World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 47
Wang Yi mountain roared, body was similar to burns the golden flame to be common, condense had the prince unique King True Qi, but felt was thinking that the overwhelming power was incomparable, he took several steps, exploded roars, golden fist was making void, powerful Qi Energy exploded to well up together from the fist, suddenly then arrives at Shen Xiang at present. After this Qi Aura bang hits, slate of ground becomes crushes immediately, the plow presents a deep gully, sees to make the person whole body tremble, if this strength hits on the body of person, can grind the smashing the person? This level also dares, when Patriarch? My father hand can pinch you!” Shen Xiang contemptuously smiles, fierce waving, pats the powder Qi Aura that hits instantaneously. The people persist in cannot help but being shocked, Shen Xiang that waved a moment ago is really too relaxed, is similar to the action of driving away fly is the same, but was this makes people frightened Qi Aura melting that. Shen Xiang waved a moment ago in the hand also emits Qi Aura, he can pat easily disperses Wang Yi mountain Qi Aura, that can only explain that Shen Xiang's Qi Aura is stronger than time Wang Yi mountain. Wang Yi mountain very self-confident strikes by Shen Xiang waving gently is patted vanishes into thin air, this makes him suspect that his Qi Aura had not displayed peak a moment ago, but ground that gully truly exists, thinks of this, his whole body trembles, he realized that at present this young people have he unapproachable strength. When Wang Yi mountain and people are in a daze, the Shen Xiang personal appearance dodges, arrives in front of Wang Yi mountain, this terror speed is once more shocking. Wang Yi mountain has not responded that the abdomen then transmits the severe pain, he lowers the head looked that only saw one to wind around the arm of azure True Qi to penetrate his abdomen, passed the back. „” Wang Yi mountain has sent out a pitiful yell, but Shen Xiang also pulled out the arm at this time, what he used was Azure Dragon Claw, the True Qi turn into dragon claw, sharp such as just, let alone flesh and blood, even if were the stiff rock can also penetrate with ease. Arm by the True Qi package, therefore has not stained the bloodstain, looks to pour nearby oneself Wang Yi mountain, Shen Xiang coldly said: Hurries get lost, this is grievances that I and violent wind filled with dust help, you meddle are also bring upon oneself, I circle your dog's life today, making you have a look at our Shen family genuine formidable place.”

Wang Yi mountain deeply had been shocked completely by the Shen Xiang's strength, although in the heart resented, but actually does not dare to say anything again, endures suffering to crawl, making the person lead him to leave the mansion that the violent wind filled with dust helps. The Shen Xiang vision concentrates, in eyes is beating azure lightning, whole body murderous-looking, has swept the violent wind filled with dust master person of one by one, coldly said: If you are meddlesome, do not blame me not being impolite, I and you do not have no grievances, I do not want to waste the strength and your fight.” City Lord Hua Gaoyun is Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, is stronger than that Wang Yi mountain, but after he sees Shen Xiang's gets rid, in heart difficult situation, if he faces Shen Xiang, even if can win, cannot ask for the advantage absolutely, he can achieve City Lord this position, naturally can see this, for a disreputable violent wind filled with dust master offends the alchemy master who has boundless prospects, this is not very cost-effective, let alone Shen family is less affable. magnificent clouds not saying anything further high, leading own son to leave, as for that violent wind filled with dust master, he does not need to manage that many, because he knows today , the violent wind filled with dust will help not to exist. The violent wind filled with dust master looks the person who he invited left, in heart angry, but actually does not dare to manifest suddenly. Gives on me, he is only a person.” The violent wind filled with dust master bellows, puts out a black lance, flushes away toward Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang roared, just liked angry dragon wild cry, powerful Qi Aura was similar to the wave is centered on Shen Xiang generally, rippled to all around, everywhere one visit, stone brick of ground became crushes, the flowers and plants trees in garden were similar to by thousand blades are chopped general, but the person who all around flushed sent out the intermittent pitiful yell immediately, bled profusely from the head, a whole body scar, fell to the ground completely. Shen Xiang this move is mad to erupt in the way of sound wave shake vigorous Gang, although the consumption is huge, but the might and kill zone are actually very astonishing. Only the violent wind filled with dust master can also stand, other over a thousand people that the violent wind filled with dust helps fall to the ground completely, the casualty big piece, is unbelievable they to take down by 16-year-old youngster instantaneously, so vigorous fearful True Qi, making that violent wind filled with dust master feel that deep fear, he knows what now their violent wind filled with dust gang annoying is what fellow.

Ha Ha......” violent wind filled with dust master suddenly laughs. What do you smile?” Shen Xiang walks step by step toward him. Because Yao family will not let off your Shen family, your Shen family must perish.” The violent wind filled with dust master grins fiendishly was saying that also at this time, Shen Xiang dodged to him in front, condense vigorous True Qi, turned into Qi Aura True Qi, a fist rumbled vigorously, flew hitting of violent wind filled with dust master, has banged into the house in distant place. Shen Xiang hastily grazes, sneaks into house, with the hand according to above the head of that violent wind filled with dust master, in the heart cried out: Engulfing Devil Art!” This violent wind filled with dust master good and bad is also Mortal Martial Realm 7th level, True Qi in within the body is good, is only he facing Shen Xiang this monster, collapses at the first blow radically. Shen Xiang first time displays this Engulfing Devil Art, felt that massive True Qi emerge from his arm, breaks in his body, that True Qi is tyrannical, in his within the body jump, making his whole body uncomfortable, but he actually endures. Violent wind filled with dust master losing one's voice rave gets up, in heart, he has not thought with amazement Shen Xiang can pull out unexpectedly leaves True Qi in human body, can inhale own within the body, this martial arts is terrorist, is righteous path sects sees to it exterminate. The Shen Xiang's body crosses quenching in Immortal Devil Tan Jieshou, powerful incomparable, the skeleton, muscle and meridians within the body cannot withstand boundless True Qi that suddenly is used , will therefore not explode the body. This is Bai Youyou does not dare to teach the Shen Xiang devil art reason at will, because request very high of devil art to body.

The short moment, the violent wind filled with dust master cultivated dozens years of True Qi by the Shen Xiang extinction, the violent wind filled with dust master also therefore died completely, Shen Xiang did not feel better at this time, he must suppress within the body these tyrannical True Qi, otherwise will be very troublesome. Shen Xiang does not have time looting violent wind filled with dust gang at this moment, but is hastily burns down the corpse of violent wind filled with dust master, leaves here, if the Yao family person comes now, he will be troublesome, he must digest these True Qi anxiously. His present strength, can compare favorably with Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, this grade of strength is terrorist, must know that entire Southern Martial Empire 8th level Mortal Martial Realm can count. The backyard of Dan King pavilion, after Shen Xiang comes back, then enters deeply the following secret room, Shen Luzong sees Shen Xiang that dignified complexion, had not asked that but Uncle Meng is still closing up alchemy, otherwise the Dan King pavilion will not encounter today hits to pound. The violent wind filled with dust helped the extinguished matter, quick has spread in entire King City, the morning time Dan King pavilion encountered causing trouble that the violent wind filled with dust helped, but was actually destroyed completely at noon, moreover Shen Xiang person fight, the King City people all exclaimed in surprise the Shen Xiang's strength, at this time they new understanding to the Shen Xiang's strength. Although left many homicide cases, but has not actually managed, nobody wants to meddle in this matter, although and so on has Imperial Palace, has the emperor, but they actually do not dare to provoke these fierce characters, their very clear Martial Dao expert strength is how fearful.