medicine day magnificent will have ten tenths assurance to win. The Spirit Pill Pavilion Lord sighs one lightly, was regarded the gambling stake not to be feeling well, but he thought that joins Shen family not to have anything, perhaps he also has the opportunity and Shen Xiang exchanges to Hell Spirit Grass. You put out weapon to come!” Medicine day magnificent is rocking in the hand that cold light sparkle treasure sword, coldly said. Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: I do not use weapon.” That do not blame me not being impolite.” Medicine day magnificent wields a sword on, the step is steady, ta results in the stage to shiver, understood at a glance that his attack fills certainly wild strength. At this time already night, but the people have not thought sleepy, instead is very energetic, because the martial arts contests of two young alchemy talents must start.

The alchemy master to the feeling of person is not very strong, but this is very wrong, to become a qualified alchemy master, must first control freely to True Qi, Divine Sense must be formidable enough, this can operate the flame with wishes fulfilled, can deal sudden the danger(ous) event when alchemy. Sometimes the alchemy master also needs to pick the medicine personally, that is also the danger(ous) matter, let alone the alchemy master had many pills to eat, therefore the strength of alchemy master will not be weak. Some alchemy master people protect, therefore the alchemy master usually does not need to get rid. Looks that sharp long sword punctures, Shen Xiang fierce formerly trod, to the fist, sees only azure True Qi to wrap his arm immediately, concentrates instantaneously tiger head. Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist! This child unexpectedly has entered into Mortal Martial Realm 6th level!” Shen Tianhu startled shouted, Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist is Spirit Level excellent martial arts that he originally creates, is similar to fierce tiger swoops general, meanwhile will have the might that True Qi explodes. So long as the eye not blind people can see Shen Xiang to enter the Divine Sense boundary, because he can control the overflow True Qi to congeal the shape with Divine Sense, concentrates tiger head, only then above the Divine Sense boundary can achieve. 16 years old, not only can refine Baptizing Marrow Dan, but also has the Mortal Martial Realm 6th level strength, this grade of talent is the millenniums meets rarely, only then that Xue family Xue Xianxian can compare, because in the hearsay, Xue Xianxian once and Xue family elder hit does not know one's place, although was only the hearsay, but many people rather believe. Must know the strengths of these elders above Mortal Martial Realm 6th level, and has fought many battles, a Xue Xianxian 14 or 15-year-old young girl can side by side, this grade of talent perhaps have Shen Xiang to compare. The Shen Xiang's fist is similar to gotten angry fierce tiger, wild True Qi shocks the air, blows out one intermittently crack, welcomes long sword that the sword vast turnover is puncturing.