World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 46
Shen Xiang just entered Mortal Martial Realm 7th level, he must consolidate good cultivation base now, this can let him to display that smoothly Engulfing Devil Art. Next noon, Shen Xiang leaves mountain forest, returns to King City, how he is also curious the Dan King pavilion the sales volume. Shen Xiang walks on the avenue, sees the Dan King pavilion from afar, but is not he was expected that is so lively, this makes him feel strange, the hastily half step walked. Arrives at the Dan King pavilion entrance, Shen Xiang only sees inside disorderly, on the Shen Luzong face is completely angry, directs some people to pack that disorderly thing. The Dan King pavilion encountered has hit to pound, Shen Xiang affirmed this! Grand-uncle, I came back.” Shen Xiang hastily walked, looks at complexion somewhat pale Shen Luzong, knits the brows to ask: „Does grand-uncle, who is injure your?” Shen Xiang now is also filled with fury, he decided that so long as in his one clump of Shen Luzong mouths knew that is who does, he immediately revenges, must these to pay the serious price. Is Shen Furong injures me, the person who the violent wind filled with dust helps is responsible for hitting to pound, and has injured in some shops workers, Meng and several alchemy masters are closing up alchemy, therefore they are all right!” At this time Shen Luzong hastily entrained Shen Xiang: „Do you want to go to do?” Shen Xiang knew that is the violent wind filled with dust gang, the face darken is incomparable, in the heart the anger is dreadful, before the violent wind filled with dust faction people killed his account not to calculate that now unexpectedly comes here dozen to pound. Shen Xiang coldly said: Grand-uncle, lets loose me, I must go to have it all that violent wind filled with dust gang, the old debts new account calculates together! You inform the father, making him prepare for with that Yao family battles against, if our Shen family wants to base in King City, must Yao family making, this can also frighten other influences.” „Do you go? I accompany you together.” Shen Luzong said.

No, you look for Meng to discuss first that the Dan King pavilion must continue to open the door, when the time comes who causes trouble again, all butchered.” Shen Xiang said that then quickly departs, Uncle Meng and Shen Luzong strength, although is inferior to that Shen Furong, the words that but must put together, Shen Furong does not have the good fruit to eat. All the way, Shen Xiang heard the matter about Dan King pavilion, what many people are more is disappointed, because in the Dan King pavilion pills selling price is lower than Yao family many, once the mass opens sells, the Yao family pills enterprise will certainly be under very big impact, therefore Yao family makes the Dan King pavilion close with the strong method. Although this method Tyrannical righteousness, even is barbaric, but actually nobody manages, because influence of Yao family in King City is very big, nobody wants to become enemies with Yao family. Yao family, you are waiting to me!” The Shen Xiang face darken, the anger soars to the heavens. The violent wind filled with dust helps the front door of mansion, already had many guards here, they see Shen Xiang to walk, hastily stopped doing weapon. Does not want dead boils to me.” Standing that Shen Xiang unemotionally helps the front door of mansion in the violent wind filled with dust, the double fist grasps, the whole body emerges intermittent azure glow immediately, in azure glow bursts out makes a debut a electric light, exudes in the pā lā sound, is really scary. No one wants dead, these guards by True Qi that Shen Xiang released frightening, they know that they were similar to the ants in front of Shen Xiang, therefore they made way immediately. The front door is shutting tightly, Shen Xiang stands before the gate, eyes dodges lightning glow, sees only him to exude one to drink stuffily, condense the vigorous Azure Dragon Lightning True Qi double fist fierce bang, is similar to two big dragons hits above that front door. The front door that bang bang that leaf of Atsugi makes turns into the powder dust immediately, the mist and dust is billowing, is startled these guard whole bodies to tremble, if hits on them, they will turn into that to the powder dust. This...... This is the Mortal Martial Realm 7th level strength, he a moment ago used is Gang is mad absolutely!” After a guard sees Shen Xiang to walk into mansion, immediately startled shouts. Shen Xiang's cultivation base in the hearsay is Mortal Martial Realm 6th level, but now is actually 7th level, this rather also extremely monstruous talent, these guards secretly relaxed, if they stopped a moment ago, that must die without doubt.

Enters in the mansion, the Shen Xiang whole body braves steaming baleful aura, he was practicing Slaughtering Heart, now he is filled with killing intent, murderous aura that before accumulated has braved immediately, all the way deterred the whole body to become tender many male servants and maidservant, lies down, this was Slaughtering Heart fierce place, deterred the opposite party with murderous aura! Who comes the violent wind filled with dust gang to cause trouble?” Sonic boom drinks to transmit, Shen Xiang has anchored the footsteps. Dan King pavilion Shen Xiang! The Yao family running dog faction, I must make your violent wind filled with dust gang disappear in King City today.” Shen Xiang said solemnly. Sees only the blade light to flash through in the upper air together, a person grasps the broadsword, jumps from the distant place, chops to the Shen Xiang's head. coldly snorted that Shen Xiang disdains, waves gently, azure crazy Thunder Penbao rich intense lightning Qi Aura is flying to shoot together from his hand, hits the person in that upper air, only hears one crack, in the upper air blows out blood fog immediately. This is Thunder Gang, the might is quite terrorist! The violent wind filled with dust helps person who catches up with also see in the upper air is scattering the blood fog, as well as that breaks the broken steel knife, cannot help but frightened has tarried, they first time saw this terrifying attack, a move helped the strength good person kill the dregs to result to the bang their violent wind filled with dust does not remain. Shen Xiang is Mortal Martial Realm 7th level, the master of this rank leaves the move not to be uncommon, let alone divine art of Shen Xiang practice, has Five Elements attribute True Qi! unexpectedly walks into a trap, Shen Xiang, I will not make you live today exiting, you have killed my son, I must offer a sacrifice to him with your persons head!” Is full of the hate the sound to say together. Shen Xiang stands in a middle of big garden, around him wears the person of black clothed, that violent wind filled with dust master also appears before him, in his side also several wear magnificent and expensive people. Those who make Shen Xiang unexpected is, King City City Lord Hua Gaoyun also, in Chinese tall Yun behind also the young people, that should be his son unexpectedly. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Kills me on accurate your son, doesn't permit me to kill him? Let alone he had 300 people to come, but was actually killed by me, they were one crowd of waste, could not complain about the person!”

Worthily is in the hearsay Shen family Young Master, haven't you known your Shen family present situation? Your that waste father had been injured, the Dan King pavilion was moved, you also dare to walk in unexpectedly, this courts death simply.” Wears the golden magnificently dressed middle-aged person to ridicule was saying. The Shen Xiang whole body shakes, the whole body emerges to absorb lightning glow of person, his both eyes fill hates severely are staring that middle-aged person, said: Said a moment ago my father is the person of waste is you?” Is I am also what kind, remembers this Sir's name, my named Wang Yi mountain, is Patriarch of prince.” The middle-aged person facial expression said proudly. The prince is a Martial Dao family in King City, but in the Shen Xiang impression is actually not very strong, but these King City inside families look down upon the family of outer city, therefore naturally does not pay attention to Shen family. Snort, actually is only licks Yao family ** the dog family, I also consider anything.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, these small families flatter Yao family are not the extraordinary matter. little bastard, you dare to insult prince, I have abandoned you today!” Wang Yi mountain flies into a rage, although Shen Xiang said quite coarse, but this is actually the fact. -------------------------------------------------- The fresh flower are quite few, asks the fresh flower, sought the collection!