World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 39
Shen Xiang must compete alchemy technique with Southern Martial Empire Dan King, this makes that more than ten alchemy masters surprised the growing up mouth, Shen Luzong, although knows that Shen Xiang has the talent in the alchemy aspect, but must challenge Dan King, he was too tender. However the Shen Xiang's good luck is truly attractive, in secular world Spirit Qi is thin, causing spirit herb to be scarce, therefore secular world enticement of alchemy master irresistibly this rare and precious spirit herb. Uncle Meng raises head to laugh: Ha Ha...... Such being the case, the old man accompanies, if I lost, I give you my profound positive pill furnace!” Profound positive pill furnace! That is famous alchemic furnace, it is said is Uncle Meng picks, with the precious Profound Yang Stone manufacture, inside also has other magical things, this is also lets Uncle Meng in the alchemy aspect has great accomplishment very on the reason. These alchemy masters all envy looks at Uncle Meng to take fiery red pill furnace that this alchemic furnace is small and exquisite, seems probably on a red gem the sculpture in general that comes out, some outside also fine chart marks, understood at a glance that is not the person in secular world can refine. If must compete pill's rank, I must defeat without doubt, to be fair, only compared with most high level pill medicine that I can refine, Gang Qi Dan!” Shen Xiang said that only then he has the stratagem which ensures success like this, moreover this is also pills of highest equivalent he can refine now. The person of Gang Qi Dan to Mortal Martial Realm 6th level has very big help, because Mortal Martial Realm 7th level is „the True Aura boundary, that is can True Qi transforms as Gang Realm, after taking Gang Qi Dan, can be helpful to Mortal Martial Realm 6th level martial artist familiar Gang being mad, Mortal Martial Realm 7th level martial artist takes to strengthen True Qi, lets True Qi melts Gang time is quicker, strengthens quickly. Does not have the issue, now starts?” Uncle Meng straightforward complies very much, in his eyes, no matter how the Shen Xiang's talent, eventually is a little rascal head, is absolutely impossible to win him, if he refines the pills quality not to have Shen Xiang's to be good, then he will also lose is sincerely convinced. Now starts, herbs are responsible, if you do not have, that you got so far as compare again are not late.” Shen Xiang said that in this month, he constantly is also studying to refine other pills, Gang Qi Dan he has also built up several furnaces, after just started to be defeated several times, behind he knows the main point, has not been defeated.

herbs I have certainly, then starts now! Here has that many alchemy masters to judge, I think the final result to be able the notarization!” Uncle Meng said that this time unexpectedly is somewhat excited, he envied Shen Xiang to have that Metal Spirit Fruit, because he owes a Yao family favour, complies to come to here to wreck the event. Those who surprise Uncle Meng is, Shen Xiang is brat that tries to outdo others young, unexpectedly proposed that this strength disparate competition, he will not certainly let up this opportunity. Shen Luzong and that ten alchemy masters are in abundance excited, because they can personally see Dan King alchemy, this is very rare opportunity! Most pills refinement ways are similar, but processes the herbs process actually differently, moreover some herbs natures are special, in processing very discretely, will otherwise refine the failure, the serious point is explode pill furnace. One but is defeated, herbs will lose, low level pills is good, but the words of high level pill medicine failure, can let alchemy master distressed very long a period of time. Now Shen Xiang and Uncle Meng start to enter fire warming stove, making in pill furnace produce fire Qi, simultaneously controls inside temperature, afterward invests herbs. Although Gang Qi Dan herbs of need is quite expensive, but in the market condition has sells, main herbs is „a Yuan spirit putty Gang stock Profound Spirit Ginseng Huang Huoye, is some auxiliary herbs, mainly by 50 year above ginseng, spirit mushroom, Radix, Earth Spirit Grass and other common spirit herb. This Gang Qi Dan difficulty lies in processing „a Yuan spirit putty and Gang stock above, a Yuan spirit putty is one type putty that contains Spirit Qi, the place that because presents is very special, therefore this type of putty can absorb Spirit Qi, then builds up Spirit Qi, Long Life one type with Gang quite close Spirit Qi. The Yuan spirit putty is difficult to fire powder, requests to the flame extremely high. Gang stock is even one spirit grass(es) in Yuan spirit putty, in the stock thorough Yuan spirit putty, after breeding, has produced Gang, but this root is easy to be burnt does not have a thing in the world, that unusual Gang is mad to be also easy to be volatilized, therefore needs Divine Sense to control the good flame and protects.

Shen Xiang is defeated at first several times, because of these two difficulties, but after he knows the subtle main point, can relaxed bringing forth Gang Qi Dan, at this time Shen Xiang on a face relaxed builds up to turn into herbal powder with the flame herbs and herbal Spirit Qi, only then thorough builds up, can drive out the impurity, will otherwise affect the pills quality, Shen Xiang requests to be strict to oneself at this, pill who therefore he refines is the quality excellent. Shen Luzong and these alchemy masters can feel that all around temperature has the weak change every time, moreover alchemic furnace also once for a while emits some black Qi, that is herbs inside impurity is released, what making them suck the tongue is, Uncle Meng unexpectedly is sweating profusely, the forehead is congealing. Has the clear contrast with Shen Xiang that relaxed facial expression! Very obviously, Uncle Meng had a period of time not to refine this Gang Qi Dan, so long as unfamiliar a period of time, puts behind that type of subtle controlling fire felt, is hard to grasp the spirit herb heating nature. suddenly, Uncle Meng that is similar to ruby alchemic furnace suddenly vibrates slightly, ascends colorful Spirit Qi! Uncle Meng unexpectedly left the mistake, Dan King unexpectedly when refined this Mortal Level Middle-Grade Dan to make a mistake, this disappointed in these alchemy Master Xin, simultaneously was despising this Dan King secretly. Grand-uncle, with Gang Qi Dan herbs to him, he from the words of new refinement, has time!” Shen Xiang has opened eye indifferently said. This lets Uncle Meng immediately in consternation, in eyes flashes through immediately wipes the ashamed look, sees only Shen Xiang to grin to him says with a smile: You a moment ago alchemy time is because herbs is insufficient, caused to judge the deviation to be defeated! Competition time is fair, this is because you underprepared.” Uncle Meng slight bow, he knows that Shen Xiang to him under a stair, after all he is a famous alchemy master, will present this mistake to make him unable to gain ground, this will make in his heart feel grateful secretly.

At this time he understood that Shen Xiang is not in the hearsay like that is supercilious, people skills, are shrewd, by far compared with he has instructed medicine day Huaqiang many times. Shen Luzong brings herbs quickly, Uncle Meng from starts alchemy at this time newly, this time he calm, no longer underestimates Shen Xiang, but treats as Shen Xiang with his strength suitable match regards! Time little in the past, although has been very peaceful, but Shen Luzong these alchemy masters actually know that in that two pill furnace is carrying on very complex working procedure. -and-a-half double-hour pass by, finally arrive at has congealed pill the time, Shen Xiang leading, saw only him to put out some green liquids, dripped into from alchemic furnace hole, in this liquid was that dragon saliva and water dilutes, when congealed pill to join, can make the pills quality better, this was Su Meiyao tells his method. Shen Xiang has opened the eye, was imploring the air/Qi slightly, but that Uncle Meng has wiped the sweat of forehead at this time, he also completed.