World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 3
Shen Xiang sits cross-legged on the ground, concentrates spiritual power, waited for that Divine Veins moves to his body. Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao the delicate hands according to the Shen Xiang's abdomen, saw only their white hands to emit 110 black mist separately, the black was Bai Youyou's Extreme Yin Divine Vein, the white was Su Meiyao's Extreme Yang Divine Vein, looked like very mystical. In the Shen Xiang body presented one white one to resemble the qi flow thing black, walked randomly in the muscle, skeleton and meridians his within the body, the circulatory flow, his meridians were increasing slowly, the skeleton and muscle obtained the strengthening, after circulated innumerable, finally that white black qi flow gathered in his dantian forms Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram, this was Yin and Yang Divine Veins! Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou see Shen Xiang successful integration Extreme Yin and Yang Divine Veins, cannot help but changes countenance, in heart excited, they also think Extreme Yin and Yang Divine Veins is hard to melt, but they also hold the shape of attempt to test on Shen Xiang, but has not thought that actually succeeded. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou retreat, looks at the body to brave 110 black Qi mist Shen Xiang slowly, they as if by prior agreement are looking at each other with a complex and surprised look. Person who in their apprentice sisters cognition, has Yin and Yang Divine Veins never has, at this time they can know at present this baby brat, so long as has been cultivated, can perhaps become matchless expert. Shen Xiang has opened the eye, at this time he has one type never has the comfort, moreover he thought that he resembled become stronger a point. This is Divine Veins! The feeling is really good, can I later enter True Martial Realm?” Shen Xiang somewhat excitedly said that on face flashes before to wipe the evil looking smiling face, looks like badly bad, simply before not having, that simple and honest honest appearance, this makes in that two beautiful woman hearts somewhat worry. In this Martial Dao world, Mortal Martial Realm is initial Realm, is divided into Refining Qi, Quenching Body, Martial Body, Opening Vein, True Qi, Divine Sense, True Aura, Divine Power, True Form and Completion ten Realm. But above Mortal Martial Realm, the boundary of True Martial, that is many martial artist long-awaited Realm, arrives at that Realm, can have the overwhelming strength, has millenniums life essence. Shen Xiang by the card in the 3rd level Martial Body boundary, is unable to enter into the 4th level Opening Vein boundary. True Martial Realm? This has brought simply disgrace on Divine Veins.” Bai Youyou disdain coldly snorted and said. The Su Meiyao complexion is serious, said: You had Yin and Yang Divine Veins, vision must be more open! In this world strength not stops completely, and has numerous different world, the Chenwu Mainland that you are at now is only in mortal world a stretch of small land!” You may probably remember the contract, you must help us restore to the peak strength! This is not simple is matter!” The Shen Xiang heavily nod said: So long as I am also living, I certainly will fulfill the contract, restores the peak for two elder sisters the strength.” Bai Youyou said satisfied: Helps us restore the strength the quickest way is to depend upon pills, naturally, that is very higher pills! After we restore the strength, our contracts also calculate to build, when the time comes we will ask our foes to take revenge.” Shen Xiang thinks somewhat loses, if these two peerless beautiful women can stay side him, that is huge enjoyment. Su Meiyao takes out a ring from her beautiful beautiful hair, she throws to Shen Xiang, said: Drops blood owner recognition, with using that storage pouch is the same. Installs me and Senior Sister, then you crawl! Under this cannot stay for a long time, here is the place that giant Demon Beast appears and disappears frequently.”

The blood drips into, Shen Xiang has established the relation with that ring immediately, ring inside space is very small, only then a room is big, in the Shen Xiang's cognition, storage ring in Legend should have such as the space of sea to be right vastly. Can install storage equipment of living creature! This makes Shen Xiang exclaim, ordinary storage pouch was very rare, that these sect from Immortal Mountain spreads, let alone installs storage equipment of living creature. He illuminates the Su Meiyao's words to do, receives storage ring two females. After he takes the ring, ring unexpectedly can also the stealth on his finger, making Shen Xiang express admiration secretly. Afterward put out pills that his father gave to eat up, had the sufficient physical strength, then started to climb up the sheer precipice, leaves abyss that this death Qi flooded, this for him was a huge challenge. Climbs up the cliff process to make Shen Xiang very depressed, because he anything cannot see in black death Qi, increased the difficulty. After climbing up difficultly for day a night, Shen Xiang crawled finally, he also thinks this is the matter that is hard to complete, because actually has the Divine Veins reason, when climbing up, absorbed many Spirit Qi to enter the body, eliminated the weariness of his within the body, let his every time vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger. After Shen Xiang crawls, stepped the road of going home. He is unable to see that ring inside Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, but he can actually induce obtains them. Two elder sisters, when can you teach my divine art and devil art?” Shen Xiang is impatient asking, he is very curious regarding these divine art devil art. Your body is too weak, was unable to practice my devil art.” The Bai Youyou ice-cold sound conveys. Su Meiyao said: My divine art momentarily can practice, you return to your residence to start to practice again, I also will teach when the time comes you alchemy drugs manufacture.” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, then runs swiftly. Southern Martial Empire, southern Wohu city, population 1 million, this is a prosperous and giant city, inside is also situated a Southern Martial Empire famous Martial Dao aristocratic family, Shen family! Shen family has several thousand years of history, until now strength is still formidable, background is rich, can stand erect not but actually for several thousand years, proves the great strength of Shen family. The Shen family rich enemy, is in Wohu city the most formidable influence, the Shen family mountain village on the occupying land area several thousand mu, the mountain village inside garden are only innumerable, the garden is numerous, has the mountain to have the water, even if some people want to submerge Shen family, will become lost in inside. Tianhu Park, from the name, knows that this is the Shen Tianhu mansion, as the Shen family powerful and prominent person, the giant dwellings is also very normal matter.

