World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 54
Why do not ask, after you accept, goes to Extreme Martial Sect, if they do not make you join Extreme Martial Sect, gives them Metal Spirit Fruit, the opportunity of receiving in exchange inspection, you can go in like this, I believe depending on your aptitude can certainly through the inspection.” Shen Xiang said. Leng Youlan was shocked, she somewhat is hard to believe that Shen Xiang so helps her unexpectedly. Youlan, your father General cold dying in battle battleground several years ago, you walked not to be easy, or we swore brotherhood the brother and sister, later I must go to Extreme Martial Sect, this also took care of!” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, he remembers the Leng Youlan's life experience, looks that lets her who the person pities alone and forsaken, cannot help but had this idea. Leng Youlan has been startled being startled, is biting the lip lightly, eyes is moist immediately, but she was saying with a smile to Shen Xiang: Younger sister has seen the elder brother!” Shen Xiang cracks into a smile: Youlan, you are Ice-Fire Vein, only then enters these Martial Dao sect to be promising, I will help vigorously your.” Before Leng Youlan, has the vigilance, but she actually again had not suspected that now Shen Xiang has other ideas to her, because she knows that the Shen Xiang present status, what women will not lack, will have such status man not because of the matter that the woman will make some idiot. Although she just met with Shen Xiang, but they paid attention to each other before for a long time, at this time they met, probably already knew to be the same! Shen Xiang to her help, to the concern that she reveals, making her be moved very much, this is since her father died, first time meets to the person who she such greatly helps, therefore, Leng Youlan is glad to be Sister Shen Xiang's. Before, she was given to subdue by the Shen Xiang's strength, in the heart worships Shen Xiang secretly. Elder brother, your benevolence I remember certainly! I start off now, the situation in my within the body is somewhat complex, I do not want to delay again, remembers that helped me teach that Song Nanming maliciously.” Leng Youlan smiles to Shen Xiang, said. Youlan, taking, is careful!” Shen Xiang was saying, he fills to a Leng Youlan small jade bottle, inside is some good pills, this makes Leng Youlan one be moved. The Leng Youlan's father three years ago on the dying in battle battleground, these years Leng Youlan was a person difficultly walks, a person was trying to find out promotion strength, obviously she was a very strong female. Leng Youlan's eyes is once more moist, she nods saying: Please receive Youlan to do obeisance.” Shen Xiang grasps her immediately, said with a smile: My good younger sister, this to exempt! Careful!”

I will be certainly formidable, the elder brother must look for me!” Leng Youlan is wiping tears, the feeling that some people show loving concern once more makes her like to be excited. Um! I will certainly go.” Shen Xiang is stroking her soft white hair. Elder brother, or I do not walk first, I know that you and Yao family grievances, I could add on your busy!” Leng Youlan restored beforehand that cold and proud once more, the whole body has been full of a working zeal, fighting intent was arrogant, looks like looks like female War-God, but she looked that the Shen Xiang's look was gentle. Shen Xiang shakes the head to say with a smile: Does not use, our Shen family can deal with comes, the situation of your body is important.” Leng Youlan is nipping the cherry lips, said firmly: Elder brother, later I can fight side-by-side with you, is not a drag on your.” Shen Xiang happily nodded, asks: You know how the road does walk?” Knows that I already collected the major sect's materials, although some road bad risks, but I deal with come, you do not need to be worried!” Leng Youlan said. Shen Xiang delivers to go out of town Leng Youlan, gazes after her to ride the fast horse to depart...... Afternoon is the Shen Xiang's competition, what making him somewhat funny is, when he goes to the martial arts contest stage, was actually informed, forfeits with that person who he competes with. The Shen Xiang's strength is placed there, moreover that bloody scene that yesterday he massacred the medicine acute hearing still could hardly be removed in the people mind, everyone was afraid regarding the Shen Xiang's strength. Now entered the finals, was Shen Xiang and Crown Prince Song Nanming contends in martial arts, this made the person anticipate very that but the Crown Prince strength looked like in many people are immeasurably deep, because he can defeat Leng Youlan . Moreover the huge resources that Southern Martial Empire Crown Prince, had, have studied many fierce martial arts. But Shen Xiang actually knows that Crown Prince strength is inferior to Leng Youlan, but understood that used some despicable tricks, Shen Xiang already decided that so long as that Crown Prince used these ice needle to cope with him, he was certainly relentless.

