World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 59
Medicine great angry, he gets angry exclaims: Shen Xiang, you have used any monster technique, controls our Yao family elder!” Shen Xiang you kill our Yao family matchless talent, now also slandered that our Yao family reputation, our Yao family must eradicate Shen family!” Shen Xiang has sneered several, said: „Is medicine day magnificent the matchless talent? Why will he lose to me? Also, I work a person to work as, why do you pull Shen family? It seems like your Yao family was worried really our Shen family affected your pills business.” At this time, in plaza had many people to scold Yao family. The Dan King pavilion is open for business encounters hits to pound, this matter is many people knows that now listened to a Shen Xiang such saying, the Yao family actions were truly sinister and ruthless. Shen Xiang, has to plant person lets loose, is the martial artist words, on the contest of open and aboveboard!” Shen Furong from newly regards the Shen Xiang's strength now, Yao family elder unexpectedly does not have the strength to hit back in his hands. Shen Xiang sound one cold: Shen Furong, you are not the Shen family person, you were expelled Shen family, you are the Shen family rebel, in the Shen family clan regulations, the rebel must die!” Saying, a Shen Xiang palm was patting on the head of that Yao family elder, saw only that head is similar to the watermelon disintegration is ordinary, was split up, the blood plasma exploded splashes, this made all people tarry, Shen Xiang such did nothing but announced that made war with Yao family! Snort, I have killed two Yao family people in any case, kills one not to have anything again!” Shen Xiang indifferently said. Yao family strength is powerful, but Shen Xiang is also in front of the Yao family entrance now, he such does courts death simply. Really, medicine Hongfa leaves a loud exploding roar: His surround, I must be cut to pieces him.”

Shen Xiang, this is you brings upon oneself!” Although Shen Furong knows crime that one violate the rebel, but he actually does not fear, he thinks that in this secular world, few Shen family person can cope with him. Shen Xiang all of a sudden by several old man surround, these old man is the Yao family elder, including two Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, the medicine great is also Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, but Shen Xiang actually still self-poise standing there. The people in plaza are fast recession, but more than 300 people have not moved. The medicine great sees that more than 300 people of vision to be all calm, moreover True Qi that several people send out is not weak, obviously these people are not the common people. Shen Tianhu!” Shen Furong has recognized, immediately loudly shouted, he sees other that several Mortal Martial Realm 8th level people, in the heart cannot help but to jump, before he went back Shen family time, has not discovered these many. Rebel! Today is your time of death.” Shen Tianhu has put out a tiger head broadsword, walks toward the place that Shen Xiang is. The Shen family person already arrived at the Yao family entrance unexpectedly, no one has thought that moreover only came more than 300 people! For all that but the Yao family master felt that the pressure is very big, because the opposite party is six Mortal Martial Realm 8th level masters, but them has four! Mr. Shen, this......” medicine great looked at Shen Furong one eyes, Shen Furong is Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, because there are Shen Furong Yao family to support to them, their Yao family dares to make war with Shen family.

Gave me that's alright.” Shen Furong said with a sneer, fluttering body, they grazes at once fast toward Shen Tianhu. At this moment, Shen Xiang suddenly vanishes in same place, his jumps fiercely, flees airborne, arrives at Shen Furong front, bellows, in the mouth spout a big group to smuggle lightning astral wind azure True Qi, with shocking angry dragon roaring hiss, submerges Shen Furong! Kills off the Shen family person, does not remain!” The medicine great bellows, but at this time Shen Tianhu has also been raising the tiger head steel knife, is leading 50 Shen family robust men, fires into the medicine great, everyone murderous-looking, whole body True Qi explodes wells up. Sees Patriarch to bear the brunt, other Shen family people are also unwilling to fall behind, simultaneously exudes one all day the rave, puts out the broadsword, is treading the steady step, fires into that over a thousand people before Yao family front door. Shen family 300 people of roar deafening sound entire King City, their serious steps make entire plaza send out an intermittent tremor, everyone is unafraid of death, they were elected to be the Shen family elite juniors, to protect Shen family, does not hesitate all defense Shen family! 300 people to over a thousand people, moreover in Yao family also has, this makes the people who surrounds in the distant place cannot help but rouse, cheered on the one side. Shen Xiang and Shen Furong fight, Shen family 300 person and Yao family fights also erupt, various rumbled sound mixed together, appear very chaotic, but is only the confrontation of flash, entire plaza stone brick was destroyed most probably. Regarding Shen Tianhu they, Shen Xiang felt relieved that because they are Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, so long as he diverted Shen Luzong that's alright. After Shen Furong in the air has eaten one Azure Dragon Roar, the complexion cannot help but dignified, at this time he determined that Shen Xiang's strength in Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, but Shen Xiang is only 16 years old, adolescence in this resources deficient secular world gets up, what is more astonishing, Shen Xiang or a alchemy master.

Shen Xiang, has to acknowledge your very talent, but this is your matter, is the Shen family matter, has nothing to do with me! I only settle on me in sect inside benefit, if I can help Yao family here, I will obtain many advantage in True Martial Sect, therefore I must kill you today! I already did not have the sense of belonging, moreover I hate Shen family!” Shen Furong says with a smile severely. Shen Xiang maintains total silence, he five elements of True Qi in blended body, facing one Mortal Martial Realm 9th level martial artist that comes out from Martial Dao sect, he only then uses Universe True Qi to defeat the opposite party. Everyone knows that this King City Martial Dao will have the Martial Dao sect's person to select the disciple, but the person who that Martial Dao sect comes is Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, martial artist of this rank in big Southern Martial Empire is very rare, the strength is also terrorist. Young Shen Xiang must face such a master unexpectedly, this makes many people anticipate, because the Shen Xiang's strength is also immeasurably deep, had killed a Martial Dao sect's Mortal Martial Realm 8th level disciple in him on the bang a moment ago! From the martial arts contest, evolved the battles of two families, this unexpected, but in other person of eyes, this was also a martial arts contest, a scale was big, does not have what regular competition. Snort, has not thought that the Shen family people are an idiot, unexpectedly makes your this brat divert me! If that six Mortal Martial Realm 8th level fellow resists, perhaps you have the opportunity to escape, but now not only you must die, they must die, Shen family ended!” On Shen Furong suddenly leaves to emit red True Qi, winds around above his hands and feet, both eyes also slowly changes is red. Shen Xiang sees this, retreat several steps, he is first time with the person fight of Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, is first time facing the strength so formidable enemy, feels that True Qi, the Shen Xiang's complexion becomes even more dignified.