World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 24
The fist sword bumps into, True Qi of imposing manner overwhelming power four turn wells up, azure glow explodes dodges, the long sword of medicine day magnificent was shocked by Shen Xiang that vigorous True Qi directly, transmits one to break the crisp sound of sword. Shen Xiang's Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist irresistible, might steaming True Qi pounds fiercely with the wild fist, presses medicine day magnificent not to gasp for breath, the whole body is hard to move. Stop!” Under Yao family elder loudly shouted, but the Shen Xiang's fist actually is still similar to the thunder thunderclap impact, in people dumbfounded, the body of medicine day magnificent followed strong winds to depart the stage, the mouth wells up the blood, fainted. The Yao family elders and several Yao family guard hastily diving postures, plunder the position that medicine day magnificent falls likely. You...... Your unexpectedly injures heavily him!” The Yao family elder gets angry shouts to clear the way, puts in a grain of pill medicine day Hua Kou fast, then gives these guards, oneself jumped on that stage. Shen Xiang is only a fist, the sword bang that medicine day magnificent is rotten, meanwhile attacks the severe wound medicine day magnificent, this grade of strength makes the person blush with shame, at this time these family juniors were more excited, because they know that right now Shen family and Yao family have become enemies, moreover that Yao family elder also prepares to get rid to Shen Xiang probably. The Shen family elder and branch commander is also ready to make trouble, but was actually stopped by Shen Tianhu, his whispered: Everybody do not come up first! I looked at good play that's alright below.” Shen Yihan complexion some said artificially: This brat Mortal Martial Realm 5th level strength can defeat me, now he is the Mortal Martial Realm 6th level strength, that Yao family elder could not occupy his least bit convenient absolutely.” The strength of Yao family elder is also Mortal Martial Realm 7th level this, has divine art and Yin and Yang Divine Veins Shen Xiang must defeat him not to be difficult.

A potential giant person means a prospect of family, although Shen family is formidable, but the hostile strength are also in secret many, now the juniors of many families can witness the Shen Xiang's strength, can make these have the illegal thoughts family to restrain some to Shen family, can become friends with some families, thus establishes benefit relationship. What's wrong? Small cannot hit, old personal going into action?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, a pair of fist bursts out once for a while makes a debut to say azure lightning, this also lets many shocking place, Shen Xiang is not the flame of practice? Now can actually use that wild Lightning True Qi. The Yao family elder is not silly, he can see the Shen Xiang's strength certainly is not only superficial this, those who let his accident is Shen family master unexpectedly has not gotten rid! This makes the Yao family elder feel that one inexplicable shame, Shen family master unexpectedly thinks Shen Xiang can cope with him, disdains with his fight! Shen Xiang is looking straight ahead the Yao family elder, looks at that angry shamelessness, said: „The Yao family elder, do you such come up to be what kind of? Can compare notes with me?” Compares notes? Lived dozens years of elders to with ten -year-old baby brat compare notes! This is laughed by knowledgeable people simply, regardless of the victory and loss, the face of Yao family elder cannot hang. You...... You have injured a day of magnificent!” The Yao family elder is really also speechless, because of him a moment ago in fit of temper, therefore jumped. Shen Xiang said slowly: „Is that also what kind of? It is not I injures him, is his sword pricks my throat! I have not butchered him am benevolent!” Everyone could see medicine day magnificent a moment ago that sword is very very ruthless, therefore the Shen Xiang's action was also natural, let alone they were competing with, are injured to be unavoidable.

That Yao family elder only feels at this time incomparably aggrievedly, his solemn pills aristocratic family, the personal connection is really broad, has many with the formidable family that Yao family forms an alliance, but today their Yao family not only lost precious spirit herb, but also lost the face, making the talent that Yao family is proud also be injured, but all these are Shen Xiang create! Ha Ha......” Yao family elder suddenly raises head to laugh: Small Shen family, really overreaches oneself, unexpectedly and Yao family do right! Today I teach your this not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth brat!” The Yao family elder was reckless, in his opinion, Shen family is a small family, even if he teaches Shen Xiang, Shen family does not dare to say anything, if two families make war, Yao family will not lose. Old thing that is not concerned about face! Your Yao family is not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, the face of your Yao family is lost completely by you today.” Shen Xiang loudly said, the sound is loud and clear, spreads over the plaza four directions. In the people heart also secretly despises Yao family, unexpectedly is not conceding, but also bully thes weak, depends on is in itself a powerful family, no matter morality and justice attack Shen Xiang, simply is impervious! The Yao family elder is angrier, rave, the whole body ascends immediately fiery red True Qi, both eyes torching, his arrow step treads, the double palm is similar to braves the radiant flame the meteor to strike to Shen Xiang, invisible scalding hot True Aura is similar to the transparent wall advances toward Shen Xiang together. That pair of fire palms has not arrived, invisible True Aura actually penetrated the Shen Xiang's body, sees only Shen Xiang to be fired by the raging fire immediately, but he actually still tranquilly enters the mountain, self-poise standing there, his pair of fist True Qi overflows, the fist that azure light four dodge explodes is dodging lightning, at once turns into two tiger head, but attacked the medicine day magnificent time compared with before big! The Yao family elder whole body spout flame, appearance is fierce, likely is in a towering rage Fire Devil, on that pair of skinny fire palms is condense vigorous True Qi.

old fellow, unexpectedly wants under such heavy the hand to me! I am impolite!” Sees only Shen Xiang one to roar, roars just like the crazy dragon, a azure air wave spews out from his mouth, immediately since blows shakes the azure strong winds, in the strong winds glittering a azure thunder, but Shen Xiang also takes a step to dash about wildly in this time forward, that pair of tiger fist also instantaneously turns into two solemn and respectful overwhelming powers azure dragon head. The lightning strong winds that in Azure Dragon Roar releases are fierce, that Yao family elder sees this cannot help but to be also surprised, in this time, he probably saw two big dragons to roar to clash generally toward him. Your this brat......” the Yao family elder panic-strickenly was also occupied by Shen Xiang that wild True Qi. The Shen Xiang double fist meets the approaching enemy Yao family elder that pair of fire palms, the hedge is going, the fist palm collides violently, in a twinkling, the boom is billowing, the multi-colored sunlight explodes dodges, the air wave that stimulates is similar to the wave is common, toward swings in all directions by the potential of hurricane, the entire stage also instantaneously destroys in that the nearby is placing some furniture were also lifted. The people shock, dumbfounded, age 16-year-old youngster, unexpectedly and Yao family elder hits equally matched, moreover probably was in the upper hand, because the people can see the corners of the mouth of that Yao family elder to be in the overflowing blood clearly. Shen Xiang looks like, although in an extremely difficult situation, but he is steady such as standing of mountain there, the aura is even, does not pant like that Yao family elder, could see that in that hit a moment ago, the Yao family elder exhausted many True Qi to resist the Shen Xiang crazy fierce attack.