Father, I came back!” Shen Xiang comes back, rushes to the study room on hastily, he knows his father there. Shen Tianhu said with a smile: Your this smelly brat came back finally, you may know that has a young beautiful woman in you? Do you still remember Xue family little girl? Is your little wife.” Shen Xiang frowned, in the mind reappears powder to carve attractive little girl that the jade carves to come immediately, that was his 5 or 6-year-old time's matter. Father...... You say Xue Xianxian?” Shen Xiang asked that this was Xue family lovable girl of the day, came Shen family to live in a period of time in childhood, at that time Shen Xiang played with all her day, they played very much come, then has gotten down the engagement on subscribing. Shen Tianhu nodded: Right, that little girl in the mountain village, you just walked her to come, she quarrelled must see you.” Shen Tianhu said that smiles to look to out of the window, Shen Xiang has also turned head to look, sees only outside the courtyard to have a long body handsome female to walk. The female long hair shawl, the whole body white clothing, the head is having the golden light swirl. Sees this female attire to be ordinary just like Fairy, Shen Xiang looks is in a daze. The female is 14 or 15-year- old age, flesh wins the snow, the appearance is beautiful, making the person not be possible to watch intently. The young girls see Shen Xiang by the window, the sweet and pretty incomparable face likes completely, her tenderly shouted: Brother Xiao Xiang!” The sound is light and lively, the moving heart and soul, Shen Xiang acknowledged that although this young girl is young, but the makings or the appearance, can that two beautiful women in his ring, let alone this young girl not grow side by side completely. Shen Xiang is swallowing the saliva, said with a smile dry: Really is female big 18 changes! Back then little girl unexpectedly turned into Little Fairy.” This young girl is Xue family the lovable girl of day, Xue Xianxian. This girl is my fiancee!” The Shen Xiang innermost feelings were shouting excitedly. If before is, in Shen Xiang heart many lumps, because he does not have Spiritual Vein. But now he has Yin and Yang Divine Veins! So long as gives him the time, visits the Martial Dao peak is not the fantasy. Xue Xianxian smiles, cheeks adorable young wine consoles along with blushing of captivated person reappears, looks at Shen Xiang is out of sorts. Shen Tianhu laughs, has patted under the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said: You talked about old days well.” Shen Xiang hey smiles one, then in a hurry runs the study room.

Arrives in the courtyard, Shen Xiang not saying anything further, is pulling the white hands of Xue Xianxian that gentle and charming characterless, leaves his father's line of sight on the half step, resembled them to do the misdemeanor to be the same in childhood secretly. Shen Xiang brings Little Fairy to arrive at own dwelling, lets Xian Sha many Shen family juniors all the way. Xianxian, how long in Shen family do you want to stay?” Shen Xiang smiles is touching on the Xue Xianxian face that adorable small dimple. Xue Xianxian looks charmingly, to say in a soft voice: Brother Xiao Xiang, I and my father passed by Wohu city to come to see your, how long therefore not to stay.” In the childhood, Xue Xianxian was because had the weird disease to come Wohu city to seek medical help, at that time Xue Xianxian's was very weak, is long thinly is very very small, frequently was bullied in Shen family and Xue family, at that time only then Shen Xiang took care of her very much, kidded around with her frequently. During that time made her very happy, moreover Shen Xiang encouraged her frequently, letting her strong with the pain battle, has given back to she several grains of precious pills. These engraved on mind by Xue Xianxian, even if she knows that Shen Xiang does not have Spiritual Vein, without any future, she decided that must marry Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang somewhat loses, he also very likes Xue Xianxian, in the childhood, the family determined after Shen Xiang does not have Spiritual Vein, Shen Xiang does not have what playmate, therefore he and Xue Xianxian together is also very happy. Brother Xiao Xiang, the family must let me and you renounces the engagement, but I did not agree, therefore they let me and father go to Yao family and that talent alchemy master meet.” Xue Xianxian saw the Shen Xiang's complexion to change, then lightly said with a smile: Relax, I die will not marry Yao family that fellow, heard that he is very bad.” Xue Xianxian has the Mortal Martial Realm 6th level strength 14 or 15-year-old, truly the talent in talent in entire Southern Martial Empire, but in Yao family also one 16 years old can refine the pills talent, in many person eyes, a pair that they most match. Shen Xiang is very calm, he has Yin and Yang Divine Veins, two war horses of unknown origin instruct him to practice, he has the confidence to surpass that youngest talent alchemy master in the short time. Shen Xiang cracks into a smile, puts out a hand to trace Xue Xianxian to rise above worldly affairs the elegantly simple cheeks, said with a smile: Xianxian, you went to Yao family saying that you had the fiance, he refused to accept to make him challenge me.” Sees Shen Xiang to be so self-confident, Xue Xianxian is also delighted, she stands on tiptoes the tip of the toe, has kissed the Shen Xiang's lip, then lowers the head, blushes saying: Brother Xiao Xiang, you want try harder, I was worried my family will not hesitate all breaks up us.” Then, Xue Xianxian plunders gently, such as the swallow plundered the courtyard generally, movement technique was elegant, but Shen Xiang also silly standing there, in the mind endlessly duplicated Xue Xianxian to kiss that flash of his lip. Shen Xiang has licked the lip, said with a smile: This little girl really has also grown up.”