World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 5
One month later! Late at night, above mountain forest the summit of mountain, glittering azure glow, the distant place is looking that arrives at the summit to be ordinary like stars. In order to avoid cultivating the phenomenon that initiates to be discovered that Shen Xiang taking advantage of picking the medicine is the excuse, arrives in far away mountain forest to practice Shen Xiang in order to absorbs many Spirit Qi, in order to induces to the between Heaven and Earth wind and thunder, he crawled above the summit, at this time saw only the cloud layer above summit to seethe, strong winds to erupt, occasionally cloud layer glittering left lightning, lightning dropped down, hit above the summit, as if must break out general the summit. This astonishing phenomenon Shen Xiang cultivates Azure Dragon Divine Art to initiate. The strong winds, the Heavenly Thunder lightning is, this moment lightning that he cultivated one to bring in all day chops to hit above his body, not only can quenching his body, meanwhile can make him absorb the strength of powerful lightning to enter the body. This action is crazy, must know that lightning that nature most has one Heaven Imitation of destruction strength, even though is enters into outstanding martial artist of boundary of True Martial not to dare to face at will, but Azure Dragon Divine Art of Shen Xiang practice actually needs to assist with Heavenly Thunder. This strange picture has continued to stop to the midnight, but Shen Xiang that because of bearing the pain the face of distortion also slowly restored, his clothes were already divided the pulp, and has scar that burned black belches smoke, glittering on these scars azure light, azure light is braving the rich wood attribute aura, is repairing the injury. What was this pain considered as? My stronger is big!” The Shen Xiang double fist grips tightly, in the heart was crying out, was enduring that thunder stroke one after another, clenched teeth to bear the pain, making lightning quenching his body. Worthily is divine art, not only can initiate the phenomenon, but can also make the body unable to withstand dividing of lightning to hit, hardship fleshly body, making fleshly body stronger. Several days pass by, the Shen Xiang's body seemed to be divided to hit by lightning, at this time he has completed foundation Quenching Body! Shen Xiang both eyes, two lightning burst out from that pair of firm and resolute pupil, is really astonishing. divine art is divine art, is really not these mediocre martial arts can compare! Only is one month, allowed me to enter Mortal Martial Realm 5th level!” At this time he entered Mortal Martial Realm 5th level! In Shen Xiang is regarding the five True Qi eddy currents in dantian, so long as is stronger, can make him control True Qi as one desires, this is the Mortal Martial Realm 5th level True Qi boundary! His is 16 years old, have the Mortal Martial Realm 5th level strength, were the talents! Shen Xiang looks red azure True Qi that on both hands emits, one is Fire True Qi, one is wood attribute True Qi. Explained that he grasped Azure Dragon Divine Art and Vermilion Bird Divine Art initially.

Shen Xiang only thought at this time one are similar to is reborn general, fleshly body or True Qi, tyrannical incomparable, after all that cultivates True Qi that divine art condense comes out, cultivates body that divine art quenchings. At this time Shen Xiang understands why divine art is divine art, can practice become god cultivation technique! Here Spirit Qi was too bad, you want the advanced by leaps and bounds words, can only pass pills! You can release True Qi Fire now, can start to study alchemy.” Su Meiyao gives him sound transmission to say. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also hope that Shen Xiang can a bit faster adolescence get up, like this they can also soon restore the strength, makes them feel the fear without any strength situation. ...... ...... Yo, isn't this Young Master Shen? The Yao family talent alchemy master issues the challenge to you, said that must compete alchemy technique and martial arts contest with you.” Shen Xiang just strided in the Shen family front door, sees whole face arrogant youngster to say to him. Challenge? When matter?” In Shen Xiang heart surprised, he exited for ten days. That youngster disdain said with a smile: actually you do not know that we also think you feared hides! This is the ten days ago matter, who made your fiancee settle on by others Yao family talent? Then you had bad luck.” Shen Xiang has to punch the impulsion of person, but he actually endured, said with a smile: Shen Zhenhua, you still remember that you were fallen to go fall flat on one's face by me in childhood? You should not be now to look at my lose face?” This youngster named Shen Zhenhua, is a Shen family branch commander son, the Shen family branch are many, proliferates across Southern Martial Empire, these commander are also very powerful, only then some important matters they will gather in this Shen family mountain village. On the Shen Zhenhua face full is the anger, but he actually endured, jokes: How naturally is comes to see you to be defeated by the Yao family talent, how I want to take a look at you to lose that appearance very much, if Celestial Immortal fiancee.” Then, Shen Zhenhua is laughing departure.

