World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 32
Hua Yueyun told that some people enter in the shop to estimate to lose, then they said to Shen Xiang: Two , if there is time, can often come our Danxiang Herbal Manor to be a guest, we welcome two at all times.” After Hua Yueyun departs, Shen Luzong held his waist, said with a smile: „Should you not be uninteresting to this woman?” The Shen Xiang vision brilliant looks at the carriage of that distant place, whispered: This woman scheme is very heavy, she has to win over our meanings.” Shen Luzong said: Can govern a big pills influence, moreover she is a woman, does not have the words of method, she was already gnawed including bone not to remain.” Five days pass by, the shop is changed beyond recognition, moreover all these are free, is that Danxiang Herbal Manor sends for constructing, so long as there is enough pills and alchemy master, the shop can be open for business quickly. Shen Xiang arrives at the King City matter also to be paid attention by many influences, Shen Xiang arrives at King City to have two goals, one is to launch the pills enterprise, one is to attend the King City Martial Dao meeting! King City Martial Dao will start already to accept to register, Shen Xiang enters for very much long time ago, two months start, at this time Shen Xiang also inquired that some news, this King City Martial Dao will have really these sect's disciples to appear, but actually does not attend the Martial Dao meeting, but visits. For serveral days, Shen Xiang and Shen Luzong were busy, they were refining pills, to be open for business smoothly, that may need many pills to support. Grand-uncle, this way is not means that our two alchemy, do not know that must practice anything lord knows.” Shen Xiang just built up furnace Baptizing Marrow Dan, but alchemy herbs goes to the Danxiang Herbal Manor purchase. Young people, you think that quick can be open for business? Five alchemy masters, are very not difficult to maintain, moreover after being open for business, but also wants some people to buy is good. In my opinion, at least needs 2-3 years to make war smoothly.” The Shen Luzong words make Shen Xiang stamp one's foot anxiously, he may unable to wait to be so long. Must want to gather to the words of alchemy master, can only use some precious spirit herb, Shen Xiang planned that accelerate ripening one batch, he goes out of the alchemy room immediately, arrives in the shop, but he actually sees in the shop to stand several people. These people separately are old man and four good-looking youngster, the aura that their bodies release is pure to the person an unusual feeling, this pure True Qi cannot practice in this mortal world.

You are......” Shen Xiang ask. Snort, are you Shen Xiang?” That white hair old man to his shook one, on the face is the prestige anger, but that four youngster are also put on a high and mighty act looks at Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang frowned, the fist grasps, his coldly said: Right, you are disturb?” At this time Shen Luzong walked, after seeing that old man, cannot help but was shocked, the body slightly was also shivering, obviously feared this old man. You are...... You are......” Shen Luzong cannot speak, his unexpectedly knows this old man. That old man coldly snorted: Right, I am Shen Furong, leaves Shen family 50 years ago, entered Martial Dao sect, this time I come back to come for sect to recruit the disciple! But I actually hear some not good matter.” The person who in the Shen Xiang heart in great surprise, comes back to be responsible for recruiting the disciple unexpectedly is Shen family elders, but this elders probably is discontented with him. Your unexpectedly dares to become enemies with Yao family, you must know that I in that Martial Dao sect, the Yao family person helped me be many!” Shen Furong is looking angrily at Shen Xiang, simultaneously emits a True Qi pressure to Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang feel immediately the body such as ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) are ordinary. Astonished removing on Shen Luzong face, trades to make an ice-cold facial expression, said: He is Shen family for a lot of years a rare good seedling, you actually feel embarrassed him for the one's own selfish interests! Depending on this, you do not have the qualifications to be the Shen family person!” Shen Furong hears these words, receives the aura, is sizing up Shen Luzong, his unexpectedly cannot see Shen Luzong cultivation base, he contemptuously said: What good seedling? Like this little rascal, stresses one in my sect casually compared with him, my behind four apprentices, will not lose to him.” The voice falls, the Shen Xiang personal appearance like the electricity, the fist wells up azure glow, lightning glow glittering, is smuggling vigorous tyrannical lightning strength, hits to youngster!

This sudden crazy fierce attack makes that youngster move aside radically without enough time, the chest had been hit a fist by Shen Xiang maliciously, the mouth profit blood, drew back several steps to come to a stop. Mediocre!” Shen Xiang indifferently said. He had completely understood Shen Furong, knows this Shen family elders have not yearned to Shen family anything, to be on good terms Yao family, unexpectedly also deals with the person on one's own side. Shen Xiang suddenly gets rid, lets that Shen Furong startled anger, the Shen Xiang's strength he hears, has not witnessed, but now looks like, truly unusual, unexpectedly can let these Martial Dao sect disciple minor wounds. „Is this strength of Martial Dao sect disciple?” Shen Xiang despises said that is taking a fast look around that four youngster, this makes that four youngster very angry. „If not you sneak attacks, you touch cannot bump into me!” That youngster has scratched the bloodstain of corners of the mouth, angrily said. How then we do hit one?” Shen Xiang rubs to pinch the fist, whole face fighting intent. Hits hits!” In that youngster heart is also filled with fury, only then can vent the anger in heart through the fight. Shen Furong does not stop, he is only on the side of falling back on unemotionally, kept a spacious place, at this time that youngster had overrun toward Shen Xiang. That youngster step is very lithe, is similar to superficially ignites the floor with the tip of the toe, not only the speed is fast, but also is having a strong momentum. Mortal Martial Realm 6th level!” Shen Xiang judges this youngster strength immediately. youngster sees Shen Xiang motionless standing there, the whole body is the flaw, when he Shen Xiang by own step blowing, in his heart secret haughty, sees only his jump, the both feet flies to kick continuously, immediately the leg shade flutters, everywhere covers the place rushing Shen Xiang, vigorous True Qi shakes has free time to explode with rage loud, obviously this youngster leg technique is good.

This attack is Shen Xiang is unexpected, is unable to avoid this innumerable leg shades in that him instantaneously, he has not thought that this looks like somewhat delicate youngster unexpectedly understands this so overbearing leg technique. dēng dēng dēng the Shen Xiang's body was flown to kick ten to come the foot instantaneously, cannot help but flies, drops on a wooden table, crushes the wooden table. Snort! You are also mediocre!” That youngster disdains saying that he just said that Shen Xiang on jump, straight standing there, is whipping the clothes, as if nothing has happened. That several youngster are startled, Shen Furong is also same. You...... I truly kicked your body a moment ago, but you are unable to withstand my fierce True Qi, moreover I at least kicked ten to come the foot on you, each foot pours into very strong Qi Energy.” That youngster complexion seriously said, in the same rank, little person can also be able to be safe and sound under this move of leg technique. Shen Xiang said with a smile pale: Your that move truly good, but is mediocre!” During the speeches, the Shen Xiang potential like lightning rush over, the double fist is similar to the quarrying a mountain great axe hits, fist continuously dashes, each fist is similar to the great river flows rapidly the impact like that hits to send out an explosive, each fist transforms fierce tiger head, is shaking the air, as if fierce tiger angry roar. Continuously knocks out the fist fast, making the Shen Xiang's fist flash before the innumerable double images, is similar to the violent storm hits generally to that youngster, but that youngster response is also very rapid, sees only on him to wind around by a golden brilliance, this is metal attribute True Qi, moreover was released to turn into real energy shield to protect itself by him.