These days that the Dan King pavilion opens, business fiery, suction many Yao family business, what making Shen Xiang worry, that Shen family elders, Shen Furong unexpectedly did not have the movement, he just massacred Yao family important juniors yesterday, according to the Shen Furong beforehand conduct, should come to the Dan King pavilion to look for trouble. Shen Xiang guessed that these have certainly anything, moreover he also receives his father's notice, the Shen family majority of skilled people on the road, not long have been able to arrive at King City, moreover is the secret comes. Late at night, Shen Xiang suddenly that cultivates in the secret room induces to several waves of Mortal Martial Realm 8th level aura appears in the Dan King pavilion, he was awakened by this, hastily leaves the secret room, walked following that several aura, went to the hall. Father!” Shen Xiang one startled, then looked at several other people, including two are the middle-aged people, other three are old man. „A cold uncle, Uncle vast sea, Great Elder, Second Elder, Third Elder!” In the Shen Xiang heart shocks, hastily salutes to these elders, besides Shen Haohai, other Shen Yihan and three elders is Mortal Martial Realm 7th level, but actually entered Mortal Martial Realm 8th level now! Smelly brat, my millennium Blood Spirit Grass uses fortunately!” Shen Haohai said with a smile, on the same day he loses to the Shen Xiang's time, quite meat pain, but he sees this Dan King pavilion scale to be so big now, regarding this was very surprised. Shen Yihan gentle and reserved smiles, said: Has not thought that you can in such a short time conform with such a pills shop, but also wins over Dan King this character, our Shen family decides however can become the Southern Martial Empire strongest family.” Other three elders were also acclaiming. Bald old man said: Yao family is prevents our Shen family to move into a King City big resistance, meanwhile has Shen Furong!” Great Elder said right, luckily we and Shen family Old Ancestor obtains the contact, is he uses spirit dan to help us break through to Mortal Martial Realm 8th level! He cannot meddle this common custom world the matter, therefore he makes us clean up the gateway, Shen Furong......” Second Elder has made one killing hand signal. Shen Xiang knits the brows saying: What strength Shen is Furong? How many people our did Shen family come?” Shen Tianhu said: We led 300 elite disciples, is above Mortal Martial Realm 4th level, is our these old fellow.”

Shen Tianhu is also Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, now Shen family has six Mortal Martial Realm 8th level martial artist, in addition the Shen Xiang's words, were seven, this strength Southern Martial Empire was very astonishing. „The words that Shen Furong strength possibly in Mortal Martial Realm 9th level this, our six people of collaborations, possibly reluctantly can keep in balance him.” Some Great Elder complexion seriously said. Shen Xiang lightly smiled: If Shen family and Yao family eruption conflict, you had the person to enter Yao family that's alright, Shen Furong gave me to solve!” Shen Tianhu they stare immediately, that three elders are surprised the growing up mouth. Son...... Have you entered into Mortal Martial Realm 9th level?” A Shen Tianhu face asked shocking. The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth go up slightly, said: Is only Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, but I think that I should be able to resist Shen Furong a period of time, such comes fellow elders to be able by the overwhelming strength to defeat Yao family.” Shen Tianhu relaxed, if Shen Xiang this age enters into Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, their these old fellow can only look for bean curd to kill to consider as finished, but Shen Xiang can enter Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, lets them surprisedly, they fully realized that the Shen Xiang's strength cannot regard with the common sense, Shen Xiang Mortal Martial Realm 5th level time can defeat Mortal Martial Realm 7th level Shen Yihan, thinks of this, these Shen family expert are afraid. Shen Tianhu they depart, they must lead that 300 elites to ambush outside tomorrow's Yao family plaza, but Shen Xiang also adjusts the good condition, will prepare to deal with various situations of tomorrow.