World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 37
All people were shocked, they think Shen Xiang may make into the purple the stone very much, but a Shen Xiang actually fist rumbles the stone now crushes, this and other wild strength unexpectedly is unable to withstand including the aerodynamic forces measurement stone. Before these made into blue color the aerodynamic forces measurement stone, the purple people were outstanding person in young generation, but Shen Xiang can destroy this aerodynamic forces measurement stone now, obviously the Shen Xiang's strength has surpassed the beforehand these people! Shen Xiang has not thought that will have this result, now he has beaten others aerodynamic forces measurement stones, he worried that Yao family will sue for damages to him. This...... Was I pass? I do not beat intentionally, I want to test with strongest strength, has not thought that the luck so will be good, beat all of a sudden!” Shen Xiang is laughing foolishly difficultly. The people whole face despises visits him, beats this stone unexpectedly by the luck, only then the idiot believe his bullshit. Passed!” The person who is responsible for testing said that this also not through the words, nobody can pass. On Shen Xiang that paper were also many a seal, represents him to attend the martial arts contest of King City Martial Dao meeting, what making him relax, Yao family has not sued for damages that aerodynamic forces measurement stone from him the damage expense. Naturally, strength of Shen Xiang test is not his complete strength, must know that he has used fire attribute and wood attribute True Qi, another three attribute True Qi have not used, if five elements of True Qi fuses together completely, strength will be more formidable! Fire wood attribute under the Shen Xiang long time practice, can perfect fusion together, complement one another, turns into fiercer True Qi, making strength more intrepid, this is Shen Xiang is also difficult in the same rank the match the reason! Registers, Shen Xiang starts alchemy, pills that young he, builds up are more, this that some old alchemy masters build up was Shen Luzong says. Shen Xiang studies many alchemy skills and attainments from Su Meiyao there, he is also glad with the Shen Luzong share, this makes Shen Luzong benefit greatly, but Shen Luzong thinks that this is Shen Xiang senses, admires to Shen Xiang this great nephew.

Ten days pass by, on Metal Spirit Fruit Tree in Shen Xiang that small courtyard, left six shining fruits, is similar to the fist general size, was being shone by the sunlight, golden splendor glittering, is very attractive. Words that approaches, but can also feel that intense Spirit Qi that Metal Spirit Fruit sends out. This is Profound Level High-Grade spirit fruit! To taste one really!” Shen Xiang is swallowing the saliva fiercely, if by these old alchemy masters is known he has this idea, he will certainly be beaten up, this Metal Spirit Fruit brings to eat, that simply is the careless and wasteful use of nature's products. Shen Xiang cautious and solemn picks that six shining Metal Spirit Fruit, puts in storage pouch, then hastily leaves the shop, arrives at Danxiang Herbal Manor nearby one to issue specially seeks for the alchemy master to help the elixir the place, pasted on him already to prepare the good bulletin. „The Shen family Dan King pavilion, the recruitment can refine Mortal Level High-Grade Dan alchemy master three, rewards for services rendered Metal Spirit Fruit......” Above also writes the address and his name, Shen Xiang, although six Metal Spirit Fruit, but he actually must remain uses to himself, after all this Metal Spirit Fruit to refining Building Foundation Dan also has very big use. Shen Xiang returns to the shop the patience to wait, he knows that quick will have the alchemy master to walk, but Metal Spirit Fruit Profound Level High-Grade spirit fruit, precious incomparable, is each alchemy master longs for having, certainly can attract many alchemy Master to come. How long has not let Shen Xiang , etc., some people came, what making Shen Xiang accidental is, the person who comes is not the alchemy master, unexpectedly is Danxiang Herbal Manor Village Master Hua Yueyun! But Shen Luzong also very has doubts, he has not known that now Shen Xiang hired the alchemy master with Metal Spirit Fruit, otherwise he on already jumped down to leap up. Hua Yueyun gets down from the carriage, directly soars into the shop, this time she has not brought the veil, wears one set of snow white long skirt, appears handsome and noble. Shen Xiang looks the face that her elegant and is full of the hidden bitterness, asked: Spends Village Master, what matter has?”

Hua Yueyun lightly snorted, the whole face asked seriously lowly: „Do you reward for services rendered the move of alchemy master with the Metal Spirit Fruit achievement really?” Shen Luzong stares, hastily looks to Shen Xiang, sees only Shen Xiang to nod, lets go saying: What issue has? Doesn't permit?” Shen Luzong was startled exudes one to cry out strangely, shouted: Your this brat unexpectedly has Metal Spirit Fruit, moreover is used to take the reward of alchemy master, were you insane?” Metal Spirit Fruit may with not be possible to ask, is rare, person who generally obtains Metal Spirit Fruit will leave itself to use, only sells the skin and fruit seed these. Shen Xiang coughs two, has put out two shining fruits, places the tabletop, strange Spirit Qi scatters immediately, this may frightens Shen Luzong and Hua Yueyun! They have not thought that Shen Xiang has two unexpectedly. You...... You...... You......” Shen Luzong are pointing at Shen Xiang, could not speak. Hua Yueyun implored the one breath slightly, after all she comes out from big sect, the world has seen, but she thinks inconceivable, Shen Xiang this young youngster, unexpectedly has so many treasure. Thousand Vein Fruit, Hell Spirit Grass and Thousand Year Beast Dan, have Metal Spirit Fruit now, this casual same is very precious. At this time, Shen Xiang has put out Metal Spirit Fruit, this let Shen Luzong and Hua Yueyun whole body shakes, but Shen Xiang actually Hehe smiles: Grand-uncle, I knows that your old man deeply conceal does not reveal, these three Metal Spirit Fruit give you to take care, one is I am filial piety your, another two achievement advertise for the reward of alchemy master, when the time comes has alchemy Master to come, is checked by you.”

Hua Yueyun looks on the tabletop that three shining fruit, bites the rosy lip lightly, on the face is having the complex color of not being able to say. In her opinion, Shen Xiang certainly is rare the alchemy good seedling that meets, to have very big opportunity to step into True Martial Realm, but she actually could not entice Shen Xiang to join Danxiang Taoyuan! Shen Luzong both hands some shiver receive to be good three Metal Spirit Fruit, then under restrains by force the excited excited heart, said: Your this brat where lane?” Shen Xiang said at will: Yesterday evening exited to exercise martial arts secret a place in the barren hill found, the fruit tree was given to move by me.” Metal Spirit Fruit Tree will have five fruits generally, it seems like you are really are now rich flow the oil!” Hua Yueyun that pair caresses flatters myriad eyes to wink to Shen Xiang lightly, could not say caressed attractively flatters. The Shen Xiang side is excessive, avoids her look, asked: Spends Village Master, what matter do you come to here to have?” Hua Yueyun tenderly snorted and said: Hasn't wanted to come to see you to have Metal Spirit Fruit really? However your this procedure high-sounding talk, will be very too troublesome, before Yao family had not paid attention to your this any Shen family Dan King pavilion, but you use Metal Spirit Fruit to win over the alchemy master now, they do not certainly look that you are open for business smoothly.” Who dares to prevent, I extinguished him!” Shen Luzong loud voice drinks, the sound full is dignified, he obtained Metal Spirit Fruit now, so long as gives him the time, from now on must refine to make him break through pills of bottleneck not to come difficultly.