World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 31
Furnace Baptizing Marrow Dan refined into, Shen Xiang puts in three grains of Baptizing Marrow Dan the mouth, then revolution Tai Chi Divine Art, digests the efficacy Five Elements Spirit Qi at the same time ingestion world, but also displays Dragon Saliva Art, condense accelerate ripening spirit herb dragon saliva! Next morning, the sky just shone, King City becomes very makes noise, but yesterday Danxiang Herbal Manor was pounded the matter of field also to pass on Mancheng to know, this is only the piece of work, so long as does not kill, no matter City Lord generally, but the present was own son is hit, if City Lord did not stand to make anything, others can laugh his. Therefore, Shen Luzong that shop entrance gathered round by many soldiers, on the avenue two luxurious horse-drawn vehicles, sailed to that shop from two strip width big streets respectively. The shop entrance, is stopping two luxurious big horse-drawn vehicles , many guards around carriage, a side is Danxiang Herbal Manor, another side is City Lord Centaur, they come to here are the similar goals, is looks for Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang is still exercising martial arts in the room, but his sense of hearing keen he can actually hear has a happy noise to transmit, he wakes up immediately, is hearing the shop entrance sound carefully. Spends Village Master, has not thought that your unexpectedly will leave for my son's minor matter personally, was really has put to trouble to you, but also please forgive.” On that black carriage spreads together the voice of man, this is Southern Martial Empire famous City Lord, Hua Gaoyun. That spends Village Master saying: Snort, your son this time gave us Danxiang Herbal Manor to annoy many matters! I did not come for him, but some people get rid in my Danxiang Herbal Manor, I cannot sit by and do nothing.” The sound of this charmingly gentle voice is bringing anger, making Shen Xiang cannot help but somewhat surprised, Danxiang Herbal Manor Village Master unexpectedly is a female! After Shen Xiang has washed simply, then leaves the room, across the backyard, enters in the shop, but Shen Luzong long time ago here. „Didn't grand-uncle, how you hide?” Shen Xiang asked in a low voice, at this time also heard the knock. Shen Luzong said: „Haven't I been worried about your this brat? That City Lord and Village Master are not affable.”

The gate opens, Shen Xiang and Shen Luzong see out of the door are the overwhelming power soldiers, naturally, what is most noticeable is that two horse-drawn vehicles. What matter has?” Shen Luzong asked with a laugh. Two carriage inside people also walk, that City Lord is a body tall and strong, micro must wear a look of gold plating clothing that the middle-aged man, puts on glistening. But that Danxiang Herbal Manor Village Master is the female who a stature gracefully and smiles tenderly, she wears the blue skirt, the surface obstructs white gauze, only reveals one pair like autumn waters beautiful eyes, she sees Shen Xiang and Shen Luzong, that nimble and resourceful such as the pupil of water immediately glittering glimmer. Is you injures my son?” Chinese tall Yunsao Shen Xiang two, then asked. Right!” Shen Xiang should say, on the face displays no fear, although in honored characters facing these two King City, but he is calm. He can see that Hua Gaoyun is Mortal Martial Realm 8th level martial artist, he not only did not fear, but also wants to dispute with the opposite party. At this time, the person who one crowd caught up in a hurry has pushed, was pointing at Shen Xiang cursed, that group of people by the guard who Shen Xiang injured, on them was also wrapping some gauzes. Village Master, is this fellow intrudes our Danxiang Herbal Manor, injures us and storekeepers.” A guard said fiercely. magnificent clouds high gloomy and cold smiles, then looks to that Village Master, said: Now determined that was he, spending Village Master you saying that how must handle him!” That spends the Village Master following words to make the people surprised

Has to participate to hit to pound the person in this shop, expels Danxiang Herbal Manor completely. Although this Young Master causes trouble in Danxiang Herbal Manor, but actually is also because our Danxiang Herbal Manor person has the mistake in first, therefore we were not investigating. Hua Yueyun apologizes to Young Master here, the damage of Young Master will be paid indemnity for by Danxiang Herbal Manor.” Danxiang Herbal Manor Village Master apologizes to the person unexpectedly! Not was only Hua Gaoyun was shocked, Shen Xiang and Shen Luzong could not feel the brains, but they the impression to this Village Master were very good at this time, with such that Su Meiyao said that this Danxiang Herbal Manor Village Master was the person of making a clear distinction between right and wrong. Although spends Village Master to let off you, but I actually do not let off you! Catches him, this person causes trouble in King City, injures many people, must handle him maliciously.” Chinese tall Yunke not like woman easy soft clothing/taking. Hua Yueyun sighed slightly lightly: Chinese City Lord, you these two may be the alchemy masters at present, can you really with alchemy Master Weidi?” Chinese tall Yun was shocked, these guards same were also shocked with the soldier! At present this old small unexpectedly is the alchemy master, must know that the status of alchemy master is honored, especially that old alchemy master, should stay in these formidable families has a high and respected position, how to appear here, moreover puts on such poor. Shen Xiang and Shen Luzong did not speak, from the beginning they are very calm, did not fear. Shen Luzong said: Chinese City Lord, this shop is the old man many years ago buys, your son wants to purchase from my hand, but I actually do not sell, he is not having the person to destroy while me, does not believe you to go to have a look!” Old Mister, you should be the Wohu city Spirit Pill Pavilion Lord, this disguise change appearance Young Master certainly is Shen family that famous peculiar genius.” The Hua Yueyun faint smile said that pair of beautiful eyes of bewitching is gazing at Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang for it, this has not made Hua Yueyun spit but actually secretly tenderly. Isn't the Shen family peculiar genius, that hits shatter running water the Yao family talent and Yao family elder, being well-known entire Southern Martial Empire Shen Xiang? His unexpectedly arrived at King City, moreover and Spirit Pill Pavilion Lord together, knew Dao Spirit Pill Pavilion Master to be treated as the gambling stake to lose to Shen family in the former people! Now the old man was not Pavilion Master, was only this brat old servant.” Shen Luzong said with a smile, this saying was startled a place chin.

Spirit Pill Pavilion main in Southern Martial Empire is also quite famous, unexpectedly became others' old servant, if not stem from his mouth, others do not certainly believe. Chinese tall Yun eyebrow is beating, the opposite party is two alchemy masters, he does not think, for that straw bag son and on alchemy master bar, that is not the wise action. Shen Xiang looks at Hua Gaoyun, coldly said: Chinese City Lord, your son moved the industry of our Shen family. If other people, I will certainly butcher him! You should know that a property of family was threatened, that is very serious!” Words that Shen Xiang that type fills murderous aura, making many people cannot help but have a shiver, although Shen family was not King City inside Martial Dao aristocratic family, but good and bad also inherited for many years, background was abundant, did not allow to look down upon. Chinese tall Yun frowns, on the face full is anger, but actually cannot manifest suddenly, he truly must consider and Shen family makes to consequence, although he and Yao family relationship is very good, but that is also only benefit relationship. We walk!” Chinese tall Yunleng drinks one, in the heart nurses hatred, steps onto the carriage to depart.