World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 4
little brat, you said that your Little Fairy is attractive, is our apprentice sisters is attractive?” In the Shen Xiang's mind suddenly presents together the charming sound, this is the Su Meiyao's sound. Shen Xiang coughs two, said with a smile: Wanting is my wife is attractive, Hehe, you are also very certainly attractive...... Right, Sister Meiyao you must a bit faster teach my divine art, alchemy anything.” dirty little boy, what do you mean?” Su Meiyao spat tenderly. Anything......” Shen Xiang has not been laughing foolishly difficultly, in eyes flashes through wipes the unusual ray. For does not disappoint Xue Xianxian, Shen Xiang planned that day and night does not sleep, redoubles one's efforts to practice! Shen Xiang that brings finger suddenly glittering of invisible ring to have a weak ray, sees only Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao appears in his front, on them wears the purple women's clothing, idles noblly solemn, Shen Xiang guessed that this is deposits in that ring. This time is in the afternoon, Sun is very sinister, but two outstandingly beautiful female actually probably ten shares by this loathful sinister sunlight. Here Spirit Qi is really bad, does not depend upon the pills words, is hard to enter True Martial Realm!” Su Meiyao raises head to look fiercely positive, low mumble. Some Shen Xiang big, these two woman unexpectedly can free initially enters that ring, moreover they can also hear outside sound. Shen Xiang entered that small house with them, inside is not very big, has hall four room, big Shen family is very small. In the small hall, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou drink spiritual tea that Shen Xiang is soaking, this is the thing of Shen Xiang collection, usually he does not hate to drink. In this Spirit Qi thin place, the words that you must promote rapidly, only then through pills, but before then, you must practice True Qi Flames first, you have Yin and Yang Divine Veins, this to you are not very difficult.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang nodded, said: Also asked Sister Meiyao to advise.” You come, I teach your Tai Chi Divine Art and Divine Art of Four Symbols first.” Su Meiyao said tenderly, she is caressing beautiful hair, really character and style ten thousand types, because Shen Xiang has the infinite potential, Su Meiyao also wants to train well him, like this, she can also have a fierce helper.

Su Meiyao covers the delicate hands on the Shen Xiang's forehead, then closes to submerge, but in the Shen Xiang's mind also presented many writing, each obscurely is difficult to understand, but afterward he unknowingly achieved mastery through a comprehensive study. Su Meiyao said: This is I uses Divine Sense to you to pass on merit laws, I not only pass to you divine art, but also the understanding to divine art passes to you me, therefore you, so long as according to cultivating that's alright!” In the Shen Xiang heart is slightly surprised, he has not thought that this Su Meiyao unexpectedly can also use Divine Sense, Divine Sense is Mortal Martial Realm 6th level can practice, is spiritual power and True Force fuses the together birth, is invisible does not have condition spiritual strength, very mystical. You must keep secret regarding our matters, cannot tell people anybody, including your little wife!” Bai Youyou looks serious, coldly said. Su Meiyao said: I can tell you, I and Senior Sister personal enemy are many, our personal enemy casual can pinch you with the finger, therefore you must keep secret! But we will not come out from the ring casually.” In Shen Xiang heart panic-stricken, he does not have to think own unexpectedly accepted two such danger(ous) women, his hastily nodded, but Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao also suddenly vanished, entered in that ring. Tai Chi Divine Art, Divine Art of Four Symbols! Although is only a small part, but Shen Xiang actually excited incomparable, after is no one can practice divine art! In this Martial Dao world, martial arts is divided into Mortal Level, Spirit Level, Profound Level, Earth Level, Heaven Level, Sacred Level and Divine Level, in the minute Low-Grade, pills also so divides, but is divided into the top three. Heaven Level martial arts was very rare, Divine Level martial arts was rarer! divine art, that is in Legend Gods practice divine art, formidable incomparable, after the practice, can have overwhelmingly, summoned lightning strength, even can also heaven defying change to assign, shatter void, ascended to heaven become god! Tai Chi Divine Art Lord cultivation technique, practices breathing exercises to practice the body to use specially, is very abstruse and formidable martial arts sutra. But Divine Art of Four Symbols is divided into four parts, separately is Azure Dragon Divine Art, White Tiger Divine Art, Vermilion Bird Divine Art, Black Tortoise Divine Art, comprehensive, these four divine art are attacks or defense auxiliary martial arts, after the practice, can display formidable martial skill. Shen Xiang arrives at the backyard, the trees that these lush green, are breathing the fresh air, he can at this time very clear induction to between Heaven and Earth Five Elements Spirit Qi.

