World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 48
The violent wind filled with dust helps, although was destroyed completely, but the Yao family actually big sound, the violent wind filled with dust gang has not been the Yao family running dog, this matter was already known by many people, they guessed that Yao family is certainly starting preparing the forthcoming King City Martial Dao meeting, simultaneously seeks for their Yao family to be missing for a long time talent and elder. The Dan King pavilion tidied up quickly, from was open for business newly, after the violent wind filled with dust helped was destroyed completely, the King City person by the strength of Dan King pavilion is also shocked, now in abundance floods into the Dan King pavilion to purchase pills, but the pills price of Dan King pavilion compared with Yao family pills convenient many, this caused the Yao family pills industry to be greatly affected. Needs to purchase the pills martial artist majority not to be wealthy, the back does not have the family, they go all out to make money to buy the pills promotion strength, therefore in their eyes, which convenient chooses, moreover the Dan King pavilion has Southern Martial Empire Dan King to assume personal command, making these people relieved. pills is mainly Mortal Level low-grade sells a lot, middle-grade is few, because middle-grade is more expensive, but Mortal Level High-Grade less people have bought, that is not the average person can afford. Because there is Danxiang Herbal Manor low price spirit herb to supply unceasingly, this made the Dan King pavilion reduce many costs, even if also sold convenient to have very big profit, spirit coins that regarding gaining, Shen Xiang totally did not want, that left the Dan King pavilion turnover to use. A day passes by, Shen Xiang is still building up True Qi that these devour come, True Qi muddy of that violent wind filled with dust master, he discharges many impurities, finally pure True Qi will build up to turn into own, this process really requires the time. The Shen Xiang's dantian had full True Qi, now he is compressing True Qi unceasingly, making own dantian store up many, simultaneously attacks Mortal Martial Realm 8th level! Revolution Tai Chi Divine Art, in Shen Xiang dantian that Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram revolving fast, in True Qi unceasing entry Tai Chi Diagram, was decomposed then Five Elements by Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram, sends in that five real Qi ball. Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, Divine Power Realm! Is lets Divine Sense and True Qi fuses together, making True Qi have own god, True Qi will become more formidable, Gang strength that condense will come out will be stronger, will be more formidable than the Mortal Martial Realm 7th level Gang strength. Must enter into 8th level, must first have vigorous True Qi and formidable Divine Sense, after Shen Xiang devour True Qi of that violent wind filled with dust master, True Qi was vigorous, but his body the Immortal Devil pond quenchings, spirit exceptionally, now his Divine Sense is not weak, only need grasp Divine Sense and method of True Qi fusion, can break through.

Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, each time breakthrough time, as if must open a leaf of front door, the front stage can drive out with the brute force, but behind arriving not only needs strength, needs certainly skill, is the perception. This moment Shen Xiang had enough strength, only needs him to grasp True Qi and method of Divine Sense fusion, can open that leaf of front door, enters into Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, Divine Power Realm! Revolution Tai Chi Divine Art, is sensing the mystery in divine art, True Qi and Divine Sense of Shen Xiang within the body fuses along with his regard slowly, invisible Divine Sense, colorful True Qi, these two formidable strength fuse together, was similar to explodes in Shen Xiang within the body generally, was born continuous powerful strength, was attacking in the body unceasingly the meridians, muscle and skeleton...... Of bang remembers in the Shen Xiang mind, as if a leaf of front door was opened, strength continuously the door that opens from that emerges his body, making his strength more tyrannical! The Shen Xiang fierce opening eye, two spoken parts light project from the eye, wind around diverge in his golden Qi mist slowly, at this time he at present clear, the ground tiny sand dust is similar to at present, binaural, although receives the sound that the square distant place broadcasts, but he does not think noisy, instead can clear distinguishes the words that many spoke personally from these in chaos sounds. At crucial moments, Shen Xiang has entered into Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, Divine Power Realm! He is only one quickly to 17-year-old youngster. ...... ......

Ten years time King City Martial Dao will start, this is under 20 years old sets up to the national person, this time is conducts by Yao family, meanwhile has the Martial Dao sect's person of high skill from Immortal Mountain to present to watch, so long as won first, not only can obtain High-Grade Spirit Level True Elemental Dan, but can also obtain to join that Martial Dao sect's qualifications, this is the attractive reward. Must know that Spirit Level Dans is expensive, generally has not sold, only then the people and alchemy of Master Yuehao some needs will refine, moreover there is a risk of failure, let alone High-Grade Spirit Level True Elemental Dan. True Elemental Dan inside is containing massive pure True Qi, after the clothing/taking next, so long as builds up slightly, can obtain massive True Qi, does not need to build up through long-term absorption world Spirit Qi, is one type promotes cultivation base good pills rapidly. Person who King City Martial Dao can register, but can be few through the person of inspection, has 40 people! Obviously the request of this King City Martial Dao meeting how high. But in the test, the Shen Xiang's result is best, a fist aerodynamic forces measurement Stone Hongsui, is unable to detect actual strength! Now the people have not actually seen Shen Xiang to arrive. In Yao family plaza the sea of people, gather round that height six feet, about 20 ten feets in width circular martial arts contest stage, above is standing 39 teenage boys and girls, now also lacks Shen Xiang. Heard that couple of days ago he helped extinguishing the violent wind filled with dust of doing all kinds of evil, can be injured cannot come?” An person in arena said. Has the possibility very much, heard that violent wind filled with dust master also has the Mortal Martial Realm 7th level strength, young Shen Xiang has the possibility very much and he hits mutually wounded.” Another person said. Um, over the two days also nobody saw him to appear in the Dan King pavilion, it seems like cannot come, is really a pity.” A person sighed.

plaza people to watch the Shen Xiang's martial arts contest come, now Shen Xiang has not come, many people are disappointed, this makes on the stage in these arrogant teenage boys and girls hearts not be feeling well very much, because these under stage think after Shen Xiang came, certainly can obtain first. When people discuss spiritedly, wears the black vigor attire, straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards star, in the foreheads full is firm and resolute youngster treads slowly is mounting on the ladder of arena. Sees this face calm handsome youngster suddenly to appear, plaza the complete silence, erupted intermittent screams immediately afterward, Shen Xiang came finally, this made the people rouse. On the stage 40 teenage boys and girls, Shen Xiang is most prominent, because they put on very simply, is very ordinary black skintight clothes, but other people put on very magnificently and expensively, but in the makings and build, they actually fell a Shen Xiang big truncation. Shen Xiang is maturity is steady to the feeling of person, on the face is only having a smiling face slightly, but other teenage boys and girls actually all put on a high and mighty act, face proud look, no one can be placed in the eye by them probably general, looked has made the person not be feeling well extremely, therefore the people thought that Shen Xiang seemed like quite more comfortable.