World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 33
That youngster real energy shield is also very powerful, impregnable, unexpectedly can resist Shen Xiang crazily that such as the thunder fist strike, but Shen Xiang actually does not pay attention, saw only he green True Qi suddenly to mix with fiery red. Shen Xiang had used a moment ago wood attribute Azure Dragon True Qi, but he actually has added on fire attribute Vermilion Bird True Qi now, these two True Qi fuse superposition, may not only be doubles! Sees the Shen Xiang's True Qi color deterioration, Shen Furong pupil contraction, a person can release two True Qi to come, this may be rarely seen! Wound around also had surging slightly in that youngster golden color energy shield, could see that the Shen Xiang's fist shook his firm real energy shield. Shen Xiang explodes roars, the double fist explodes immediately gushes out a burning hot the flame, in the flame lightning is billowing, around the intermittent powerful tyrannical aura looks like wells up wave after wave crazily, shocks incomparably. Fist that Shen Xiang pair of Thunder Fire flashes shells once more. hōng hōng hōng......” Shen Xiang's fist rapidness as always, rumbles ten to come the fist instantaneously, hits above that youngster golden really energy shield, sends out such as lightning-like rumbled, shakes the ground to shiver, the entire pavilion sways, the sound spreads over the four directions. Continuously rumbles crazily the fist, the rumbled sound continuously blows out, the so crazy attack, already deterred Shen Luzong and Shen Furong as well as that several youngster, that youngster has not thought that Shen Xiang's True Qi unexpectedly vigorous to this fearful degree, can display this type crazily crazily fierce, moreover consumed the attack of True Qi. That youngster golden color energy shield became gloomy, he was hit retreat by Shen Xiang, his body was shaken tingling pain by that crazy fierce fist energy by golden energy shield, moreover pain more and more. Drops down to me!” Shen Xiang sinks to drink one, double fist thunder fiery leaps up, is similar to the meteor hits on that youngster, directly broken that youngster golden color energy shield bang, that youngster also flew, dashes the wall, drops in the avenue, the mouth wells up the blood, fainted. The Shen Xiang vision sweeps, the eye including hostility, looks to that another three youngster, cold Chi: „Can anyone of you also come?”

That three youngster one word half languages, they are unable to be calm at this time, in the facial expression is revealing the fear, that murderous aura that Shen Xiang sends out, the senior general who probably year to year murders is common. We walk!” Shen Furong is speechless, the Shen Xiang's strength also makes him deeply shock, he can see the Shen Xiang's martial arts very formidable terror. Wait / Etc. , he but big sect's disciple, although we compare notes, but I was actually not careful that injures him, I must therapy to him, in order to avoid by the big sect envious hatred.” Shen Xiang said that has put out pill furnace, sits cross-legged to sit down, has put out some spirit herb from storage pouch. Shen Xiang unexpectedly wants alchemy! „Did you put out therapy directly naturally to him not that's alright? Why moves unnecessarily!” Shen Furong unemotionally said. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: „Do you try therapy to look to him with ordinary pills? He was also injured by Fire Lightning True Qi, does not have corresponding pills, his wound is very difficult to be good.” Saying, Shen Xiang was starting to pour into the flame toward pill furnace, on after Shen Furong street that youngster lifted, investigated the injury, really injured very much heavily . Moreover the sores in within the body have lightning and flame, these Thunder Fire were also not ordinary Thunder Fire. Half double-hour passes by, Shen Furong and his several apprentices have also kept silent, the patience is waiting, they also want to take a look at Shen Xiang's alchemy technique! Shen Xiang opens pill furnace, the medicine flutters fragrant, but a double-hour built up therapy pills, this was too rather quick! This lets that Shen Furong and three youngster hearts is startled. This is big rejuvenation pill, Mortal Level middle-grade!” Shen Xiang has handed over grain of pink pill pellet to that Shen Furong, he such does not to make this family elders always for this hate, wants to change Shen Furong to his view.

Mortal Level middle-grade! Shen Xiang only refines with more than half the time of double-hour! Shen Furong attains this pills, immediately determined that this is real, at this time he also has to acknowledge that Shen Xiang is the person who has boundless prospects. „Do you want to do to sell the pills business? Not only here has Danxiang Herbal Manor, Yao family, your two alchemy, have not been able to support! This idea was really too naive, I will make Shen family prevent your, this wasted money simply! Also, words that you are tactful, best goes to the Yao family apology!” Shen Furong abandons these words, that several youngster were leaving. After Shen Furong walks, Shen Luzong sighed: „Since this fellow selfishness has been very heavy, therefore he left Shen family very much long time ago, has not thought after he received the Yao family kindness, unexpectedly crossed the face to deal with own person, if were your grandfather here, this fellow will certainly be punished by your grandfather.” The Shen Xiang cleaning tread, asked: Grand-uncle, are the big sect's disciples such strength?” Shen Luzong shakes the head saying: This disciple is only Outer Disciple, if Inner Disciple, or is True Disciple, your stratagem which ensures success does not have! Shen Furong possibly are also only in Outer Disciple the status quite high.” Shen Xiang was shocked, he estimated that Shen Furong strength at least in Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, unexpectedly is only Outer Disciple! That Inner Disciple and were True Disciple what kind? I must ask several alchemy Master to come to be good.” Shen Xiang said that he had the idea. This King City inside alchemy normal university many had to join the influence, to find that is very difficult.” Shen Luzong sighed, because the alchemy master is rare, was snatched the broken head by these influences, or is these family trains to have. The Shen Xiang eyeball rotation, said: I go to Danxiang Herbal Manor, asks that woman to discuss a business.” Then, Shen Xiang puts down the broom, ran the shop, toward being situated walked in that biggest Danxiang Herbal Manor of King City central area, that was also in King City all Danxiang Herbal Manor headquarters.

The Danxiang Herbal Manor headquarters is a giant manor, Shen Xiang enter inside, after having indicated the status, immediately warmly was entertained, then a maidservant is leading him in the manor across many pavilion gardens, arrives at one to plant in the colorful, riotous gorgeous garden, in the gardens is a not too big nor too small house. Places oneself with sea of flowers , the flower fragrance overflows, making Shen Xiang completely relaxed, at this time in that house spread the sound that caressed together gently flatters: Young Master Shen, please come in! I know that you come back.” The sound moving laughter, that Hua Yueyun words have to indulge in flights of fancy, after the Shen Xiang heart scolded one seductress lowly, then calmed down the past. Shen Xiang arrives at one to fill the fragrant refined small hall, a carriage beautiful fascinating'winsome, the appearance caresses the female who flatters to make some flower petal tea beautifully. Previous Hua Yueyun is obstructing veil, therefore Shen Xiang cannot see clearly her face, now saw, imagines him is more beautiful, moreover she wears the white transparent gauze skirt at this time, can partly visible sees her such as the jade lotus root arm, slender beautiful leg that as well as that arouses, what is fatal is can see her slender barbarian waist by the gauze skirt, as well as between milk-white bosom that deep gully. This is scarlet. Bare enticement, if Shen Xiang is not the strength in meditation extremely good flower, perhaps had already acted like a fool, what making him have doubts, why such can an outstanding person to him so?