World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 28
Shen Xiang cannot make these want to kill his person to live, cannot bleed off this golden opportunity! This is right! The road of Martial Dao should murder decisively, otherwise easy because of heart in accumulated grievances but qi deviation, must pursue in any event, must kill your fellow to cut that!” Bai Youyou that is full of the murderous aura words to transmit. Shen Xiang soaring in the air, this feeling lets him at this time wonderfully all, he very small time hopes that can have this ability, but now he has achieved, this is the merit of that ring inside two peerless beautiful women. Sister Youyou, are you and Sister Meiyao become apprentice sisters? It is difficult to imagine your Master is what kind of person!” Shen Xiang from the sigh of bottom of one's heart, the apprentice is so fierce, that can Master also? Bai Youyou said: Our Master do not have the name, his origin we do not know, if you arrive at that Realm, perhaps you can see him.” Regarding these two riddle same females, Shen Xiang is curious, but is very helpless, because they are not willing to him to disclose thing that some he wants to know. Shen Xiang flies in the night, moreover chooses in the sky of wild outskirts range, the third after evening, he can see on a distant place main road to have a carriage to go slowly, that main road to King City, only will then be approaching the King City place to construct such a road. Shen Xiang is staring at the front of that main road, is indistinct can see a big house, front not far away was King City, once the Yao family person entered King City, Shen Xiang did not have the opportunity to revenge. That carriage only then two cart drivers and two riding a horse guards, strength strongest is that Yao family elder, is medicine day magnificent, but they early were injured by Shen Xiang, that two cart drivers and two guards, strongest is also only Mortal Martial Realm 5th level. They came the time person to be many, goes back unexpectedly to have a carriage!” Shen Xiang murmured, he has flown front.

In their caravan originally on hideaway killer, their affirmative first sends some people to return to Yao family to notify, then keeps a servant to guard Spirit Pill Pavilion in Wohu city, therefore now only then this person.” Shen Xiang was guessing. He stops in the forest in Dalubian, has rested slightly, then puts out one set of black clothed to put on, then wears the bow cap, what after all kills is the Yao family important personage, by words that Yao family knows, Shen family and Yao family make war that are ironclad. Although is the dark night, but the silver-white moonlight gently is actually shining the earth, brings the supple pale ray, can make people not think that dark. Hides Shen Xiang on roadside trees, holds the breath to wait for sound that the carriage that drives slowly, the carriage drives with the night insect cry, but the Shen Xiang's heart actually such as stops the water to be tranquil, eyes sub- is shining through killing intent, closely is staring at that main road under tree. Came! The carriage just drove, the Shen Xiang's body is similar to the stab in the back is quietly to project from the tree, at the same time, in his hand concentrates instantaneously appears a golden long whip, long whip unexpectedly braves steaming murderous aura, but also follows a strong ferocious cruel aura. This is Shen Xiang with metal attribute True Qi condense, metal attribute corresponds White Tiger, but White Tiger Divine Art is actually full is murdering with cruelly, to practice good White Tiger Divine Art, must in murdering comprehends! When Shen Xiang flies to leap up from the tree, wields the long whip, maliciously from airborne flinging, a whip brushes in the middle of carriage, is similar to a handle long blade cuts, only hears one in the pā lā sound, that luxurious compartment made into two sections immediately, inside also jumps out two people to come, one is the Yao family elder, another is facial features thin and pale youngster, medicine day magnificent! „The robber bandit of which faction are you? We are Yao family......” The words of Yao family elder have not said that Shen Xiang like lightning has actually wielded four whips, hits to the cart drivers and that two that two draw a sword to swoop from the horseback jump, but guard.

The implication powerful metal attribute True Qi golden light long whip braves steaming murderous aura to hit on the flesh and blood, is similar to brushes the bean curd to be the same, after four whips wield, that four people were brushed the fragment, this grade of savage True Qi not only lets the Yao family elder and medicine day magnificent is panic-stricken, cannot help but has inhaled cold air including Shen Xiang. You...... You are Shen Xiang!” The Yao family elder sees Shen Xiang that eyes, immediately startled shouted that but Shen Xiang's whip already heartless falling on him. Worthily is the Mortal Martial Realm 7th level person, although was seriously injured, but he actually transfers True Qi in within the body, caught Shen Xiang that to bring the faint trace Slaughter Qi White Tiger True Qi whip. You are really Shen Xiang!” Yao family elder sinking sound asked that but in the look actually could not conceal that fear, he has not thought that Shen Xiang can kill them . Moreover the method so was cruel. Shen Xiang keeps silent, the left hand flame dodges, fire whip concentrates, then yawn roared, this was wood attribute True Qi. The lightning astral wind that Azure Dragon Roar releases is wreaking havoc the Yao family elder, at this time the Shen Xiang's Vermilion Bird True Qi whip has brushed, accurate hitting above the nape of the neck of that Yao family elder, will put in order a head to overcome. Nearby medicine day magnificent already complete was frightened by Shen Xiang, not only can display the pure flame to come alchemy, unexpectedly can also use metal attribute True Qi that murders, meanwhile can display the thunder gentle breeze with wood attribute strength, this simultaneously displays three attribute! In the cognition of medicine day magnificent, never has such character. Shen Xiang walked toward medicine day magnificent, eyes flashes through wipes the color of murdering, sees only in his hand the golden long whip to wield, hits to the nape of the neck of medicine day magnificent, in that instantaneous, medicine day magnificent sent out frightened yelling, in the look has filled panic-strickenly! Long whips on his nape of the neck, the head flies to fall, his eyes opens, in the frightened facial expression fills does not believe and resenting, he has not thought that will be his unexpectedly of Yao family talent is massacred such.

Shen Xiang slightly took a deep breath, indifferently said: Initially you used the sword thorn to my time, I have not thought must let off you!” After killing them, Shen Xiang takes down their storage pouch, inside only then some spirit coins and spirit herb, but also is a very considerable income. For the non- scar, Shen Xiang used very big vigor to tidy up the scene, at this time or late at night, here resembled any matter not to occur has been same. Shen Xiang walks on the main road, walks toward the front that huge and prosperous city. King City is huge, was being surrounded by the thick tall wall, Shen Xiang cannot see that tall wall two sides end , the moat outside King City, the big city gate has many people to pass and out, in the city wall and by the city gate is standing many tall and strong soldiers, can see a broad street by the city gate directly, spreads on the smooth stone brick street full is being the pedestrian, is very lively. Shen Xiang arrives on the avenue, looks around curiously, before he thought that Wohu city is one is big and lively city, but he knows now before , was he sits the well view day, this King City does not know that was better than many times Wohu city.