World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 30
Shen Xiang after simple change appearance, therefore he seems like the 20-year-old being disappointed milk youth, these guards the roar that released a moment ago from him can also see that his strength is not weak, therefore does not have fight. Shen Xiang said: „Are you here storekeeper?” Such remarks, these guards send out one to laugh, the person who outside waits and sees also smiles. You here storekeeper did not know, but also comes to here to cause trouble?” Guard said while loudly laughing. „Haven't you listened to the matter of Chinese storekeeper? That City Lord third young master you should hear! Our magnificent storekeepers are Chinese City Lord three, you ask him to provoke, that courts death simply!” Another guard jokes. That magnificently dressed man hears others to mention his given name, on the face cannot help but reveals a pride, he nods saying: I am here storekeeper, Huaxin, has what advice!” Shen Xiang bah, said while loudly laughing: I consider anything! If there is skill, also will not be arranged to work as the storekeeper by your City Lord father to here, you come to here to work as the storekeeper, means that you were hopeless in your father eyes!” This saying makes the people shake, they have not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly dares to say this saying face to face! That the complexion of Huaxin is extremely also ugly, Shen Xiang said not false, as the son of character moves a side, coming to this place to handle business that truly not to have anything to hope, was only the status is quite nobler. I asked you again, was that shop you have the person to hit to pound?” Shen Xiang complexion suddenly becomes the yin cold is incomparable. Also is what kind of!” Guard wear a look of angrily said: Is the Chinese storekeepers leads us to go!” Muscle spasm on Huaxin face: actually revenges! That shop truly is I have the person to go.” Huaxin behind that group of guards immediately loud voice was saying how they pound. Shen Xiang coldly said: You are one flock of dogs, if desired, your masters will sell out your this lackeys without hesitation, what are you happy? Happy looked for a good master!”

Dog mixed wool, you court death!” A guard cursed angrily, flushed on the stride, saw only on Shen Xiang's to present one group of heat threatening flame immediately. „” A sound gets up, afterward is a painful scream. Shen Xiang leaves a long whip with True Qi condense, brushes on the face of that guard, hitting will fly! On the face of guard has also left behind a black mark of air burn. That group of guards see this, although shocks, but actually rushed, after all their people are many, but the opposite party is only one person. Shen Xiang over the face cold frost said: Since you acknowledged that I do not forgive you!” Among suddenly, the Shen Xiang body blows out scorching heat, sees only fire whip in his fierce wielding fight, wields to hit continuously, the speed must make the eyes of person unable quickly catch, must produce the innumerable double images quickly, the people saw Shen Xiang probably to have many hands to grasp fire whip to brush to be the same. Everywhere fire whip is similar to the innumerable hot snakes, blots out the sky, brushes toward the guard who that crowd clashes! That Huaxin and his one group of guards are unable to move aside, is only an instance, they are covered by fire whip that brushes innumerably! fire whip is brushing on them crazily, every whips on them, has left the trace of ignition, the burningly painful thorough marrow, making them send out yelling of intermittent pain. Several instantaneous times, these person at least three whip-marks. True Qi leaves the body, the condense forming! Understood at a glance that is Mortal Martial Realm 6th level! Moreover Shen Xiang's True Qi is much more vigorous, in the burning hot aura is also having a invisible pressure, must know that the Shen Xiang's flame cultivates Vermilion Bird Divine Art condense to come out, Vermilion Bird will be Fang Shouzun, the average person will be afraid facing this invisible pressure. Huaxin knows one kicked the sheet iron, unexpectedly has annoyed such fierce Mortal Martial Realm 6th level martial artist, but he remembers that the boss in that shop was only a bad old man of unknown origin. Danxiang Herbal Manor will not let off your! Our Village Master are very fierce.” Huaxin clenches teeth saying that the words just said that fire whip pulls out maliciously, hits on his mouth.

At this time Huaxin has to acknowledge that the present person is formidable, is only several instantaneous times, hits them not to have the strength to hit back, moreover their within the body is also remaining fire Qi, the words that does not drive out fast, will have very tremendous influence to them from now on. Told your Village Master, if he wants to ask for you, although came to that shop to look for me, I there he.” Shen Xiang abandoned these words then to leave, although outside also some guards, but actually does not dare to stop. After seeing Shen Xiang leaves, a moment ago surrounded the person also to have slightly the excitement, saw to disseminate a moment ago. In the backyard of that shop, Shen Luzong said with a smile: brat, you then not only offended Danxiang Herbal Manor, but also offended King City City Lord, if I am you, I already slipped away.” A Shen Xiang face despises visits him: Grand-uncle, you already knows that storekeeper is the King City City Lord son? You were reduced to a moment ago are very but actually quick.” Shen Luzong said with a smile: My this old bones like your young people like that I could not withstand to toss about, therefore the following matter, you processed! I am more responsible idle mixed thing.” Shen Xiang hurries along for several days, at this time is very weary, he must rest well, because soon after he must face that Danxiang Herbal Manor Village Master and King City City Lord. In the Shen Xiang heart one plan had already dealt, therefore he also dares to get rid to hit that City Lord son, after all in this world, strength of wealth is very formidable, naturally, the strength must be bigger. Shen Xiang, that Danxiang Herbal Manor is very likely big sect to be stationed in the branch here!” Su Meiyao comes out from the ring, said to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang also soaks at this time in a big wooden barrel, he said surprised: Sister Meiyao, how didn't you early say?” Su Meiyao looks at that vigorous and healthy muscle that Shen Xiang reveals, caresses flatters smiles: Felt relieved, Danxiang Taoyuan was very friendly sect, moreover made a clear distinction between right and wrong, I believe that Village Master will not look for your trouble.”

Shen Xiang relaxed, says with a smile: Sister Meiyao, the water is warming, comes to soak with me together!” I make Senior Sister accompany you! Although she is icy, but she actually very much likes taking the hot bath.” Su Meiyao chuckle said. Shen Xiang has coughed two, asked: „Is Danxiang Taoyuan a sect's name?” Regarding these big sect, Shen Xiang yearned. Su Meiyao arrives by that big bathtub, said: In eight big sect, Danxiang Taoyuan makes other sect be jealous in the pills aspect.” Shen Xiang said: Then after me, enters Danxiang Taoyuan is very good? After is alchemy sect!” Su Meiyao shook the head: „It is not good, in the alchemy aspect, I teaches you that's it! You must enter Extreme Martial Sect, that was eight big sends strength top sect, the antiquity born, first Extreme Martial Dean was Legend.” To soon can enter these Martial Dao sect, Shen Xiang cultivated diligently, because he at least must have the Mortal Martial Realm 9th level strength to go.