World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 41
Fire Dragon Blood? The Shen Xiang heart shakes, that profound yang alchemic furnace comes out is not Profound Yang Stone, but is Fire Dragon Blood Jade? As the name suggests, Fire Dragon Blood Jade holds the Fire Dragon Blood jade! The dragon, in Legend can control antique divine beast of world, some people have never seen. Fire Dragon Blood Jade, with Fire Dragon Blood has soaked the jade, not only indestructible, but also the beam energy spread sends out unusual fire Qi, has very big advantage to pills, but also this alchemic furnace is Sacred Level dragon tool!” Said here, Su Meiyao that beautiful cheeks reappeared to wipe ruddily, appeared extremely excited. Even if Bai Youyou this iceberg beautiful woman, her such as the snow and ice general facial features have also revealed the excited color. Shen Xiang knows that alchemic furnace is very fierce, but is actually confused, he mumbled was saying: Where is this fierce?” Su Meiyao spat one tenderly, charmingly said: Silly brat, you gained in a big way. In mortal world, various magic treasure weapon may be divided into ordinary tool, spirit tool and treasure tool, the above words, are transmit in the culmination again Immortal refinement immortal tool and sacred tool, but Sacred Level dragon tool, is the refinement time, mixes the thing on dragon body, that is in sacred tool very formidable existence.” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth are twitching slightly, somewhat unbelievable said: That...... That is alchemic furnace comes on Zitian?” That is natural, dragon living thing appears in the mortal world words, because entire mortal world will unable to withstand strength that the dragon will release to collapse to destroy.” Bai Youyou said. Has the dragon really?” Shen Xiang swallows the saliva. Su Meiyao has pulled up the black hair of forehead with jade finger, said slowly: Naturally has, if you have the opportunity to leave this Mortal Martial World, will go to know your tiny to these higher world.”

I have gone, this Fire Dragon Blood Jade I cannot bear, Junior Sister you instructed him to receive that Sacred Level dragon tool.” Bai Youyou said that then vanish from sight, entered in that ring. Su Meiyao this time is happy, on the face is hanging the charming smile, looks like is very moving sweet and pretty, she said: You take that alchemic furnace, then on drop blood.” After Shen Xiang Profound Yang Furnace takes, with Xiaodao lacerates the finger, the blood drop to pill furnace above, after seeing only the blood and that smooth and red bright alchemic furnace move, red light immediately explodes to dodge, Shen Xiang in that time only feels in the mind to emerge many news, knew after this alchemic furnace many news, Shen Xiang is excited and excited immediately. This pill furnace name is Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, is one is called the flame Dragon Zi person refinement!” Shen Xiang said excitedly: This pill furnace can let person better control inside temperature, moreover can strengthen the flame, enters inside flame under the influence of Fire Dragon Blood Jade, can turn into one type to the alchemy very helpful flame! Let person alchemy time is handier.” Said here, Shen Xiang was more excited, he said: „A fiercest point, is this pill furnace not only can make the person alchemy speed speed up, but also in also anything can let Yin-Yang counter chaotic formation, can make inside time pass quickly!” After Su Meiyao hears, the Naqu line graceful tender body cannot help but slightly shivers, she raises head to look at that round bright moonlight, murmured: How long I and Senior Sister did not need to restore the strength! Who however this flame Dragon is Zi? The person who can refine this type of thing is very certainly famous, but I have not actually listened......” Su Meiyao purses the lips to think deeply about anything. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Sister Meiyao, you have not certainly listened, but this person Tianshan...... I refine Baptizing Marrow Dan generally in -and-a-half a double-hour furnace, the present words I think that should be able to handle in half double-hour, even half double-hour does not use!” Shen Xiang holds that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace on face full is being the anticipation.

Such looks like, I and Senior Sister did not need and other years to restore the strength.” The Su Meiyao coquettish look such as the silk looks at Shen Xiang, smiled faintly wear a look, was caresses very much flatters movingly. Shen Xiang slightly absent-minded, he has coughed two, said: Can make two elder sisters soon restore the strength, the little brother was also happy that I will try hard.” Su Meiyao walks, is touching the Shen Xiang handsome cheeks with that soft delicate hands, spits the Youlan fragrance, the eye is containing the eyes, tender dī dī said: You are really a treasure, elder sister a little likes you now.” Is hearing that numb soft sound, feels stroking of that tender and delicate white hands, Shen Xiang is swallowing the saliva, said with a smile dry: Sister Meiyao, I must start to practice, I now have not been able to display this alchemic furnace strength, I must have a stronger strength.” Su Meiyao nodded with a smile, then has kissed the Shen Xiang cheeks, then entered in the ring, only keeps Shen Xiang to be in a daze there. A while, Shen Xiang traces the cheeks with the hand, the heart jumps quickly, he has not thought that Su Meiyao this most beautiful woman meets after the wedding him, he had not never fantasized has this woman, but he actually knows that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou not only have beautiful outside, simultaneously is very fierce woman, therefore he always also fantasized, but actually probably a little wants to become true to feel now. Really is a spirit, made that I restless!” In the Shen Xiang heart was scolding lowly, but he was delighted at this time, can be so intimate with Su Meiyao such female, was one is worth the happy matter seriously very much. Shen Xiang night must exercise martial arts, but he in alchemy, has such Sacred Level dragon tool alchemic furnace now, he naturally must attempt immediately! Shen Xiang is bringing many herbs along, at this time he in refining Baptizing Marrow Dan, after he puts in pill furnace inside herbs, pill furnace inside situation immediately clear appearance in his mind, even on some tiny traces including herbs can look clear!

At this time Shen Xiang pours into the flame to enter pill furnace, is having one's wish the temperature of control flame, Divine Sense consumes are also few, he even can only branch out Divine Sense to examine pill furnace, were exercising martial arts at the same time that's alright! At this time Shen Xiang knows had good pill furnace, alchemy time met twice the result with half the effort, naturally, he has the vigorous foundation, therefore used this Sacred Level dragon tool rank pill furnace alchemy, that radically effortlessly. Half double-hour passed by, but Shen Xiang actually built up two furnace Baptizing Marrow Dan to come, each furnace is four grains! He usually at most is also only three grains, this flame dragon pill furnace has made full use of all herbs, moreover under that strange time acceleration, has saved more time, was usually quicker than several times. Just to stimulate to movement in pill furnace mysterious formation, has absorbed Shen Xiang itself many True Qi. Younger brother, now you start to build up to be many some Gang Qi Dan, can be helpful you entering the Mortal Martial Realm 7th level True Aura boundary fast, you must know that the ordinary people do not have your this condition to take Gang Qi Dan massively.” Su Meiyao that charming sound conveys. pills that Gang Qi Dan is quite difficult to build up in many alchemy Master Yanli, moreover pills rank is only Mortal Level middle-grade, therefore is many alchemy masters does not want to build up, but Shen Xiang actually did not fear, because he has Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace.