World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 42
Night cultivates, Shen Xiang has swallowed four grains of Baptizing Marrow Dan, then starts the revolution Tai Chi Divine Art digestion efficacy, dawn he hurriedly went to Danxiang Herbal Manor to purchase 20 to refine Gang Qi Dan herbs. At this time Shen Xiang's spirit coins has basically used up, he has been investing, so long as the Dan King pavilion is open for business, opens sells pills time he has gains. Daytime, Shen Xiang stays in room refines Gang Qi Dan, each furnace is that relaxed, moreover is six grains, half double-hour on two furnaces, five double-hour built up that 20 materials, altogether was 120 grains of Gang Qi Dan! If according to grain of lowest five thousand large spirit coins, is six hundred thousand large spirit coins, but herbs also almost hundred thousand large spirit coins, obviously alchemy gains. Uncle Meng does not understand drop blood owner recognition, therefore not true obtains that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, otherwise he to Shen Xiang's, will certainly not think of this, Shen Xiang thought somewhat guilty, then him quietly has given Uncle Meng Metal Spirit Fruit and scrap Hell Spirit Grass, this made him feel better. Night, Shen Xiang takes that batch of Gang Qi Dan to arrive in mountain forest outside city, then swallows ten grains, like eating bean such, this makes others know that certainly will be startled the dislocated jaw. Shen Xiang revolution Tai Chi Divine Art, builds up efficacy, urges to send out in pills unusual Spirit Qi, slowly feels in Gang Qi Dan that Gang to be mad...... Every night Shen Xiang eats ten grains to practice True Qi, daytime is to practice Azure Dragon Divine Art and Vermilion Bird Divine Art in Divine Art of Four Symbols, as for White Tiger Divine Art, that needs in the murderous aura extremely heavy place practice, but Black Tortoise Divine Art is water attribute, needs in the water, moreover must have the strength above Mortal Martial Realm 9th level to be good. Suddenly, King City Martial Dao soon will start, only then three days do not arrive. Night, the moonlight such as washes, stars everywhere, Shen Xiang as always absorbs the massive Spirit Qi practice in mountain forest, meanwhile takes Gang Qi Dan, pills that for serveral days he consumed, this has also offset the insufficiency in Spirit Qi thin environment.

The Shen Xiang's body was winding around by light white light fog, this light fog can emit an unusual energy, sees only the leaf that falls to move the light fog, can turn into the fragment instantaneously! That white light fog is Gang is mad, how Shen Xiang grasped now turned into Gang's main point True Qi, but after True Qi draws Gang, will consume massive True Qi, only then in the True Qi vigorous situation, can continuously use True Aura to attack. In the morning, in mountain forest outside city, is red the capable youngster sincere bang of upper body to hit to make decent the adamant mountain wall, the fist wind whistling, the air wave is intermittent, sees only his fist not to move the mountain wall, unceasingly violently departs the smashing the stone, sends out pēng pēng explosive, so firm stone in his package True Aura in front of the fist is similar to the mud equally is frail. This is Mortal Martial Realm 7th level strength, now I could have one's wish turned into True Aura True Qi!” The Shen Xiang fist grasps, has stamped a foot vigorously, sees only fully that is the crushed stone ground splits immediately, these crushed stones are mad to grind the smashing by terror Gang who he releases. Shen Xiang only thinks now his strength compared with Mortal Martial Realm 6th level time formidable many times! But this strength in that big sect anything is not, only then has above Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, can base in big sect, this will be Shen Xiang never because of the reason that own strength will be supercilious, one should always strive for better truth he will also understand. The Dan King pavilion has Uncle Meng this Southern Martial Empire Dan King to join, making the reputation of Dan King pavilion increase day by day, although has not been open for business, many people anticipate, the shop entrance many people were inquiring that every day when is open for business. Naturally, as a result of Uncle Meng's joining, making Yao family feel that the pressure is very big, they worried that Shen family expands because of the Dan King pavilion, will threaten them the status in Southern Martial Empire pills aspect. Although Danxiang Herbal Manor also sells pill, but actually sells not many, mainly sells herbs, therefore the Dan King pavilion affects not in a big way to them, and has established cooperation relationship with them. Shen Xiang wears the clothes to return to King City, he is pondering over being open for business time of Dan King pavilion.

On returning to the King City road, Shen Xiang suddenly perceived that some are not right, he can induce to all around forest in some people hides in inside. Comes out, do not hide!” The Shen Xiang's sound is cold and gloomy, fills killing intent, since he and Yao family becomes enemies, he becomes very vigilant, he sent for assassinating by Yao family. His sound just fell, „” transmits, Shen Xiang put out a hand like lightning, held that toward the bow and arrow that he shot, afterward he such as flew quickly, body flexible and fast was shuttling back and forth in the forest. Shen Xiang appears under a tree, revolution Gang is mad, only smells bang crack, his fist rumbled the big tree, the big tree behind transmitted a pitiful yell, hid is killed dead by the fist energy direct bang that the Shen Xiang Naha said in the big tree following person. Shen Xiang frowned, all around change during he grasps, after he enters Mortal Martial Realm 7th level, Divine Sense once rose much, can like the rain arrow to shoot instantaneously through the Divine Sense clear feeling toward him in that him. Sees only his single-handed Ping Ju, a azure Gang is mad gushes out immediately, forms a Gang wall to keep off in his front, then shoots like the rainstorm arrow, was blocked by Gang wall completely. 300 arrows, 300 individuals! It seems like you must kill me not to be possible!” Shen Xiang complexion one cold, the heart wells up dreadful killing intent. Such being the case, I am impolite.” As this sound spreads, filling the heavens murderous aura is sweeping across the forest with cold wind.

White Tiger is Slaughter God, after cultivating White Tiger Divine Art, can produce intense murderous aura, can frighten the opposite party, can strengthen own strength, but now Shen Xiang has displayed in White Tiger Divine Art most basic Slaughtering Heart, only then recruits and trains this, can practice in White Tiger Divine Art other martial arts, cultivates Slaughtering Heart should better the quickest method then to murder! Shen Xiang releases his formidable Divine Sense, quick induces to the surrounding big tree on is hiding many people, they hide extremely good, but was actually discovered by Shen Xiang. Snort, do not think that the population many can massacre me!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, the body like the illusory image, flies to leap up in the forest, the speed rapidness, this makes these hide the archer on tree is hard to lock his position radically, even if occasionally can hit a target, but will be mad resisting by Shen Xiang Gang. The Shen Xiang's fist spout azure light glow, fist above is brushing glittering lightning, he dodges to a tree by, hits toward a bough fist bang. hōng hōng hōng...... Sees only entire tree glittering azure lightning, the bough is blasting out, bursts out the intermittent flame and lightning glow, on the crown is burned black one piece, is burning the flame, six scorched corpses drop from above.