World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 26
Chapter 26 genuine stage The Shen Xiang nod said: Knew, Sister Youyou, when do you teach me devil art?” Bai Youyou coldly looked at his one eyes, said: Your Junior Sister Divine Art of Four Symbols completely has not grasped, but also falls far short!” Shen Xiang can use Azure Dragon Divine Art and part Vermilion Bird Divine Art now, other White Tiger Divine Art and Black Tortoise Divine Art exceptionally are difficult to practice, that need some special environment can practice. Azure Dragon Divine Art inside Azure Dragon Claw, Azure Dragon Roar is quite easy to study, but Vermillion Bird Profound Fire and Vermillion Bird Fire Wings are also, although in this Divine Art of Four Symbols has formidable martial skill, but needs to arrive at certain strength to practice, otherwise meets qi deviation. Late at night, hides deeply in the following secret room, transmits one intermittently pēng pēng sound, that is Shen Xiang in practicing martial arts, only look at him to be red the upper body, the vigorous and healthy muscle is red, braves faint trace heat, he is gripping the ma bu, stands there steadily, is hitting to not far away iron wall bang, the air waves of burning hots along with he knocks out the fist the time blows out, invisible fist energy separates the spatial hit on the iron wall, shakes the earth to shiver. Good, but day of grasped Fire King Fist, this is in the Vermilion Bird Divine Art foundation merit is quite difficult to grasp, you can rest now.” Su Meiyao also idles somewhat wearily, because she sat looks at Shen Xiang to practice a day of merit here. Shen Xiang looks chest that Su Meiyao that maturity stands tall and erect, happily said with a smile: Sister Meiyao, I have taken a bath, your does if wanted come together?” The Su Meiyao sound caresses gently flatters, look fills to charm: I must call Senior Sister to go together, I worried that your this brat is when the time comes dishonest.” Speaking of Bai Youyou, the Shen Xiang's complexion coagulates immediately: That is considers as finished.”

Su Meiyao smiles, then entered in the Shen Xiang hand in the ring of that stealth, ring inside has a small room, has all that needs daily in, two females live very in inside are also comfortable. Next day, Shen Xiang wakes up, then mouth in dragon saliva spits to small bottle, now he does not have to water some herbs, but is preserves, leaves later uses. Shen Xiang wants to look for Shen Luzong to discuss alchemy technique, but has not actually thought that Shen Luzong embarked to purchase spirit herb, moreover leaves behind many spirit Pill Spirit medicines. Has ready-made spirit herb, Shen Xiang is also very glad to refine pills with this, this can also increase his alchemy experience. Three days passed by, Shen Xiang practices completely spirit herb that Shen Luzong leaves behind, because the spirit herb majority are Mortal Level low-grade, therefore pills is also Mortal Level low-grade, at this time Shen family pills also has many, enough dealt with a period of time. For these days, Shen family many young juniors revolved around Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang will frequently also practice martial stage and Shen family juniors compares notes, will direct them once for a while, this had very big help to them. Xiang'er, King City does Martial Dao meet you unable to go? Obtains first to reward High-Grade Spirit Level True Elemental Dan.” Shen Tianhu suddenly arrives to practice martial stage. Shen Xiang had considered, said: I want to go to other urban point of purchase spirit herb, when the time comes while convenient participates!” At this time Shen family juniors said: Shen Xiang participated, we go definitely to be hopeless, but heard that this King City Martial Dao will have many talent characters to participate, even also has Mortal Martial Realm 7th level.”

A young girl nods saying: I heard that also has the person who comes back from these Martial Dao sect to come back.” These news Shen Xiang heard, King City Martial Dao can be ten years holds one time, the person who participates in is mainly below 20 years old, is the Southern Martial Empire biggest city conducts, is King City, King City is four big cities, the urban development was too afterward big, the person are getting more and more, causing four cities to be connected, then fused. King City is also the Southern Martial Empire kings, in Yao family and Imperial Palace there, Southern Martial Empire these formidable families is also establishing there, therefore inside master converges. The Shen Tianhu nod said: „The King City Martial Dao also goal, to select some outstanding people enters these Martial Dao sect, you should know that entire Southern Martial Empire is attached in these Martial Dao sect's!” Each Martial Dao family needs to pay taxes the tribute to Imperial Palace in every year, but Southern Martial Empire will transmit these to these Martial Dao sect, obviously these Martial Dao sect are how formidable, dominates above various respected families in entire kingdom. Do not think that these taxes hand over in vain, you must know that these Martial Dao sect safeguard our securities, otherwise looks like our places to be very easy to encounter the Demon Beast group or is some Demon and Devil extinguishes kills.” Shen Tianhu looks up to the upper air, the expression was saying dignifiedly. The Shen family juniors immediately in an uproar, before these big sect were only Legend, now has not thought that unexpectedly and common custom world will have the so intimate relation. Southern Martial Empire is big, population ten hundreds of millions, but martial artist are not many, the alchemy master is extremely rare, but bases on so many population, to find some outstanding martial artist also yes, therefore these Martial Dao sect every other a period of time will come this to recruit the juniors, has the most effective selection means most quickly is to let audiences powerful young people disputes, the strength strongest several people have to enter the Martial Dao sect's qualifications. Shen Xiang arrived in the study room with Shen Tianhu, comes all the way, Shen Xiang knows that Shen Tianhu had certainly any important matter to say, because the Shen Tianhu complexion has been serious.

Really, arrives in the study room, Shen Tianhu said: Xiang'er, your grand-uncle Shen Luzong went to King City! Our Shen family in many person eyes, although is the formidable Martial Dao aristocratic family, but is unable to enter King City inside words, cannot be the genuine powerful family, therefore our Shen family following goal is King City.” Shen Xiang had also heard some news, for example Yao family is also and these Martial Dao family a little relationship, Yao family does not need on to supply Imperial Palace directly, but makes an offering directly in these sect. Xue family starts to migrate to King City now! Because of the Xue Xianxian's reason, Xue family and formidable Martial Dao sect have climbed up relationship! But we want to strive, to open a road, can only see you and your grand-uncle.” Shen Tianhu according to the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said sincerely. Shen Xiang knits the brows to ask: „Do I need to do? Joins Martial Dao sect?” Shen Tianhu shakes the head saying: „It is not, even if so, our Shen family cannot obtain these big sect's asylums, now only then means that are make these big sect have a liking for our Shen family, then looks for us on own initiative! The present means are to demonstrate your alchemy potential.” Shen Xiang is blazing with anger, bright eyes glittering light glow, he is grinning to say with a smile: I know how should do, I pack the thing now, goes to King City and grand-uncle converges.” Shen Tianhu has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said with a smile: Xiang'er, your stage is not this secular world, but is Martial Dao sect that these expert converge, that is the genuine martial arts world world!”