World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 35
Shen Xiang more and more wants to go to experience at this time to these sect, in these sect, including the Mortal Martial Realm 8th level 9th level people are only Outer Sect, obviously these sect inside competitive powers are how big, let alone is Extreme Martial Sect. „The Extreme Martial Sect's condition is really harsh, can I become True Disciple?” Shen Xiang murmured. Person who naturally, you have Yin and Yang Divine Veins, moreover there is our apprentice sisters to teach personally, so long as you are willing to try hard, from now on must be able to become strong side.” Bai Youyou categorical tunnel, she is confident to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang waited for the moment, Hua Yueyun came back, she has changed one set of purple women's clothing at this time, before not having, like that partly visible enticement, this made Shen Xiang somewhat lose. This is thing and spirit coins that you want!” Hua Yueyun some spirit coins tickets and packages herbs paper-insulated places the tabletop. Shen Xiang does not select, has put in storage pouch directly, he trusts this Hua Yueyun, this also makes in the Hua Yueyun heart secretly happy. „Do you also enter for that King City Martial Dao meeting? But this Southern Martial Empire True Martial Sect's jurisdiction influence.” Hua Yueyun asked that could see that she cared about Shen Xiang very much. Shen Xiang thinks that said: Participates, but I do not join True Martial Sect, I go for that True Elemental Dan!” Looks at Shen Xiang to depart, Hua Yueyun shakes the head is sighing lightly, in beautiful eyes loses completely, before, she can make this smell of mother's milk not yet dried youngster to her timid in a few words, but now she not only said that but also puts on very attractively, finally has not persuaded Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has sold four hundred thousand large spirit coins millennium Blood Spirit Grass, then has purchased big pile of maturity spirit herb of hundred thousand large spirit coins, in the middle of these spirit herb, most precious, when is that Metal Spirit Fruit fruit seed!

Metal Spirit Fruit is Profound Level High-Grade spirit fruit, with Thousand Vein Fruit same precious, it is said in 1000 will bear a time fruit, the fruit pulp or the peel, greatly will have the use, especially will be refining the high level pill medicine time to add into, not only can make the pills quality increase, will also concentrate pill's probability to be also higher. Metal Spirit Fruit fruit seed that Shen Xiang purchases now is brings to plant Metal Spirit Fruit, fruit seed is also alchemy only used, no person has thought must plant one to set up, because of that need non- eternal time, even if the type comes out, must wait for that it in 1000 will bear a fruit. However this regarding Shen Xiang is not anything, for serveral days he accumulated many dragon saliva, the continual irrigation, quick can come out the Metal Spirit Fruit Tree type. Shen Xiang lays down that seed in the yard, then puts out a jade bottle, inside has packed dragon saliva, now he cultivates a seed, therefore does not need to dilute with the water, he drips into that Metal Spirit Fruit nucleus in soil directly. Has put one drop, massive Spirit Qi well up immediately, permeates in the soil, saw only a section of shoot to brave, Shen Xiang saw this effectively, continued cautious and solemn to drop dragon saliva. Every time drops a drop, will have massive Spirit Qi to well up to come crazily, but deeply hides in Spirit Qi of ground also emerges in that Metal Spirit Fruit, dragon saliva is in itself containing rich Life Force, now can make that young tree absorption massive Spirit Qi add fast-growth to be long. Shen Xiang was clear at this time, why Su Meiyao always thousand bite ten thousand to enjoin him, making him not reveal the Dragon Saliva Art matter, will otherwise be troublesome, now he deep feeling this heaven defying divine art fierce place, in the heart is excited, so long as gives him the time, spirit herb of ten thousand years for him are not the difficult matter! After entire bottle of dragon saliva of use up, that Metal Spirit Fruit nucleus turned into a person of high young tree, this has used the small half-day time! Oh, unexpectedly did not have result!” Shen Xiang some are unsatisfied, were complaining said.

Su Meiyao lightly snorted and said: Was content, if were under normal circumstances, at least needed 500 years to grow into this, you were at least good to need to collect one month of dragon saliva to let this tree result.” So long as a result, Shen Xiang has several Metal Spirit Fruit, when the time comes announced the nation, recruited the alchemy master with Metal Spirit Fruit as the reward, that simply was the easy matter, perhaps also will have joining of one crowd of alchemy Master Qiangpo heads. brat, you start to collect to build up Building Foundation Dan herbs now, although you have Yin and Yang Divine Veins and practice divine art, enters into True Martial Realm is not the issue, but you want to be quick and steady words, pills must!” Bai Youyou said. Building Foundation Dan, Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, is mainly used for the firm foundation, strengthens fleshly body , to promote the True Qi purity, before entering into True Martial Realm takes , to promote True Martial Realm will be easier. Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: I can only refine Mortal Level Middle-Grade Dan now, that is Profound Level Dan! Even if attacks Mortal Martial Realm to me time, perhaps I did not have that ability to refine!” Ignorant little rascal, so long as can build up High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, can refine Building Foundation Dan! Building Foundation Dan is because herbs is scarce, was included Profound Level, but the refinement difficulty is not big.” Bai Youyou coldly snorted and said. Shen Xiang currently had Thousand Vein Fruit and Thousand Year Beast Dan, only missed three taste rare spirit herb to refine Building Foundation Dan, but he had Dragon Saliva Art, so long as he had the seed, can plant spirit herb infinitely, when the time comes he wanted many Building Foundation Dan not to have the issue, this was can sell many spirit coins! Thinks of this, Shen Xiang is excited, naturally, he must promote the strength at present, the strength is stronger, the Dragon Saliva Art accelerate ripening ability is better, moreover refines high level pill also to need very good flame. Night, after Shen Xiang disguise change appearance, left King City, arrives at outside the city in the mountain scene forest in distant place, True Qi here is quite rich, this can make him practice the speed promotion.

Shen Xiang has Yin and Yang Divine Veins, he closes one's eyes to feel the surrounding area rich Spirit Qi within dozens li (0.5km), as soon as he revolution Tai Chi Divine Art, these Spirit Qi flood into his within the body immediately, then builds up to turn into five elements of True Qi simply, the compression stores up five positions in dantian...... Day also not bright, Shen Xiang wakes up, in Spirit Qi rich place practice, not only can make him practice many True Qi, but also condense dragon saliva are also quite many, this is also he comes the reason of suburb. vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger Shen Xiang, plays the fist in mountain forest, in the dim forest, sees only green light red light to interlock, flashes before unceasingly, turns into tiger head, the void bang that whistling makes noise hits, strength of each fist starts strong winds, the soil of ground is also similar to the ocean waves generally instead curls, the fist hits on the tree sends out the intermittent explosive, can bomb the big tree that they joint hold. This is Spirit Level excellent martial arts Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist, Shen Xiang has Divine Art of Four Symbols, but his present degree can only learn inside some simple martial skill, although the might is good, but is insufficient. Only then displays martial skill familiar, can be handy in fight, takes and puts away freely, Shen Xiang on feeling vigorous True Qi from that pleasant sensation of body release, again displays through martial skill now, turns into formidable and ingenious strength shells, is makes him comfortable. Looks that by the big tree that he rumbles, looked that the tread was separated the pit that hits spatially by him, in the Shen Xiang heart is sighing darkly, he now is only Mortal Martial Realm 6th level, has such strength, the average person in his eyes is similar to the ants, even if the person of same rank faces him, is hard to resist wild his Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist. If I enter True Martial Realm, that strength big?” Shen Xiang thinks of this, in the heart cannot help but surges an inexplicable excitement, he longs for having formidable strength more and more, this makes him have plenty of fight in one immediately.