World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 51
Shen Xiang fell from the beginning leeward . Moreover the true strength of medicine acute hearing unexpectedly is Mortal Martial Realm 7th level, this result is surprising, now they understand why Yao family must arrange the medicine acute hearing and Shen Xiang hits. Shen Xiang, your this strength? Disappoints me really!” Leng Youlan both hands hold the chest to stand in not far away, that pair of chilly pupil full is disappointed. Shen Xiang had been compelled the edge of martial arts contest stage, quick to be hit at this time. The Yao family method is wise, making Shen Xiang virtually impossible to guard against, but Yao family considers everything, has not thought on the Shen Xiang finger to have a ring of stealth, ring inside has two peerless beautiful women, but one is actually Alchemy Grandmaster. This is one type poisonous Qi that has intense paralysis, your meridians are very intrepid, fleshly body after Immortal Devil Tan's quenching, you only needs revolution Tai Chi Divine Art, lets Tai Chi Diagram revolution in your dantian, builds up poisonous Qi directly.” Su Meiyao said. A Tai Chi Divine Art revolution, all around Spirit Qi emerges in the Shen Xiang's body crazily, enters the meridians, washes out into the dantian together with these paralysis poisonous Qi, was built up by inside five elements of True Qi. The medicine acute hearing wants to make into the severe wound Shen Xiang, discards Shen Xiang overcomes the martial arts contest stage again, how but regardless of he hits, but Shen Xiang has actually been full of the killing intent look to visit him with that resembles the bystander to be the same. Shen Xiang has been able to move, at this time, the people saw the medicine acute hearing to draw out a short sword of cold light sparkle to puncture unexpectedly toward the Shen Xiang's chest. Dies!” The medicine acute hearing drinks one severely. The people are shocked, in plaza sends out a tumult, cursed gets up in abundance. The when short sword of medicine acute hearing must prick the Shen Xiang's chest shortly, Shen Xiang suddenly that had not moved moved, the skeleton explosive of his whole body, sends out in pā lā the sound, saw only him to extend the left hand, held the knife edge of short sword, then pinched vigorously, pinching will become the smashing.

Bastard, with poisonous Qi my paralysis, wants to kill me first now reckless, your Yao family is quite ruthless!” Shen Xiang cursed angrily, both hands gushed out wild azure True Qi, two arms both lightning glow True Qi were winding around by that glittering, was very scary. Dies!” Shen Xiang shouted angrily, double fist was similar to the violent storm bang hits on the body of medicine acute hearing, but during blinking, over a hundred fists contained the fist of crazy thunder Qi Aura to pound on the body of medicine acute hearing. The medicine acute hearing sends out a series of pitiful yells, but the Yao family elder under stage flew to leap up, Shen Xiang sees this, the palm turns into continuously huge azure dragon claw immediately, the claw of dragon claw braves steaming azure True Qi sharp, penetrates the medicine acute hearing directly the body, several blood arrow spew out from the body of medicine acute hearing. The medicine acute hearing was hit by Azure Dragon Claw, body left five big hole, by True Qi piercing, him pours in the ground **, had not been dying. Shen Xiang stops!” A that Yao family elder fist bang comes, Shen Xiang moves sideways to avoid, sees only his thigh suddenly to well up to remove mines True Qi that the glow explodes dodges, fierce uphold, is similar to the great axe that a azure thunder winds around cuts, falls on the waist of that medicine acute hearing. Stops That Yao family elder rave gets up once more, but that medicine acute hearing had been deducted two sections by a Shen Xiang wild leg, died above martial arts contest stage, the scene was extremely bloody disgustingly, making the person back send coolly. plaza dies the general silence, can hear many people to swallow the saliva the sound, the Shen Xiang's action makes all people unbelievable, unexpectedly before the Yao family front door, worked as the Yao family elder cutting to kill Yao family haughty juniors, moreover was so bloody. Homicide my time why don't you stop? The homicide can I, I kill him not to be good? Moreover I use right method!” The Shen Xiang sound is full of gloomy and cold and anger, if a moment ago were not he can scatter poisonous Qi promptly, he was already killed.

The medicine acute hearing punctured Shen Xiang with the short sword a moment ago, this is all people saw that this violates the rule, such being the case, Shen Xiang violates the rule to kill the medicine acute hearing does not have anything. „Do you want to fight with me?” Shen Xiang coldly looks at that Yao family elder, whole body murderous aura rises suddenly. Corpse that Yao family elder looks at tread that around the middle break off, on shameless full is the scowl, in the vision also full is killing intent, at this time Yao family several elders also in abundance arrive. Ha Ha...... Too funny, the Yao family brat destruction rule wants to kill people, but could not kill, instead was butchered, now Yao family can old fellow ask others to revenge?” In plaza brave person suddenly laughs. Some people make noise, the person in plaza was also ridiculing Yao family, this made the complexions of Yao family these elders ugly, they truly have a mortal hatred of Shen Xiang, therefore arranged the medicine acute hearing and Shen Xiang competition, let the medicine acute hearing beforehand under the clothing/taking the antidote, the mouth speaks including poisonous Qi and Shen Xiang, such one let in Shen Xiang the move. But Yao family had actually underestimated the Shen Xiang's strength, the medicine acute hearing is unable to create the severe wound Shen Xiang, he does not want to waste the opportunity, desperate under put out the short sword to puncture Shen Xiang, in his opinion his Yao family was powerful in Southern Martial Empire, can certainly wrap up his, moreover he has killed Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang, our Yao family will not let off your!” That elder nurses hatred saying that in sound full is the hatred. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Solemn Yao family, declines to so the situation, I will not let off your Yao family.” Shen Xiang walks from martial arts contest stage, the Yao family elder has not gotten rid to him, otherwise Yao family will be scoffed by entire Southern Martial Empire, although this King City Martial Dao can be Yao family conducts, but they actually must do according to the rule, the medicine acute hearing violates the rule, Shen Xiang can also not give a thought to the rule, therefore Shen Xiang kills the medicine acute hearing is the natural matter.

Yao family has to stop Shen Xiang to depart, moreover some scruples, these elders are Mortal Martial Realm 7th level, their something also understanding medicine acute hearing, but Shen Xiang actually so relaxed cuts to kill the medicine acute hearing, obviously the Shen Xiang's strength possibly presses up to Mortal Martial Realm 8th level! Shen Xiang, your other haughty, Master of medicine acute hearing will certainly look your.” Elder coldly snorted, told that person tidies up on the martial arts contest stage corpse. Similarly is Mortal Martial Realm 7th level, but the medicine acute hearing actually collapses at the first blow facing Shen Xiang, moreover before medicine acute hearing, crazily has attacked Shen Xiang, has not caused anything to injure to Shen Xiang, obviously the Shen Xiang's strength is unusual, absolutely is not ordinary Mortal Martial Realm 7th level. Leng Youlan beautiful curved eyebrows micro pressed, looks at the Shen Xiang's back, is nipping the red lip lightly, she is also Mortal Martial Realm 7th level, but she is actually not able to look like Shen Xiang like that to display so powerful True Qi to come, especially makes True Qi erupt instantaneously, turns into the Qi Aura attack instantaneously, that type has one's wish is very difficult to achieve, she also reluctantly can achieve. The hatred of Shen Xiang and Yao family deepens once more, the major influences are also puzzled at this time, because in them has many and Yao family relationship is good, now Yao family and Shen family open that are inevitable, but they actually cannot make up mind, if Yao family has defeated, then Shen family will annex Yao family, grasps the major industries of Yao family, is a powerful pills influence, when the time comes their these will help the Yao family influence only suffer loss.