World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 56
Song Nanming the quick fist made person unable to see clearly, moreover was bringing very powerful Qi Aura, but Shen Xiang can actually follow Song Nanming the speed, accurate judgment Song Nanming fist position, then accurate counterattacked with own fist, the bang hit above Song Nanming the fist. What Shen Xiang uses is Azure Dragon True Qi, glittering wild lightning, after the bang hits, will always erupt a rumbled sound, moreover after rumbled, will also produce Qi Aura storm, compared with Song Nanming that so-called Dragon Aura Fist strengthens, has the imposing manner. On martial arts contest stage two leave the speed of fist to look are dazzled, resembles them to use the innumerable fists to striking general. Song Nanming got rid first, but his slowly retreat, is stern-faced now, his double fist also became tingling pain, he can feel when Shen Xiang counter-attack that vigorous True Qi, that has been far in excess of him, he thinks that displayed this Dragon Aura Fist to defeat Shen Xiang fast, therefore was also reckless, consumed massive True Qi crazy fist, but actually with ease is resisted by Shen Xiang now. Being lost antiquity martial arts was not you such uses, you have brought simply disgrace on Dragon Martial Technique.” Shen Xiang suddenly said with a sneer, sees only his fierce receiving fist, retreat several steps, the body emits the intermittent golden aura in vain. On his double fist, meridians suddenly in eyes is flowing golden True Qi, was similar to a moment ago Song Nanming used Dragon Martial Technique such, moreover be much fiercer than Song Nanming. Shen Xiang both eyes brave the golden ray, both hands are similar to the golden casting are common, indistinct transforms the mature and powerful eagle claw, on the face emits a piece of flake gold scale, braves to shake the person heart and soul muddily murderous aura. This Dragon Martial Technique suits the True Qi use of metal attribute, but Shen Xiang's metal attribute True Qi is corresponding White Tiger, his White Tiger True Qi is smuggling killing intent, at this time was displayed through Dragon Martial Technique by him, not only in the imposing manner has threatening murderous aura, looking disdainfully world might, as if conceited general. On distant place that tower emperor, fierce stands from the chair, is opening the eye, a face looks at Shen Xiang astonished, in the mouth murmured: Is impossible, is impossible, Dragon Martial Technique only then can we, how he learn?” On the emperor face reveals killing intent immediately: In Southern Martial Empire cannot allow that other people grasp Dragon Martial Technique, we are the children of real dragon.”

Shen Xiang has not thought that this Dragon Martial Technique unexpectedly is so mysterious, he in had taken a moment ago down the way of Song Nanming Within the body True Qi revolution, although is somewhat complex, but Divine Sense formidable he can actually it deep ironing in the mind, he display now, unexpectedly can erupt so astonishing might. You...... You...... How possible? Where do you study? Only then our these have the person of dragon blood inheritance to study, your this ordinary people......” The words have not said that Shen Xiang on fierce treads, bang a Heaven-shaking bang erupts, that the martial arts contest stage that makes with Atsugi crushes immediately, collapses, the windblown dust rises from all directions, is shocking the mind of everyone. This terrifying strength, making everyone secretly frightened, approaches person cannot help but slowly retreat of martial arts contest stage to come, was worried that will be affected. Although consumes True Qi, but might is very big, worthily is being lost ancient martial arts!” In the Shen Xiang heart also exclaims, he has not thought that today unexpectedly will have such harvest, learns this fierce martial arts. Song Nanming had been shocked by this, is envies hates, he knows that Shen Xiang can play the Dragon Martial Technique might, making him experience to so terrifying strength, but he actually cannot reach the Shen Xiang's level. Shen Xiang, do not blame me, only blames you extremely to make a great show of one's talents.” Song Nanming eyes suddenly flashed through wipes the fierce mean ray, saw only his fierce waving, ten tiny steel needle penetration thick mist and dust, shot toward Shen Xiang. Although here full is the mist and dust, but Shen Xiang's Divine Sense is formidable, all around all sounds perform during his grasps, even if the tiny steel needle flies to shoot to come toward him, he can also induce obtains. When the steel needle flies, Shen Xiang drinks one stuffily, sees only the burning hot wall with flues for heating to appear before his body together, this is alchemy True Qi Fire, can fuse also wants heat-resisting herbs compared with the iron, let alone was these small steel needles.

The steel needle pricks in the wall with flues for heating, melts instantaneously, the wall with flues for heating vanishes, mist and dust dispersing, saw only the Shen Xiang ta step to graze to go toward Song Nanming, the double fist braved dragon Qi Aura that might eliminated. Dragon Aura Fist!” Shen Xiang drinks coldly, the double fist dance, is similar to myriad golden light meteors pounds. Song Nanming also immersed, in Shen Xiang can evade in astonished of that steel needle, brashly was covered by Dragon Aura Fist, was only the short several instances, he has encountered from top to bottom the attacks of over a hundred heavy blows, that intermittent sonic bang was similar to the Heaven-shaking thunderclap is ordinary, like setting off the firecrackers connected the explosive, Song Nanming that flesh and blood encountered the so crazy fierce attack, the skeleton meridians of whole body explodes and breaks broken, thing extruded together, a meat patty fell likely in the ground, but he has not actually died, so long as undying, is not considered as that contrary. But Song Nanming actually lives to might as well die now! His where also has the human appearance? It seems looks like together the rotten meat! On plaza some people have spat, some people send panic-stricken yelling, that Yushu faced the wind a moment ago, arrogance threatening Crown Prince a human appearance does not have now! This is you brings upon oneself!” Shen Xiang wants to teach him simply, overcame the stage him, but Song Nanming was using these evil and cruel steel needles to attack him a moment ago, this made him immediately the anger dreadful, with 80% strength. Southern Ming!” Distant place a loud exploding roar transmitted, shakes the person ear in plaza steadily to make noise, sees only one to wear the imperial robe, over the face scowl middle-aged guy from airborne falls, falls side Song Nanming unknown whereabouts. This was the Southern Martial Empire emperor, Song Wu!

The person atmosphere in plaza does not dare to leave, Shen Xiang was remnant to the dozen the son of emperor, but the strength of emperor is not weak, perhaps also will have great war to erupt. Returns to Imperial Palace Crown Prince!” Song Wu said to behind two, that is the Imperial Palace master, Song Wu came the time, they, the strength was very strong. Song Wu worthily was an emperor, he can also be calm facing such matter, the scowl on face vanished quickly, changed into one deep and full is the dignified facial features. Shen Xiang not contrary, as Song Nanming the father, Song Wu also knows that Song Nanming in these small methods in the martial arts contest using, he wants certainly to be discovered by Shen Xiang, provoked Shen Xiang, for did not make the person discover that Crown Prince petty action, he made people deliver to meet Imperial Palace Song Nanming, but did not send to Yao family first. As the emperor, the face compares to be important, if makes the person know Crown Prince with that evil and cruel trick, then this emperor worked as to the end, if were discovered by Yao family, Yao family will certainly coerce the matter that he was some him not to handle with this. Shen Xiang looked through this reason quickly, he has smiled saying with a smile: Worthily is Monarch of the country, you have not kept Yao family him are the wise action, you know not long you such do have other advantage.” Song Wu coldly snorted: Martial arts contest compares notes injured is also matter of the potluck, but you started too to be also ruthless, hoping Crown Prince not to have what important matter, otherwise......” Then, Song Wu swaggered away, regarding the emperor to investigating Shen Xiang, the people relaxed, simultaneously was admiring Song Wu the mind.