World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 36
Shen Xiang early turns over to be late, daytime in shop inside crazy alchemy, the evening outside the outskirts practice to city, such day passed for 20 days. Now his not only cultivation base has striven, refines pills under Mortal Level Middle-Grade Dan to be skillful, has almost not been defeated, but leaves pill's time to be also getting more and more short, feels ashamed of one's inferiority including the Shen Luzong entire old alchemy masters. Shen Xiang sold out that millennium Blood Spirit Grass money also to use almost, he and Shen Luzong have also refined in many commonly used Mortal Level the Low-Grade Dan medicine, but actually also by far insufficient. Naturally, Metal Spirit Fruit Tree of Shen Xiang planter also wanted the result, these more than 20 days he can condense leave many dragon saliva to expedite childbirth every day, this was his first time with that long time accelerate ripening spirit herb, but actually resources are well used. Metal Spirit Fruit Tree by type of his secret in own courtyard, even if Shen Luzong cannot enter his small courtyard casually. Wants the move to enough alchemy master, I can be leisurely and carefree!” Shen Xiang is caressing that golden small fruit lightly, after this is he waters dragon saliva, this morning ties. Shen Xiang does not want to refine pills to sell all day, he wants to handle many matters, for example seeks for some precious spirit herb, hunts and kills some Demon Beast, buys martial skill that some are appropriate he to practice, understands this great Mortal Martial World...... At this time distance that King City Martial Dao will start also one month, Shen Xiang now also goes to register, what makes his depressed is, this King City Martial Dao unexpectedly will be the Yao family sponsor, therefore registration place in Yao family. Has stayed in King City Shen Xiang, already heard the Yao family elder missing matter of that medicine day magnificent, but is outside these days King City some evil forces of some formidable martial artist organizations is causing trouble luckily frequently, snatched to kill went to the King City aristocratic family juniors much, therefore Shen Xiang had not been suspected on. Because the Yao family talent and a Yao family elder are missing, this has vented anger entire Yao family, but also denounced these evil forces with some Yao family relationship extremely good imperial families as well as families, in short in several day has exterminated several, but actually cannot know the whereabouts of medicine day magnificent. Medicine day magnificent and Yao family elder were massacred by Shen Xiang, the corpse burns the ashes, Shen Xiang is not worried to be known by Yao family.

Shen Xiang arrived at Yao family quickly, Yao family is big, entrance that huge plaza makes in the Shen Xiang heart exclaim in surprise secretly, let alone. The place of registration and competition above huge plaza before Yao family front door, the registration already started, the person but who comes to register every day are many, plaza is very lively, many long line formations. Shen Xiang arranged arrived at him good long while, he stood in front of a table, this was one about 20 -year-old youth is responsible, he has hit a yawn, then took the beginning a stroke paper, said lazy: Name.” Shen Xiang!” The listless youth, heard these two characters, immediately shakes, is sizing up Shen Xiang carefully! All around person also looked, the Shen Xiang's name likes thunder reverberating in one's ears, not only can refine Baptizing Marrow Dan, endures compared with the Mortal Martial Realm 7th level strength, wounds the Yao family elder, but also beats severely the child of City Lord, obtains the favor of Danxiang Herbal Manor that beautiful female Village Master...... Shen Xiang also wants the character of talent compared with medicine day magnificent, the people who so long as takes a walk frequently have listened to this name, but Shen Xiang is actually the Yao family eye-sore, therefore the Yao family people are repugnant he. Because Shen Xiang injures the Yao family elder and medicine day magnificent, causing them to be missing, Yao family blames the Shen Xiang head this, thinks , if not the Yao family elder is injured, will not be in danger. Goes to that side to conduct the strength test, passed has been able to attend the martial arts contest.” The youth has referred to another row of team. Shen Xiang before coming also to have heard must register successfully, needs to test the strength, is no one can attend the final martial arts contest. Shen Xiang received that lid the seal, writes his name the paper, then arrives at that row of team.

So contact Shen Xiang of short distance, making many people happy, Shen Xiang is a alchemy master, is the child of Shen family Patriarch, has boundless prospects, this makes many people on own initiative go forward with him to chitchat. Shen Xiang is exchanging with the juniors of these families with smile on the face, this can kill the bored time, meanwhile can eavesdrop on that some other families' manner to Shen family, many families are worried to offend Yao family, does not dare to form an alliance with Shen family, but Shen Xiang knew from these family juniors mouths now, if Shen family has the pills industry, they do not fear the threat of Yao family. Unknowingly, was one's turn Shen Xiang, tested the strength method to hit on an unusual giant stone, this stone was the black, if strength were formidable enough, can let its change color! Shen Xiang stands in one compared with he also high stone in front, only hears that the person who is responsible for testing saying: So long as can make the stone turn into yellow to go through a strategic pass.” The stone can produce, orange according to the stress red, the yellow, green, azure, blue and purple these colors, the purple is represents this stone stress the maximum limit. Saw many people only to make this giant stone in Shen Xiang a moment ago turn into the red, orange is very few, yellow color simply has not seen. Heard Crown Prince test time can make the stone turn into the blue color! The strength strength is immeasurably deep.” „, Yao family young juniors are also very fierce, make the blue color.” What is this? The daughter of General cold can make into the purple stone.”

„......” Shen Xiang suddenly hears many people to discuss that some famous family aristocrats the strengths of juniors, at this time many people line of sight centralized on him, everyone wants to have a look at Shen Xiang to have unearned reputation, many people on the scene have not witnessed Shen Xiang's strength, does not know fearfulness, has heard. Shen Xiang is rubbing the fist, is staring at present this stone, his Shen family also has like this type of stone, is not only too small a point, specifically is used to test strength, will hit also to make the fist very painful, before Shen Xiang, has tested, but actually will be the light red, meant that will be very weak in his strength. Now, Shen Xiang arrived at Mortal Martial Realm 6th level, he also very much wants to know his test result. After preparing, Shen Xiang inspires slightly, Vermilion Bird True Qi and Azure Dragon True Qi of revolution within the body, blending together, two True Qi will fuse, emerges his arm, sees only the sleeve on his arm to be burnt down immediately, reveals that blue vein towering sturdy arm. At this time, the people have turned very quiet, can feel that True Qi terror in his nearby person, this sudden explosive force, is deterring that group of teenage boys and girls, at this time they do not doubt to the matter that Shen Xiang defeats the Yao family elder, depends on this True Qi pressure that makes their gallbladders tremble! Shen Xiang in one vigorous effort, emerges the arm along with this double attribute True Qi, the fist grasps, to fist! Fist fierce such as crazy thunder, quickly like lightning, hit maliciously above giant stone. Only hears bang one to transmit, that giant stone turns into the smashing immediately, scatters place, the mist and dust soars along with True Qi fallout in all around!