World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 34
Hua Yueyun that red small mouth is opening, sip that flower petal tea, has appeared caressing that could not say flatters, she said with a smile to Shen Xiang sweetly: Young Master, drank cup tea to say the proper business again.” Shen Xiang touches the nose, his suddenly thinks somewhat embarrassed, because he just had contended in martial arts with others, moreover built up a furnace big rejuvenation pill, the whole body is the perspiration, puts on is also very sloppy. He said with a smile: Spends Village Master, you compared outside flower more attractive, I do not understand why will spend Village Master so to be warm to me, this enthusiasm also really made me feel very hot!” Then, in the Shen Xiang heart also scolded one spirit, from coming to the present, his lower abdomen that group of fires secretly have been burning. Although his surface energy is calm, but the innermost feelings move restlessly incomparably, he had seen Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao's luster of the skin before, has contacted with Xue Xianxian this light dust refined Little Fairy intimately, has seen that graceful bearing remarkable Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire Empress. But he has to acknowledge that at present this Hua Yueyun is the beautiful face moon/month appearance is truly ordinary, with he has seen that several beautiful woman same ranks. Young Master has Xue Xianxian this talent Little Fairy, how to think highly of the girl?” Hua Yueyun does intentionally to self-ridicule that in pretty facial features also reveals color of the envying. Shen Xiang casts aside no longer looks at this beautifully not to be possible excessively the female of local products, he has drunk one cup of flower petal tea, said: Spends Village Master, receives proper business, I must sell millennium Blood Spirit Grass, I want to spend Village Master to give me a satisfactory price!” Hua Yueyun hears this saying, no longer sexually harasses at present this monogamous little man, sits to pour tea to him, said: This makes me feel actually somewhat accidentally, this is millennium Blood Spirit Grass, you are alchemy, does not know that this is very precious? The flower that if Young Master is short of money, girl can lend you first.” In Shen Xiang heart one startled, he thinks that unclear have what skills and abilities, can let such beautiful maturity, the outstanding person of outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman is so intimate to him, unexpectedly can lend him. This woman scheme is very heavy, I must be careful.” Shen Xiang fully realized truth that the safe does everything to please. „, I do not want to owe others' sentiment, if spends Village Master not to want, I look for other in addition.” Shen Xiang stands up, does not want to be enticed again by this woman, after all that is not the matter of feeling better.

Hua Yueyun sighed gently, small mouth sip the tea, was looking dejected, Youyou said: I in others eyes, although is keeping aloof Village Master, but my real status is also in a Danxiang Taoyuan maidservant, but is long quite attractively, a little cleverness in trivial matters, therefore was sent to take over control of here Danxiang Herbal Manor.” If such a beautiful Celestial Immortal female unexpectedly is only a maidservant! Shen Xiang is unbelievable. Young Master Shen, you talent that but rare meets, the strength or the alchemy talent, are in Martial Dao sect are hard some people to compare! I openly expressed the words, I want to introduce Danxiang Taoyuan you, such came me to obtain the Danxiang Taoyuan's reward, can leave this Spirit Qi thin damned place.” Hua Yueyun honk the mouth, is looking at Shen Xiang miserable. Martial Dao sect gathers to a good seedling, then to this sect is the good matter, but some Shen Xiang doubts, said: Your meaning is, after you I enroll Danxiang Taoyuan, will you obtain the advantage? You like a maidservant, I do not feel your strength at least in Mortal Martial Realm 8th level!” Hua Yueyun slightly one startled, said: „The Young Master Shen good eye, told you honestly, after you entered Danxiang Taoyuan, only then became True Disciple I can obtain the reward, because many talents are unable to enter into True Martial Realm, this I saw a lot.” Shen Xiang said false smile: Also had been deceived by you!” The Hua Yueyun small mouth faints, said: I have not deceived them, that is they voluntarily goes to Danxiang Taoyuan's, moreover goes to there not to have the fault to them.” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: I do not go to Danxiang Taoyuan, I must enter Extreme Martial Sect!” Hua Yueyun said with contempt: Extreme Martial Sect? Young Master Shen, you must know that Extreme Martial Sect is eight big sends to be most difficult to enter, no matter you have the multi- talents, so long as you cannot through their types damn the test, you must keep them out!” The Shen Xiang vision sound of sword, said: Then has the challenge!”

Hua Yueyun wrinkles the nose lowly, life Qi/angry snort|hum was saying: Fool, has me to introduce Danxiang Taoyuan you not to enter, is bent on having that damn Extreme Martial Sect me, later you will regret!” Regret is also my matter, many thanks spends the Village Master care!” Shen Xiang to her lightly smiled. Hua Yueyun bites the red lip lightly, the hidden bitterness is looking at Shen Xiang, lightly snorted and said: Do not shout that again I anything spend Village Master, I am only a maidservant, I cannot bear this title, since you know that my status, such do not favor me...... Later you called me moon/month Yun, otherwise I did not sell pills to you Shen family.” Was one can flatter the thing that the person fan must Divine Soul invert a moment ago peerless, now actually turned into a spiteful young miss, this made Shen Xiang be able help laughing: „Can moon/month Yun, chat now that millennium Blood Spirit Grass price?” Hua Yueyun has drunk two cups of tea, after having scattered in the heart that anger, said: Shen Xiang, since you are determined to sell, I did not urge you! You are really a fool, not only sells out this precious spirit herb, how hasn't accepted my invitation to enter Danxiang Taoyuan...... the lovable girl of Xue Xianxian this day to have a liking for your this fool?” Here, Hua Yueyun pretty face was also full is life Qi/angry, but she was angry, poured also a different kind beauty, looked in the Shen Xiang heart secretly to acclaim, if Hua Yueyun knew, certainly will be wild with rage. You asking for money, I am lending your that's it anxiously, although I am a maidservant, but spirit coins are also many, moreover I can also transfer Danxiang Herbal Manor spirit coins at will.” Hua Yueyun said. Woman is really wordy, said a price to me! I do not want to owe you.” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. Hua Yueyun spat one lowly, said: Four hundred thousand large spirit coins.” This price makes Shen Xiang very satisfied, he nods saying: I must purchase some spirit herb your here.”

Shen Xiang has put out a bill and that millennium Blood Spirit Grass, Hua Yueyun received that millennium Blood Spirit Grass, sighed one lowly: If you enter Danxiang Taoyuan, becomes True Disciple, I can become your maidservant...... When the time comes I for a lifetime was your person.” The Shen Xiang eyebrow selects, this is a big enticement, but he rejected: Xianxian this little girl will be jealous.” Hua Yueyun spits the tongue, said: Speaks with your this fool will die the human spirit, when I come back.” Looks that Hua Yueyun sways from side to side the waist of captivated person to leave, Shen Xiang relaxed, at this time Su Meiyao happily said with a smile: This Little Fairy is truly fierce! If she can be the True Disciple woman, that truly is a good matter, you must know that in these Martial Dao sect, the True Disciple status is very high.” Shen Xiang asked: Why?” Bai Youyou said: True Disciple generally is above True Martial Realm, although these Martial Dao sect are very big, although some innumerable disciples, but True Disciple are not many, moreover True Disciple is representing the entire sect's fundamental strength.”