World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 50
Shen Xiang has gotten on the martial arts contest stage, a face is relaxed, not, because his match is four Sirs feels anxious, this divides calm and self-confident makes people feel to admire but actually. Stands with Shen Xiang in the four men of martial arts contest stage, although is 20 years old, but they be slightly shorter than Shen Xiang, the body board does not have Shen Xiang to be thick, looks like Shen Xiang is more vigorous and healthier than them actually. Leng Youlan under stage also earnest looks at Shen Xiang on stage, is sizing up Shen Xiang with a pair of chilly and beautiful pupil carefully, wants to completely understand Shen Xiang, but in the cloud the fog, she slightly has not actually induced to the aura that Shen Xiang lends. Starts!” The sound falls, that four men simultaneously fire into Shen Xiang, the speed is extremely fast, moreover simultaneously rumbles a fist, fist above condense vigorous True Qi, the people can see fearful True Qi that on that four fists sends out steaming clearly, this four bring the fist of terror strength as if to be able mountain bang ta to be the same. Shen Xiang shoulders both hands, stands in same place, the facial expression is indifferent, sees only that four shadowboxing fierce hits on the Shen Xiang's body, erupts an air wave, draws out strong winds, entire martial arts contest stage violent shakes, almost collapse. In that instantaneous, the heart of people as if stopped generally, such terrifying four fists has simultaneously stroked a goal, perhaps let alone people, was the iron slab must be destroyed. But Shen Xiang actually nobody, four fists separately hits in his chest back, his brow has not wrinkled, still face relaxed standing there, this makes entire plaza be silent immediately, everyone dumbstruck, a face is astonished. The Leng Youlan actually tight wrinkle willow eyebrows, stubbornly look at Shen Xiang, but on the face of that maturity cold and proud actually full is surprised, even if she, exhausts four fists that True Qi possibly also can only resist that simultaneously to attack reluctantly, Shen Xiang not only has not resisted with True Qi, can say that a preparation does not have, such optional shouldering has gotten down that four fists. Shen Xiang has not used True Qi, as he enters into Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, his becomes in fleshly body that Immortal Devil Tan Cuilian crosses more formidable, the attack of Mortal Martial Realm 6th level is for him superficial. Most shocking naturally is that four attacks the Shen Xiang's man, their terrors strokes when the Shen Xiang's body, is similar to likes a stone dropped into the sea general, being quietly did not have, making them have the suspicion to own strength, but the opposite party resisted with fleshly body! They draw back in abundance, casualness can shoulder the person who they simultaneously send out the attack, the strength can be imagined, certainly powerful incomparable.

Shen Xiang eye one entire, the body emits invisible murderous aura suddenly, making that four person whole bodies one cold, is similar to Hell that crashes into fills to slaughter is ordinary, but Shen Xiang is Slaughter God, can cut to kill them easily. You get down, can be hit by me?” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth flash through wipe killing intent, is really scary, one murderous aura that this is he cultivates in White Tiger Divine Art „the heart of slaughtering has, can bring the pressure to the person. The Shen Xiang's words fall, that four people make a getaway immediately, they in Shen Xiang that terrifying slaughters under covering of Divine Sense, was already tossed about the spirit break, the thought of not revolting against. From the beginning starts, Shen Xiang does not have fight, gives to frighten off that four men, enters the round of eight! This result surprised the people, making these enter eight strong person pressures to be bigger, facing a Shen Xiang such monster, their stratagem which ensures success became smaller. Then is decides on four groups of people to contend in martial arts, this is still in Yao family decided but not yet announced that Shen Xiang has not said anything, in his eyes , compared with whom is the same, how regardless of Yao family practices dirty tricks, does not have to affect to him slightly. Shen Xiang's match unexpectedly is the Yao family juniors, moreover probably is the medicine day Hua elder brother, named medicine acute hearing, Mortal Martial Realm 6th level. This makes Shen Xiang be but actually surprised, but he guessed that the matter will not be simple, his strength Yao family is clearest, arranges the people of oneself family to come with him to hit unexpectedly, these have certainly the issue. The Yao family disciple majority are to plant spirit herb or studies alchemy technique, just started, will fall behind others many in strength, but the Yao family medicine day magnificent not only can alchemy, but also cultivation base is also good, but has now been missing, therefore Yao family can take gets rid recognizes outstandingly simply does not have. The Yao family strength mainly with other pills solid families, gathers massive martial artist to move into Yao family. Shen Xiang last, but tomorrow morning afternoon will only compare two, does not have the Shen Xiang anything matter, therefore has not gone, he thought that might as well alchemy cultivates to be better.

Two days pass by, Shen Xiang has had the lunch, then walks toward Yao family, although he has not gone to watch yesterday and this morning martial arts contest, but he had understood wins finally, that Crown Prince and Leng Youlan win, moreover they will be one group, will compete with tomorrow morning. „The daughter martial arts contest of this Crown Prince and Great General, is very interesting, tomorrow I must come to see.” The Shen Xiang heart said that has gotten on the martial arts contest stage, waits for the medicine acute hearing to come to power. Although Southern Martial Empire many Martial Dao families, but has the army, because in the place of border, will encounter some barbarians to attack frequently. Regarding Shen Xiang and competition of medicine acute hearing, the people think that Shen Xiang will win, but why doubts Yao family will let the medicine acute hearing and Shen Xiang compares, this radically is the matter of doing a thankless job. „The person who can let the day of Chinese disastrous defeat worthily, hoping Brother Shen, etc. to show mercy.” The medicine acute hearing arrives around Shen Xiang, is with smile on the face to say. The medicine acute hearing is long somewhat is similar to medicine day magnificent, in the foreheads is passing proud look, but seems like much steadier than medicine day magnificent. Shen Xiang has not thought that Yao family juniors unexpectedly with his smalltalk, he also said with a smile: We compare notes.” Saying, them was drawing back. Starts!” At this time catch of Shen Xiang suddenly from eyes of that medicine acute hearing to wiped to be mean and deceitful, in Shen Xiang heart one startled, he knows that these had certainly the trick.

The medicine acute hearing gets rid first, one step flies to step to Shen Xiang in front , the double fist is wrapping the scalding hot flame, heat is steaming, emerges vigorous scalding hot True Qi. Sees the fist to fall, Shen Xiang moves aside immediately, but in that instantaneously his actually whole body one soft, cannot use the strength to come, is unable to transfer including True Qi, this makes in his heart startle greatly. On the medicine clever face is full immediately is fiercely, said low and deep: Shen Xiang, you were finished.” During the speeches, his pair of hot fist is similar to the raindrop falls on the Shen Xiang's body, the crazy bang is hitting Shen Xiang, is only several instances, the Shen Xiang's upper body, the forehead is hit by that wild fist. This bastard, unexpectedly is Mortal Martial Realm 7th level!” Shen Xiang has not thought that medicine acute hearing unexpectedly hides deeply, what most makes his angry is, this medicine acute hearing has used the despicable trick to him, keeping him from transferring True Qi, the whole body is incapable. Shen Xiang's fleshly body is powerful, although encounters the Mortal Martial Realm 7th level heavy blows, but does not have, therefore severe wound, this also lets the medicine clever heart startled. You are when spoke a moment ago, spouts the colorless tasteless toxicant from the mouth? paralysis my meridians, having kept my True Qi from outputting through the meridians, right?” Shen Xiang whispered, looks at the medicine acute hearing with that pair of limpid and calm pupil. The medicine acute hearing has not thought that Shen Xiang detects his method quickly, but he had not replied, still crazy knocks out the fist to Shen Xiang!