World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 45
King City Martial Dao only then two days must start, but still does not have the message that Yao family talent medicine day magnificent to the present, this is anxious on entire Yao family to jump down to leap up, medicine day magnificent is a good seedling that their Yao family presents rarely, although was more arrogant, but Yao family thinks that natural, but now unknown whereabouts, did not have the message. Shen Xiang the mansion that helps from the violent wind filled with dust comes back, he has not seen his father in the Dan King pavilion. Grand-uncle, my father?” Shen Xiang encountered Shen Luzong, hastily asked. His wound, you had felt relieved that he returns to Shen family now, prepares to convene various branches, resists Shen Furong!” Shen Luzong said with a smile: Your father is not a person of giving up, Shen Furong destroyed the Shen family clan regulations, not only injures Patriarch, but also tries to meddle the Shen family matter, but also helps the Shen family hostile forces, depends on these, Shen Furong must be expelled Shen family.” Shen Furong for the one's own selfish interests, master Yao family copes with Shen family vigorously, this truly makes Shen family up and down angry, now Shen Tianhu has treated as Shen family number one enemy Shen Furong, only then solves Shen Furong this hindrance, can make Shen family formidable. The Shen Xiang complexion is somewhat dignified, asks: Grand-uncle, Shen Furong is these Martial Dao sect's disciples, our Shen family such does, for example and that Martial Dao sect becomes enemies.” Shen Luzong shakes the head saying: Relax, Martial Dao sect also has the Martial Dao sect's custom, their disciples stir up trouble here, was killed could not complain about the person, snort|hum, the solemn big sect's disciple, unexpectedly from falling the figure takes care these matters, was extinguished also gets what one deserves.” If these Martial Dao sect do not have rule restrict, casual Martial Dao master arrives at this common custom world to dominate, did that mess up? Shen Xiang now has also felt relieved much, if so, he will not have other worries. Grand-uncle, the Dan King pavilion will be open for business tomorrow, making Meng always be ready, simultaneously announced entire Southern Martial Empire.” Shen Xiang loudly said, in the sound is bringing excitement slightly.

pills of Dan King pavilion reserve were many, moreover every day will limit to sell, can prevent to be out of stock, Dan King pavilion many alchemy masters, moreover there are Dan King Uncle Meng to assume personal command, Shen Xiang feels relieved very much. Shen Luzong is also very excited, on shameless likes completely, he already had to enter the King City ambition, but the manpower is insufficient, therefore he can only stay in Wohu city. Can open a pills shop in King City, that is needs abundant background to be good! The news has travelled quickly, was the focus of attention in the former Dan King pavilion, because everybody knows that this was the industry of Shen family, but Shen family and Yao family were hostile, to occupy seized the market, certainly will fight the price war, when the time comes they can buy the low price pills, this to these was not very wealthy martial artist, but gospel. Yao family for many years alone big, Danxiang Herbal Manor only sells spirit herb, the people are also have no recourse to buy Yao family high price pills, but does not use now, this can save a large sum of money money to them. Night, after Shen Xiang has taken a bath, changes one white magnificent and expensive clothes, walks toward Danxiang Herbal Manor, thinks of Danxiang Herbal Manor that character and style ten thousand Village Master, in the Shen Xiang heart cannot help but slightly. After notification, Shen Xiang arrives at Hua Yueyun that to fill in the fragrant small hall again, that Hua Yueyun already here waited for him, Shen Xiang sees the outstanding person who this caresses flatters, cannot help but is shocked. Hua Yueyun wears the women's clothing that a purple tissue has made, but inside anything has not actually put on, can see that beautiful luster of the skin by that purple tissue clearly, the perfectly round chest, the slender waist, the slender leg, her every action and every movement hook the mind of man, seductive appearance myriad, making the person not be possible to extricate oneself...... Somewhat looks at the Shen Xiang breath to be difficult, the blushing ear thorn, the heartbeat intensifies. Young Master Shen, is the girl pretty?” Hua Yueyun looks the charming smile, the sweet and delicate voice asks, the jade foot treads lightly on the soft rug, walks toward Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang has swallowed saliva fiercely, then sat, oneself one cup of tea, has drunk but actually completely, scatters that dryness and heat in within the body, he does not have to look at that attractive Hua Yueyun again. „The Young Master Shen strength in meditation also really makes the girl admire full of admiration, if possible, the girl is willing to take care Young Master Shen for a lifetime, is the Young Master Shen maidservant.” Hua Yueyun Youyou said that a face is sincere, to was not tells the lie likely, she also put out a snow white long skirt to put on, bewitched to seize the soul the luster of the skin covering up her, she knows now in front of Shen Xiang she brings contempt upon oneself. A woman is almost scarlet. Bare standing before a man, that man slightly has moved, then no longer look at her, this attacks to Hua Yueyun very in a big way. Month Sister Yun, you let off the little brother, do not make fun of the little brother! You attractively, the strength is also good, why?” The Shen Xiang forced smile said that because of serveral days, was the Danxiang Herbal Manor low price sold to the Dan King pavilion spirit herb, therefore he came to feel grateful, he does not know that this Danxiang Herbal Manor Village Master had this special hobby, unexpectedly liked enticing this monogamous young man. Hua Yueyun purses the lips slightly, lightly snorted and said: Young Master Shen, others want to be your maidservant, others already attracting cannot extricate oneself by your charm......” The nonsense charm, Shen Xiang does not believe the air/Qi of any tortoise and so on thing, he knows this Hua Yueyun goal, nothing but settles on his alchemy talent, wants to trick him to Danxiang Taoyuan this sect focusing on alchemy. Shen Xiang said with a smile dry: Spends Village Master, I had Xianxian this fiancee, your this maidservant too has symbolized, that little girl will be jealous.” I know that you look down upon me.” Hua Yueyun self-ridiculed that smiles: What matter do you ask me to have?”

Shen Xiang puts out scrap Hell Spirit Grass, gives Hua Yueyun, earnestly said: Month Yun, this is I thanks you to give the preferential benefit of Dan King pavilion, hopes after us, can continue to cooperate, you best to sell the high point to give Yao family the spirit herb price.” Hua Yueyun gratefully accepts that thumb big Hell Spirit Grass, although only then, but also was very precious, her happily said with a smile: Young Master Shen is really natural, the girl according to will certainly do, if this Danxiang Herbal Manor that Young Master Shen will say will really be my, I free will surely give you spirit herb.” Shen Xiang one startled, looks at that beautiful monster flexure the cheek, in the heart was considering secretly must receive this Hua Yueyun for the maidservant, but he worried that this woman has other goals. „The Dan King pavilion must be open for business tomorrow, all are my grand-uncle manage, I must plan to attend the King City Martial Dao meeting, when the time comes your convenient words, give the Dan King pavilion to have dozen of advertisements.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Does not have the issue, moon/month Yun will certainly do.” Hua Yueyun at this time like the maidservant, making Shen Xiang somewhat unable to bear, he and Hua Yueyun talked nonsense several in a hurry to depart. Looks at Shen Xiang to flee to the wilderness, Hua Yueyun beautiful eyes glittering, spat tenderly: Also is really formidabe brat, final trump card is useless to him, is this, I more must take him.” Outside the Shen Xiang arriving city as always cultivates, his goal is to let Shen family enters King City, becomes a powerful Martial Dao aristocratic family, when the time comes he can go to these big sect relieved, as for the Dan King pavilion, he does not need to pay attention to that many now, because there are Dan King Uncle Meng and Shen Luzong assumes personal command, moreover has Hua Yueyun to support secretly, he only needed to promote strength that's alright relieved.