World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 29
After entering a city, Shen Xiang sees many people to gather in front of a very long wall, he walks to look that saw only on the wall to paste completely the information, was some direction and so on information, above had the map of entire city, was indicating some inn, the well-known shop, Imperial Palace and address of Martial Dao family...... The map is detailed, Shen Xiang had found Yao family on the map quickly, that is away from Imperial Palace very near place, meanwhile sees Xue family that just indicated that Xue family is moving in the King City family. This face length wall not only has the map, other news, for example look for missing persons, looks for a lost item and buys, sell or is the recruiting and so on thing, can let some beginning the King City person found the work fast. Shen Xiang's has swept in a hurry, surprised discovery unexpectedly has the recruiting information that his grand-uncle keeps. Recruits the alchemy master, the location is...... Shen Luzong remains.” Shen Xiang has remembered that place, then seeks on the map, quick can find. Grand-uncle acts really quickly, just arrived at King City to find a good shop!” Shen Xiang from the map can see that position is good, in crossroad corner place, moreover is three buildings, area is also very big. Remembers the route, Shen Xiang goes immediately. Quick, he arrived at a quite lively region, saw that is closing the shop of front door, but this shop gate is very rotten, many slashes with other traces, were hit to pound probably have been same. Shen Xiang frowns tightly, knocks on a door lightly. Who?” Has the angry sound to transmit from the gate together. Grand-uncle, is I!” Shen Xiang should say low and deep that at this time he can guess correctly anything. The gate opens, Shen Xiang sees the Shen Luzong that old and angry facial features.

At this time, Shen Xiang saw the scene in gate, unexpectedly is one piece in confusion, chair that crushed, full was the wall of slash, saw these, Shen Xiang gripped tightly the fist immediately, sent out giggle resounding, in eyes also full was the anger. Who does!” Shen Xiang is cloudy asks, he pledged that he must that to pay ten times of prices. Came to say again!” Shen Luzong said. After Shen Xiang goes, arrives at three buildings from first floor, the wall, floor and roof is destroyed with the sharp weapon, the furniture were needless saying that did not have a complete thing. Shen Xiang more looks is angrier, but the facial expression is much tranquiler, this makes Shen Luzong slightly surprised actually. Three buildings, Shen Xiang and Shen Luzong sit on the floor. Backyard is good, I asked two Xiaoer (waiter) to come to see the shop, now they were injured, I just went to send to some pills and spirit coins to them.” Shen Luzong sighed: This shop I bought long ago, has been emptying, this morning after I exit, one group of people clash...... Then turned into this.” Who does? I look for them now!” In Shen Xiang eyes full is killing intent, had been killed by him including the Yao family elder and Yao family talent, who hasn't he dared to kill? Shen Luzong said: I also want to teach that fellow, who knows that fellow is the storekeeper of here big pills influence, if we offend this pills influence again, we later must purchase pills to be difficult.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: Grand-uncle, this you do not need to be worried! Our Shen family just entered King City, was visited to bully, if not stronger, after our Shen family, how here to mix?” Shen Luzong said: This I also know...... The storekeeper of that pills influence wants to obtain this good shop, but I am not actually willing to sell, until I paste the recruiting the news, he fight, he wants to make me give way before difficulties.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Grand-uncle, you is a alchemy master, unexpectedly was bullied by a storekeeper.”

The Shen Luzong forced smile said: My this also not for the Guquan general situation! Our Shen family offended Yao family.” In King City left Yao family is beyond a pills strength, another, that was Danxiang Herbal Manor, had the branch store in other King City and cities, moreover was a conduct low-key influence, but actually makes such matter now. Is Danxiang Herbal Manor? My this looks for that storekeeper! In this King City has five Danxiang Herbal Manor, is which?” Shen Xiang stands up, is whipping the dust on buttocks, looks at that facial expression, knows that he will not give up. Shen Luzong does not have the means now, he knows own this great nephew's strength as well as that arrogance: South side that remembers do not kill people, kills people in King City does not have the good fruit to eat! I and you go together.” Shen Xiang nodded, then and Shen Luzong left the shop. Grand-uncle, what strength are you now?” Shen Xiang asked that he and Shen Luzong together, can only induce to him on fire Qi, cannot induce his True Qi vigorous degree. Hehe, I am not am a vegetarian, although does not have your grandfather to be so strong.” Shen Luzong has not told Shen Xiang. little brat, in King City is crouching tiger, hidden dragon, even if I do not dare at will fight.” The Shen Xiang nod said: This I know that listening to grand-uncle you saying that you should be very fierce! Unexpectedly is willing to admit defeat.” Shen Luzong said with a smile: Later you know that sometimes eats shrivelled not anything, like present, no one knows my this bad old man's accurate strength, if has provoked me, Hehe......” Shen Luzong smiles extremely sinisterly, making Shen Xiang cannot help but shiver, if hides the strength, can give the enemy to come one unexpectedly, this but actually is also very sinister method. Before long, Shen Xiang and Shen Luzong arrived at one by the manor that in the tall wall gathers round, here is Danxiang Herbal Manor, they entered big two buildings, here is in Danxiang Herbal Manor mainly sells the pills place.

brat, left too out of the ordinary that's alright.” Shen Luzong whispered. Shen Xiang nodded, then yelled: Here storekeeper, get lost to me!” The sound is Shen Xiang pours into vigorous True Qi to roar, the roar acoustic shock this building shivers slightly, in this inside person is shocking, unexpectedly some people came Danxiang Herbal Manor to cause trouble, moreover is youngster! The Danxiang Herbal Manor business is good, but by a Shen Xiang such roar, all people immediately went out of the front door, is waiting and seeing inside situation outside. A Shen Xiang such roar, has alarmed the entire Danxiang Herbal Manor person, many guards immediately catch up, wraps surround Shen Xiang. These guards are Mortal Martial Realm 4th level and 5th level, Shen Xiang faint trace True Qi that overflows from them can judge, are not many like the Shen Xiang this Mortal Martial Realm 6th level person, young is very few, therefore the Shen Xiang's strengths and these guards compare are quite strong. Shen Xiang looked side, hairstyle Shen Luzong has disappeared, mixed in Shen Luzong a moment ago in the crowd has arrived at outside, it seems like Shen Luzong does not want to make an appearance to participate in this matter. You may know where here is? Dares to rush to cause trouble!” A roughly 30 -year-old handsome man walks, his body wears one white magnificent and expensive clothes, the waist is hanging the exquisitely carved jade pendant, understood at a glance that is the status noble person.