World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 38
Young Master Shen, before you consider one again next, I to your invitation, this is a good opportunity, you must give careful consideration!” Hua Yueyun that pair of limpid Li eyes, are passing meaning of the plea. Hua Yueyun departs, Shen Luzong looks at Shen Xiang strangely, asked in a low voice: brat, this woman good and bad is also Danxiang Taoyuan's Village Master, but a rack before you do not have, what did she invite your?” Shen Xiang said: She invited me to enter Danxiang Taoyuan, but I actually want to enter Extreme Martial Sect, therefore I renounced.” What?” Shen Luzong stares, then has knocked the Shen Xiang's head maliciously , to continue saying: Danxiang Taoyuan Sacred Land that but the alchemy master yearns, your this brat rejected unexpectedly.” Shen Xiang feels head that was knocked the pain, curls the lip saying: Master Ancestor, this woman in Danxiang Taoyuan is only a maidservant, may be many by the person who she deceives, I do not do this stupid thing! Enters sect is very important matter, I must enter sect that admire.” Once becomes these sect's disciples, cannot be separated from sect's, only if were chased to come out by sect, the person but who was chased, other sect do not receive, therefore Shen Xiang is prudent. Shen Xiang has Su Meiyao to teach alchemy technique, has Dragon Saliva Art accelerate ripening spirit herb, does not need to enter Danxiang Taoyuan, therefore he must enter Extreme Martial Sect this background abundant sect. Not long, two alchemy masters visit, Shen Luzong is responsible for screening, the alchemy master arrives, must look at that Metal Spirit Fruit first, but Shen Luzong also meets haughty vast to take Metal Spirit Fruit, saw that a that alchemy master face envies, in the Shen Luzong heart is also dark crisp. Shen Luzong first lets pills that they put out themselves to refine generally, then makes them refine furnace Mortal Level Middle-Grade Dan, through watching the pills quality and alchemy time distinguishes the levels of these alchemy masters. Those who make Shen Luzong depressed is, a day later, the person who although is subject to duty has ten, but on being considered as alchemy master also 2-3, moreover cannot meet the requirements, is some plans the to fish in troubled water fellow.

Shen Xiang is not anxious, because many alchemy masters close up alchemy, had not obtained the news, he guessed that in following several days, certainly will have attached is subject to duty in alchemy Master to come of King City many influences. Shen Xiang only recruits four good alchemy masters, enough has made four alchemy masters here dull with two Metal Spirit Fruit a period of time, when the time comes the Dan King pavilion can also be powerful, did not fear that cannot recruit other alchemy masters. Similar to is ahead same, Shen Xiang is late the morning to turn over, in the evening exits to exercise martial arts, daytime in Dan King pavilion alchemy, three day that later the bulletin pastes, remote mountain of Shen Xiang from city comes back, actually sees to have hoary-headed old man to encircle very early in the morning in the shop entrance of Dan King pavilion. At this time the talent just shone, the Dan King pavilion has not opened the door, the alchemy master who therefore these come to be subject to duty can only wait for patiently that must know they who takes the alchemy master, usually always keeps aloof, even if many spirit coins places them at present, they will not be excited, but they actually regard these rare and precious spirit herb are the treasures, because that cannot buy with spirit coins. Name Shen Xiang of shop has thought that is called the Dan King pavilion, so long as the reserve suffices certain pills to be open for business! Because there is a Shen Luzong entire qualifications old alchemy master to assume personal command, therefore many alchemy masters also compare to favor to the Dan King pavilion. Opens, that ten alchemy masters were exchanging greetings on hastily and Shen Luzong, Shen Xiang can estimate approximately from the aura of these alchemy master these microstrip quantity of heat the levels of these alchemy masters, except for two, other was True Qi is not very pure, can only refine low level pill. alchemy master many of these crude person are try one's luck, although they know that the request will be very certainly high, after they enter the Dan King pavilion, Shen Xiang was also tagging along. At this time, yellow-haired old man of whole face wrinkle walked, as soon as he comes on yelled: Here steward comes out to me!” old man shouts, the body sends out intermittent pure fire Qi, making that ten alchemy master whole bodies shake, because this degree of fire Qi is they yearned that they can affirm that yellow-haired old man certainly is the alchemy master, moreover is very famous that but the alchemy masters little make an appearance, only then the name was known by everybody.

Shen Xiang stands, should say: I am here effective, what matter do you ask me to have?” Everyone knows that the Dan King pavilion is Shen family, the key personnel in charge is Shen Xiang. yellow-haired old man saw Shen Xiang, on the face to show the facial expression of despising to come immediately, the whole face arrogance said: I make you change the name of this shop immediately, does not allow you to use Dan King pavilion name, because you do not match!” The Shen Xiang eye narrows the eyes slightly, said: Why? I give this name not to hinder you, if you are cause trouble, that do not blame me not being impolite!” That yellow-haired old man contemptuous looks at Shen Xiang, said with a sneer: Old man is Dan King, therefore I do not allow you to use this name to come to Brother this shop to name.” Dan King? Heard these two characters, Shen Luzong and these old alchemy master who came to be subject to duty was shocked immediately, in the entire Southern Martial Empire high and low ten hundreds of millions people, truly the alchemy technique very wise alchemy master, was labeled as Dan King, moreover had the communication with Yao family. At this time they can determine that at present this old man proudly is Southern Martial Empire Dan King Uncle Meng! Shen Xiang is not strange to this name, he very small time often has heard this name, now unexpectedly can see this person, he thinks quickly certainly is Yao family makes this Dan King cause trouble.

Shen Xiang frowned, this matter is somewhat thorny, he names the Dan King pavilion, to let the name of shop, has not thought aggressively real Dan King unexpectedly walked to ruin the advertisement. Snort, depends on this fellow, dares to say Dan King? My alchemy several thousand years, reluctantly obtain the Dan Ancestor given name, let alone Dan King above Dan Ancestor!” Su Meiyao that is full of the contemptuous sound to remember in the Shen Xiang's mind. In Shen Xiang heart slightly one startled, he knows that also has the given name division at this time in alchemy master actually, he at present one bright, is joking to that Uncle Meng: Snort, depends on you also to dare to say Dan King? Do you have the skill to go to these big sect to show off? Looked that others can scold your this not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth old fellow!” Said that these big sect, on other alchemy master faces yearned all that must know these big sect inside alchemy masters are fierce, Uncle Meng does not certainly dare to say Dan King before these alchemy masters, he also can only show off in this mortal world country. On the Uncle Meng face red, was enraged obviously, he has not thought that Shen Xiang such little rascal unexpectedly dares to be in front of his so to shame him, but he is uncontradictable, he fully realized that he is far from these big sect's alchemy masters, he arrives there is young. Shen Xiang sees Uncle Meng to be mad shamelessly red , to continue saying: Since your ownself suffer alchemy technique is wise, then brat competes with you, finally makes here other alchemy Master to come judge.” Naturally...... Since is the competition, must increase a good luck, I lost to you Metal Spirit Fruit, if you did lose?”