World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 55
In the morning, weather air/Qi is bright, King City is as usual lively, but many people obtain the news, said that this King City Martial Dao finally also pass/test, is one disciple competition that came from Martial Dao sect, only then won that disciple to win the final victory. Hears this news, in the Shen Xiang heart is criticizing, he guessed that this was Shen Furong for serveral days left certainly King City to look, to let him is unable to win the competition of King City Martial Dao meeting. Relax, possibly is not Inner Disciple, Inner Disciple does not have that free time, I think that should be strength quite strong Outer Disciple, possibly in Mortal Martial Realm 8th level this.” Su Meiyao said that regarding sect inside matter, she and Bai Youyou is clear. This is also good, do not let my too disappointed that's alright,” in the Shen Xiang heart ascends soaring fighting intent. On plaza before Yao family front door, gathered several thousand people, this is the finals, moreover is the competition of two young disciples, they are move a side youngster expert. In the crowd, Shen Tianhu, Shen Yihan and Shen Haohai and the others hid, each of them is leading 50 Shen family elite juniors, so long as has any slightest sign of trouble, they immediately fight. Shen Xiang got on middle martial arts contest stage, in the crowd has sent out a tumult immediately. He also dares to come unexpectedly, hears Yao family possibly after he will play in the finals ended takes him.” Person surprisedly said. It is said the elder missing matter of Yao family talent and Yao family and he has relationship, probably is the homicide falls, Yao family will use as an excuse to cope with him with this matter.” A middle-aged person said. Young, has such courage, couple of days ago he also worked as the surface of Yao family elder to butcher the medicine acute hearing, has the strength is good, can not fear others' threat.” On a youngster face full is envies said. That, this world is the strength to certainly revere, so long as is competent, has all.”

„......” Listens to the following many people of discussions, Shen Xiang to know that Yao family has spread the news to come to prepare and Shen family is open for business, this is a signal, in the battle is very common, some influences through spreading the hearsay, warn or threaten other influences. In martial arts contest stage not far away, the tower, in the tower sits many attire magnificent and expensive people, in some of their side also many maidservants and bodyguards, understood at a glance that their status are unusual. „The Southern Martial Empire emperor also watches the fight, coming an own son to inflate, heard that also many Imperial Palace masters, Imperial Palace inside imperial concubine imperial concubine anything came.” The Shen Xiang's eyesight is fierce, he can see clearly in that tower person, can see one to wear Dragon Pao, over the face is dignified, the manner uncommon middle age, that is an emperor. The imperial authority dominates above the common people, but to these powerful families, is nothing to speak of radically, in these family eyes, the emperor manages a country, lets the national orderly development, will not fall into the confusion, but these families can gain the benefit from the calm and steady common people. Crown Prince came, he grazes to come from distant place that tower, he is wearing one set of fiery red fancy dress, is displaying elegant movement technique, lands on martial arts contest stage, causes many females to send out the intermittent scream. Shen Xiang is disdaining secretly, the heart said: Lets your power and prestige, waits for me certainly to hit makes your emperor father not recognize you.” Song Nanming looks at Shen Xiang with a contemptuous look, indifferently said: If you do not want to be short by some physical sufferings, you now also with enough time.” Song Nanming knows certainly that Shen Xiang's was talented, but he had much can win self-confidently.

Shen Xiang looks at Song Nanming that full is the arrogant and sinister face, in the heart guessed that this Song Nanming also had certainly other despicable tricks, at this time he must be more discrete, otherwise was plotted. Relax, my is thick-skinned, feared you hit my time hits the going well pain.” Shen Xiang should say, he said that but truth. Snort, not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.” Song Nanming coldly snort|hum said that enhanced the sound intentionally, making the person in plaza hear. Saw Song Nanming to put on airs, in the Shen Xiang heart was secretly funny, if did not have certain strength, installed to be useless. Starts, if some people offend the rule, the consequence you look at the office!” old man of wear grey clothes said that he is not the Yao family person, but is rank quite old martial artist, it is said is the descendant of Martial Dao meeting founder. Song Nanming has offended regularly, but did not have the evidence, therefore Shen Xiang cannot be what kind to him. From the beginning, the [gold/metal] red clothed clothing/taking that Song Nanming outside the breadth will reach gives to take off, his inside puts on one set of golden skintight clothes, the golden boots, look like the riches and honor arrive of their own accord. Today makes you experience martial arts of our Southern Martial Empire imperial family, making you experience fierce of Dragon Martial Technique!” Song Nanming was saying, whole body fierce blew out an unusual aura, this and Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon True Qi looked like very much, but has actually been short of a plain and dignified imposing manner. Dragon Martial Technique this is ancient martial skill, in Legend is the Divine Dragon turn into a human travelling folk time martial arts that inherits, after displaying, can have with the dragon similar imposing manner and strength. That is only Legend, is fiercely certain, but the dragon was equally fierce makes people be hard to believe.

Saw blue vein on Song Nanming that pair of fist to flow the golden liquid, the people cannot help but is calling out in alarm, they have not thought that can see Dragon Martial Technique with own eyes. Shen Xiang is narrowing the eye, that formidable, but invisible Divine Sense releases, covered on that Song Nanming, he can the clear induction to the way of Song Nanming Within the body True Qi circulation, simultaneously he also in secret in the mind, then make his True Qi also defer to that way to be mobile. Has not thought that martial arts of dragon unexpectedly appear here secular world, you are quite diligent.” Su Meiyao gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Shen Xiang has been studying, at this time Song Nanming through a mysterious luck way, making within the body True Qi have the change, had a more intrepid might. Dragon Aura Fist!” Song Nanming fierce bounced, was similar to [gold/metal] flies to shoot together toward Shen Xiang, saw only his both hands such as the eagle claw such as the fist to fly quick change to melt generally, the unceasing bang hit, golden Qi Aura separated to empty toward Shen Xiang flies to shoot to go, is shaking the air, sent out the intermittent sonic bang, wild hit on the Shen Xiang's chest. As the golden Qi Aura hit comes, Song Nanming appeared nearby Shen Xiang, the double fist fast bang hit, one after another, the speed rapidness, looked from afar that as if he had the thousands strip arm to be the same, suddenly made several hundred fists on the bang. Song Nanming each fist rumbled was Qi Aura, will produce life Qi/angry to explode, making that huge martial arts contest send out shivers intermittently, but that terror the sonic bang sound was makes the person tremble. But makes the people scared is not Dragon Martial Technique that Song Nanming displayed, but was Shen Xiang unexpectedly by the fist to the fist, using own fist to resist Song Nanming the quick fist, moreover a face was relaxed.