Shen Xiang low coldly snorted, leaves quickly, seeks his father, he on the road, heard that Shen family has had an accident, therefore these branch commander will come back. Tianhu Park, in a study room. Shen Xiang ran in a hurry, hastily asked: Father, the grandfather he drew back the Patriarch position, was this real?” Shen Tianhu looks dignified, the nod said: Real! Your grandfather he has gone into seclusion, he should look for these Martial Dao sect. commander of Shen family branch will arrive here to compete for the position of Patriarch one after another.” Shen family Patriarch abdicates, this means that must select new Patriarch to come, will have when the time comes likely many matters, because over the years Shen family will choose Patriarch to have many battles, will be injured to be unavoidable. Becoming Patriarch of Martial Dao aristocratic family, can have the supreme authority, has the rich resources, is many people must compete at risk of life. The Shen Xiang's father will also compete for the position of Patriarch, when the time comes Shen Xiang decides however will be involved, if he does not have the strength, that is quite danger(ous). The Shen family Patriarch position never inherits, is the dependence competes to come, after all this is a strength to revere world, only then shows the powerful strength to make others believe that therefore wants, when Shen family Patriarch, can the military be convincing. Shen Xiang sees the Shen Tianhu complexion to be very dignified, asked carefully: Father...... Very thorny?” Shen Tianhu sighed one lightly, said: Is very thorny, will compete for of Patriarch person to have several with me, including two brothers will be I most have scruples...... Did not say that this, the Yao family talent sent out to challenge to you, you rejected him.” Rejection? Shen Xiang after knowing matter of challenge has not thought must reject, but he now Mortal Martial Realm 5th level martial artist, and has divine art, because he cultivates Tai Chi Divine Art to be able the reserved aura, therefore Shen Tianhu cannot discover own son advanced by leaps and bounds Father, I cannot let Xue family and Yao family underestimate! I must accept a challenge!” The Shen Xiang vision is firm, the item contains fighting intent, the body emits vigorous pure True Qi immediately, this makes the Shen Tianhu pupil contraction, in the heart shock, he can see his son today we are no longer as we have been from that True Qi. Shen Tianhu can think that own son had certainly anything, but he is not many asked that can see own son to be formidable he is very happy. The big hand of Shen Tianhu builds on the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said while loudly laughing: Father supports you, must make the Yao family talent know that what is one should always strive for better!”

Shen Xiang said with a smile dry: Father, can you support me to select money?” Although Shen Xiang fierce fathers, but he is very poor, moreover his father worried that he will turn into the playboy, therefore has helped him live the simple life, causes the solemn Patriarch grandson to look like goes down in the world very much. Although Shen Tianhu is fierce, but to promote own strength, to help Shen Xiang collects pills, spent much, therefore he did not permit Shen Xiang to spend randomly. Use?” I want to buy to select spirit herb to plant.” Shen Xiang whispered, the eyeball is rotating. Plants spirit herb, that is living that needs to experience, moreover needs the intensive care, generally plants the spirit herb person, is the person of alchemy, is some hair white Hua Hua old men, young race spirit herb that is very unusual, one does not have the experience, but comes not to have the patience, must know that some spirit herb want many years to plant maturity. Shen Tianhu is also first time sees ten -year-old kids to plant spirit herb, but he sees Shen Xiang that double belting the self-confident ray pupil, endured suffering to pull out storage pouch. If you joked, I will beat your buttocks, making you in one month feel that sat the stool is the nightmares.” Shen Tianhu smiled gloomy, making Shen Xiang hit one to tremble. Three thousand large spirit coins! If you do not have the confidence to make these three thousand large spirit coins turn time, later do not ask that I asked for money.” Shen Tianhu has put out a process special manufacture spirit coins ticket. Shen Xiang receives with a smile, said: Relax, I am one must become the man of Shen family youngest alchemy master!” In Shen Tianhu heart one startled, he naturally knows that present Shen Xiang is not that does not have Spiritual Vein Shen Xiang, in his heart secretly is also liking, if that was true, will then make Shen family more formidable, must know that Shen family many years had not had the alchemy master. Shen Tianhu laughs: That hurries to get the hell out to toss about, you do not cause any pattern to me, you wait to take a beating! I help you respond to Yao family.” Shen Xiang attains three thousand large spirit coins, hastily left.