World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 40
Uncle Meng is found fault, but now in his actually heart ashamed, the Shen Xiang beforehand procedure lets him is very grateful, he decided that even if won did not accept Shen Xiang's Metal Spirit Fruit. Generally, furnace Gang Qi Dan can build up three grains, the fierce point alchemy master can build up four grains, after Uncle Meng turned on his profound positive pill furnace cover, can see four grains of faint yellow transparent pill pellet slowly float. Four grains of Gang Qi Dan, worthily are Dan King!” Nearby alchemy master cannot help but praised: Incense stick looks like from the luster and medicine, the quality should be excellent!” At this time was one's turn Shen Xiang, after Shen Xiang turned on the pill furnace cover, blew gently, blew the mist, at this time all people were shocked, a face was shocking. Sees only five grains of exquisitely carved, does not have slight defect pill pellet in inside, moreover is pasting a white glossiness, this does not have impurity Gang Qi Dan, the medicine fragrance of that greeting the nostrils is makes people feel inconceivable. Not is only five grains, but also on excellent quality, this grade of level far ultra Uncle Meng! Uncle Meng heaved a deep sigh, looked at the Shen Xiang's time, in the look full was the respect. Before, he thinks that Shen Xiang is the same with that medicine day magnificent, is a somewhat talent, but proud and arrogant young people, but he saw Gang Qi Dan that now Shen Xiang refines surpasses with him, cannot help but was sincerely convinced! I lost!” Uncle Meng sighed that at this time he no longer a moment ago that was full of the arrogance Dan King, present he probably was old, this for him after is a very big attack. Meng, I think that you usually do not refine Gang Qi Dan! You can also refine so the quality to come, making my younger generation in the unfamiliar situation feel to admire, this, we tie, I have not won, you have not lost.” Shen Xiang shows the temperate smiling face to come, but Uncle Meng the entire Southern Martial Empire fiercest alchemy master, can become friends with is best. Uncle Meng shakes the head, then that red shining profound positive pill furnace handful, gives Shen Xiang: Lost lost, this pill furnace was your! For many years I relied on this pill furnace, has neglected some basic things, he should have one compared with I better master.” Uncle Meng and Shen Xiang's action, makes these alchemy masters admire, this made them have a new understanding to them. The Shen Xiang booth lets go, said: Meng, you join the Dan King pavilion, becomes here chief alchemy master is what kind of? Profound positive pill furnace is your, Metal Spirit Fruit you can also obtain!”

People one startled, Shen Xiang must win over the Dan King pavilion Uncle Meng unexpectedly! Shen Luzong at present one bright, hastily compensates to say with a smile: This Dan King pavilion needs Meng to assume personal command, can be the true Dan King pavilion!” Uncle Meng has hesitated, said: Good, but this alchemic furnace you must accept, your present foundation is solid, utilizes this alchemic furnace words, can let his twice the result with half the effort!” Uncle Meng has complied unexpectedly but, this makes in alchemy Master Xin who these come be uncomfortable very much, has such fierce Dan King, they are also hard to fish in troubled water enters this Dan King pavilion. At this time, old man said: Shen Pavilion Master, the old man did not strive for being here alchemy master, only hopes that can be a janitor here, I did not need the reward.” Other old man see this, is imitating, expressed willingness that does not need reward stay here, because can make them learn many things with Dan King together. This...... Meng is old you to take responsibility!” Shen Xiang scratches the head to say with a smile. Uncle Meng knits the brows to look at these ten old man, then nodded: You stay behind.” Then, Shen Luzong and Uncle Meng pick up two level good alchemy masters from that ten old man, moreover gives back to their Metal Spirit Fruit to take the reward. Has Uncle Meng's joining, making Shen Xiang feel relieved much, at least, he did not need himself to go to alchemy, that was very arid matter. Grand-uncle, you come, when Pavilion Master, you had managed the Spirit Pill Pavilion many years, is quite experienced in this aspect, other Meng and Senior were responsible for alchemy that's alright.” Shen Xiang said that although Uncle Meng is Dan King, but year to year closes up alchemy, manages the aspect not to have what experience.

Other Uncle Meng and people do not have the opinion, Shen Luzong also to nod to comply, now in this Dan King pavilion had the alchemy masters of four quite splendid alchemy masters and more than ten ordinary ranks, this is besides Yao family and Danxiang Taoyuan, alchemy master most influences. Night, Shen Xiang and one crowd of hair white Hua Hua old man sits together, discussed alchemy technique, Shen Xiang was obtaining the Su Meiyao's instruction, that alchemy technique was wise, he unified his experience this, said some main point, making this audiences alchemy masters benefit greatly, admired to Shen Xiang, young, comprehended the thing that has made them exclaim in surprise. Shen Xiang, this morning matter, has to affront also please forgive! Yao family once gave me some herbs, therefore I owe their favour, but from now on the future I and they will write off.” Uncle Meng face ashamed look said. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Past, Yao family now hates my bone to inter the body, after all I make them not have the face very much.” He obtained very good alchemic furnace and a splendid alchemy master now, this is the gift that Yao family gives, in his heart also secretly feels grateful Yao family. Then laborious everybody, because King City Martial Dao must start, I must prepare, when the time comes must obtain first, takes that True Elemental Dan.” Shen Xiang both eyes glittering self-confident ray, in the people heart was shaking at this time, because they when admiring the Shen Xiang's alchemy talent, has neglected the Shen Xiang's strength, now they remember Shen Xiang are also young expert! The Shen Xiang's strength can send lossless can the Yao family that Mortal Martial Realm 7th level elder defeats, this talent simply is monster existence! I exited to exercise martial arts, everybody rested earlier!” Shen Xiang abandons these words, leaves on the half step. ...... ...... In a mountain scene forest outside King City, Shen Xiang looks at that glittering prosperous colored light glow profound positive pill furnace, in the heart is somewhat excited, he moves this pill furnace time, knows that this pill furnace is uncommon.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou these two peerless beautiful women also ran from the ring at this time, looks that Profound Yang Furnace that Shen Xiang won. Fire Dragon Blood Jade!” Bai Youyou cannot help but retreat several steps, this usually always elegantly beautiful beautiful woman unexpectedly of icy appearance fears this Profound Yang Furnace. The Su Meiyao vision brilliant looks at that alchemic furnace, then bent down, handles gently with the filament of that tender and delicate characterless is caressing, probably strokes the treasure to be the same. Bai Youyou walked slowly, but actually stubbornly stares at tread that Profound Yang Furnace, her tender body unexpectedly is shivered by the purple noble women's clothing is wrapping slightly, that facial expression is similar to faced with the archenemy is common. Right, truly is Fire Dragon Blood Jade, has not thought that your this brat can obtain such supreme treasure unexpectedly! Dan King of that crude person knew certainly grievedly will die.” On the Su Meiyao face full is the happy smiling face, really caresses flatters movingly, making people wish one could to hug her in the bosom loves tenderly well. Shen Xiang hastily receives that alchemic furnace, although he does not know that Fire Dragon Blood Jade is anything, but actually could see that Bai Youyou fears to this pill furnace, he somewhat guilty said: Sister Youyou, sorry, I do not know that you are afraid this thing.” The Bai Youyou complexion was more moderate, whispered: No problem, is not your mistake!” This sound unexpectedly is so temperate movingly, making Shen Xiang cannot help but stare, not being able to say gentle wells up his heart immediately, making him feel that has an inexplicable comfort. Bai Youyou sees Shen Xiang that unusual complexion, at once coldly said: Body of devil art and my Extreme Yin that I practice had the contradiction to this Extreme Yang to just Fire Dragon Blood.”