World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 25
You display what martial arts is?” The Yao family elder complexion asked ugly, if Shen Xiang did not have peerless divine art, was absolutely impossible to make him so by the Mortal Martial Realm 6th level strength unable to withstand. Shen Xiang had not replied, but grips tightly the double fist, sees only his pair of fist to congeal two tiger head, one step steps, in an instant is fist image rumbles, is similar to a lot of fierce tiger bombardments that Yao family elder, every will fight with the fists to have the fierce explosion, making the ground continuously will be shivering, but that Yao family elder blocked ten to come the fist to be hit, after being hit a fist, True Qi of Yao family elder whole body was shaken the powder, can only resist the Shen Xiang that violent storm fist with own body. The Shen Xiang's fist is wild, strong ferocious and heartlessness, every fights with the fists on the body of that Yao family elder, makes in the people heart tremble, they after thinking, if projected on will be what kind of! At this time the people in plaza look at steadily, are at a loss for words look at Shen Xiang that tyrannical attack, if they personally do not see, is hard to believe that 16-year-old youngster unexpectedly can treat as a sandbag devastation the Yao family elder, this grade of strength makes their cannot help but back send coolly. Competes with the Yao family person simply is my shame! Wish to bet does not concede, get lost to me!” Shen Xiang loudly shouted, a foot flies to trample on the body of that Yao family elder, kicking to the nearby of that guard Yao family. The Yao family elder has fainted at this time completely deadly in the past, the whole body skeleton was broken by Shen Xiang's Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist, injures heavily. The people also as if have a dream at this time general, suspected before one, has misread, they are hard to believe that Shen Xiang makes into the severe wound the Yao family elder really! At this time they also believe firmly that Shen Xiang has certainly peerless martial arts, otherwise was hard to have the so formidable strength. The Yao family elder and medicine day magnificent walks, was actually being lifted exiting, moreover this is they brings upon oneself, today's matter has many eyes to stare, Yao family pursued unable to say Shen family anything, after all was their Yao family provocation first. Late at night, the family juniors who participates the Shen family banquet fill with excitedly with shocking departure, attended the Shen family banquet not to disappoint them. The juniors of other families walked, but the banquet also continues, this is Shen family own banquet, the chair of rotting is traded, on the tabletop chocks up the good wine delicacies once more, the Shen family juniors like the revelry, they are celebrating the new Patriarch birth, cheered Shen family born a fierce character, this can let the status promotion of entire Shen family! In the morning, the sunlight shines on chaotic plaza, in plaza has drinks the dead drunk Shen family juniors, but Shen Tianhu and does elder actually vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger, they are the Shen family support and helps, they need frequently to maintain the vigilance.

Shen Xiang and Shen Tianhu have packed off Shen family branch commander, at this time they are relaxed. Father, Wohu city, only then Spirit Pill Pavilion sells pills, later we will buy will be very definitely expensive, then troubled.” Shen Xiang has a forced smile to say. Shen Tianhu has knocked his head, ridicules saying: „Are you what kind of? You maliciously have shamed Yao family, but then the father must wipe the buttocks for you!” Shen Xiang spits the tongue, asked: „Isn't issue big?” Shen Tianhu coldly snorted: Relax, although Yao family pills aristocratic family, but our Shen family is not a vegetarian! The pills issue somewhat is hard to be solved.” At this time, the sound conveyed together: This issue will not be big, on this day under is not only then Yao family sells pills, although Spirit Pill Pavilion is Yao family, but other cities are actually not.” This person is the Spirit Pill Pavilion Lord, his name few people know, even if Shen Tianhu is not clear. Pavilion Master, although I have won medicine day magnificent, but you are free, you except for cannot return to Spirit Pill Pavilion, where you want to go to go to where!” Shen Xiang said. The Spirit Pill Pavilion Lord said: Do not call me any Pavilion Master, the old man is also a well-known person, I called Shen Luzong!”

This name may has a scare Shen Xiang and Shen Tianhu, Spirit Pill Pavilion Lord unexpectedly to be surnamed Shen! Shen Xiang's Grandpa named Shen Luhong, therefore a moment ago he and Shen Tianhu will be surprised. He He, why knows your grandfather with I that big enmity?” Shen Luzong looks that Shen Xiang smiles to ask: Because he is my big brother, because just I cannot regard Patriarch in the past, had the contradiction to leave Shen family with him, then I started to study alchemy, finally has established Spirit Pill Pavilion, came to do right with your grandfather with this.” Since he left Shen family, then I come back not to have anything again, if you can see this old bones, I am willing to be Shen family solve the problem in pills aspect.” Shen Luzong turns head to look at the Shen family front door, in look fondly remembers completely. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Grand-uncle, you can stay behind are good, otherwise the pills heavy burden must fall on me.” Shen Tianhu said: Uncle, welcome you to return to Shen family!” Shen Luzong is only lightly smiled, wear a look of crazy love looks at Shen Tianhu: In the past I walked, you were also only a kid, I was also very young at that time, now was old, Shen family looked at your young people.” After last night matter, the Shen Xiang's given name passed to near each influence high-level ear, the Shen family status from newly was also regarded. Shen family had two alchemy masters, did not need to be worried not to have pills, but at present the herbs origin is an issue, low level herbs did not have what issue but actually, however herbs of high price was very expensive scarcely, but Yao family was grasping many high level rare herbs. In the secret room, Shen Xiang is mentioning Shen family with Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao now the situation, he hopes that he can before going to these Martial Dao sect makes Shen family a genuine formidable family.

This actually anything issue, what your Shen family lacks is pills! You arrived in nearby city to buy come back that's alright, you can sell out that millennium Blood Spirit Grass first.” Su Meiyao said that she is holding appreciatively that Thousand Year Beast Dan at this time. Some Shen Xiang meat said painful: That is millennium Blood Spirit Grass, very rare.” Su Meiyao gives back to Shen Xiang that Thousand Year Beast Dan, said with a smile: „Don't you have Dragon Saliva Art? So long as you have the time, ten thousand years of Blood Spirit Grass is not the issue! Blood Spirit Grass is in itself low level spirit herb, the year is high, the drug efficacy is also limited, actually that Hell Spirit Grass is very good!” Dragon Saliva Art can accelerate ripening spirit herb, if waters spirit herb words repeatedly, can make this spirit herb year higher, Shen Xiang thinks of this, in the heart is also ready to make trouble, wants to attempt, looks to cause ten thousand years of Blood Spirit Grass. Su Meiyao saw his thoughts, said tenderly: Do not go to attempt to cause ten thousand years of Blood Spirit Grass to come, that wastes simply, when used to water other advanced spirit herb, that will be more cost-effective! You must know that Dragon Saliva Art gets up livelihood essence condense, in addition special Azure Dragon True Qi can congeal dragon saliva to come, you cannot waste at will.”