Ordinary Spiritual Vein divides attribute, but Shen Xiang's Yin and Yang Divine Veins is actually representing world Five Elements, therefore he can practice five elements of True Qi! Although Tai Chi Divine Art is mysterious exercising martial arts sutra, but after Su Meiyao's Divine Sense to pass on merit laws, Shen Xiang can achieve mastery through a comprehensive study. He revolves Tai Chi Divine Art, Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram in his dantian immediately revolves, the world Spirit Qi current craze emerges in his body. High-Grade Spiritual Vein absorbed the Spirit Qi speed to be quick, Divine Veins was needless to say! At this time Shen Xiang sits cross-legged to sit in cave entrance revolves Tai Chi Divine Art, Spirit Qi is entering his body, immediately was deputed by him, turns into a pure white warm current, walks randomly in the skeleton, muscle and meridians his body, nurturing his body. Wants into formidable martial artist, inside and outside wants to minor. Shen Xiang now in strengthened body, making his body be born implication formidable strength qi flow, is True Qi! Shen Xiang unknowingly entered in the practice condition, Spirit Qi emerges in the Shen Xiang's body crazily, if some people see, certainly thinks that was in a big way frightened one to jump. Has Yin and Yang Divine Veins and Tai Chi Divine Art, can make him absorb world Spirit Qi fast, but Tai Chi Divine Art can build up Spirit Qi fast is True Qi, therefore he can advanced by leaps and bounds. But Tai Chi Divine Art and Divine Art of Four Symbols that Shen Xiang has now are Divine Level martial arts, he must play the divine art might, must have more vigorous True Qi. Azure Dragon Divine Art and White Tiger Divine Art are the striking power are strongest, Vermilion Bird Divine Art is mainly flame, Black Tortoise Divine Art defends. Practices True Qi to arrive at Great Ascension, can condense in the dantian leave the shape, if Shen Xiang cultivates Divine Art of Four Symbols, when the time comes he condense in the dantian will leave Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger and Black Tortoise, the pictures of these four divine beast! This means that a Shen Xiang person actually must practice the components of four people, although will make him very laborious, strength that but he grasps actually must be above an average man. Massive Spirit Qi emerge in his body, was revolved Tai Chi Divine Art to build up to turn into pure True Qi by him simply! True Qi flowing in the big or medium vein in his body, making the meridians in his body sturdier. Next morning, sunlight injection of grateful warmth in the backyard of small house, according to Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang opens the eye, both eyes like electricity, winds around disperses in his body outside white mist immediately, sees only his body fully is the black dirt, he entered Mortal Martial Realm 4th level at this time! Mortal Martial Realm four arrive at 6th level is a stage, now Shen Xiang arrived at 4th level, the Opening Vein boundary! Stepped over one to puzzle he many years of ridge.

Shen Xiang both eyes close slightly, is regarding in his dantian that Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram with rapt attention, discovered that in Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram presented five True Qi eddy currents, separately in four directions and center! But the ordinary people have one, he currently has five! His True Qi vigorous degree can be imagined. By his True Qi vigorous degree, his strength can press up to Mortal Martial Realm 5th level. Finally entered into Mortal Martial Realm 4th level, the father later did not need to pick the medicine to give these old fellow!” In Shen Xiang heart wild with joy, but he broke through overnight. When he thinks that the Xue Xianxian 15 years old entered Mortal Martial Realm 6th level, his is also calm, thinks that Yao family light talent Alchemist had the idea of his fiancee that year, in the Shen Xiang heart one ruthless, he must a more vigorous practice, then go to Yao family, defeats that talent alchemy master with the way of challenge. Now starts to practice Azure Dragon Divine Art!” Su Meiyao said that her Divine Sense restored much, can see clearly outside change. Divine Art of Four Symbols generally speaking is only divine art, but actually comprehensive, inside is forgiving fist technique, palm technique, leg technique, movement technique and waiting, after achieving mastery through a comprehensive study, how wants to display how to display, mysterious infinite. Azure Dragon is wood attribute, in wood attribute also has the wind and thunder is, therefore cultivates Azure Dragon Divine Art to display to have wind and thunder strength martial arts. Shen Xiang clean body, after eat a meal, arrives in the backyard to continue to practice Azure Dragon Divine Art! Tai Chi Divine Art and Divine Art of Four Symbols integrated in his soul, no matter how profound mysterious, he can understand! Quite a while passes, Shen Xiang according to Azure Dragon Divine Art True Qi of revolution within the body, sees only his body to overflow a azure soft light, in azure light glittering faint trace lightning, meanwhile light breeze light comes out from the Shen Xiang's body. Shen Xiang grasped to release the lightning gentle breeze strength to come from wood attribute True Qi now, but this degree is insufficient, must be able to transform wood attribute True Qi as formidable lightning and strong winds can display martial skill in Azure Dragon Divine Art. Shen Xiang is controlling wood attribute True Qi in within the body by strange way flowing in the meridians of body, the circulatory flow, the True Qi mobile way is flying strangely, sometimes quickly sometimes slow, sometimes is similar to the great river flows rapidly the general sprint, sometimes such as mountain stream murmur......