World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 6
Azure Dragon Divine Art of Shen Xiang practice is wood attribute, contains boundless life elementary force the growth of Azure Dragon True Qi to spirit herb to have very big help, let alone in Azure Dragon Divine Art one type specially plants the medicine assistance cultivation technique Dragon Saliva Art, after displaying Dragon Saliva Art, can leave a mysterious liquid through Azure Dragon True Qi condense in within the body, can make spirit herb add fast-growth to be long with that type of liquid. But Vermilion Bird Divine Art that he cultivates can release the produce fire flame to come, that is through the flame that cultivating divine art releases, alchemy naturally is a cinch. Divine Art of Four Symbols, inside is comprehensive, some fierce methods are because the Shen Xiang strength has not sufficed, but cannot practice. Shen Xiang had three thousand large spirit coins at this time, is equal to three hundred thousand small spirit coins, but this also insufficiently buys grain of Mortal Level middle-grade Baptizing Marrow Dan, obviously pills is how expensive, is not ordinary martial artist can eat, most convenient pills is also so. Entire Wohu city only then a place sells pills specially, that is Spirit Pill Pavilion, this is a four construction, although is not very big, but inside the thing of selling is very expensive, moreover has hundred mu place big manor in Spirit Pill Pavilion behind, that plants the spirit herb place specially. Although Spirit Pill Pavilion is not the influence of family form, but is not weak, inside master are many, majority for pills, but assumes personal command in Spirit Pill Pavilion, but inside alchemy master was treated as the ancestor same to supply. After all pills is very scarce, but advantage is very big, can make martial artist promote cultivation base, the strength, making fleshly body more formidable. Shen Xiang arrived in Spirit Pill Pavilion, lingers the gladdening the heart medicine to be fragrant in this in all directions, lets select and purchase the pills person to think that in this inside is very comfortable. This inside has many counters, pills that each counter sells is different, some only sell spirit dan, some only sell spirit herb. Before Shen Xiang comes, since Su Meiyao told him to from most primary pills start to practice, therefore he planned to refine Mortal Level low-grade first Body Quenching Pill. This pill is convenient and pills that sells, one grain is seven hundred large spirit coins about, below Mortal Martial Realm 4th level eats has very big help. This Young Master, spirit dan in that side, here sells spirit herb specially!” A delightful female of counter said with smile on the face. This Spirit Pill Pavilion person is not many, Shen Xiang strolls in inside also is very but actually conspicuous, but Spirit Pill Pavilion inside person manner is extremely good, even if sees Shen Xiang to put on crudely, will not despise, because in Spirit Pill Pavilion presents the person who many deep conceal have not revealed that generally looks like very ordinary. „The Quenching Body Pill Spirit medicine seedling that I must buy a refinement, does not know that here does have sells?” Shen Xiang walked, to that beautiful female inquiry.

Buys the seedling the person to be few, because little is capable of planting the spirit herb person not to be many, but has generally needs to buy, because most of them who the ability plants are attached in a big influence, is responsible for handling medicine garden and alchemy in inside, that was treated as the treasure is supplying the character by a side influence, little comes out to take a walk. The female is slightly surprised, but brings to smile sweetly, said: Naturally has, refines Body Quenching Pill to need four materials, the price is the same, comparison convenient of seedling, hundred large spirit coins.” herbs that Body Quenching Pill needs is Blue Spirit Grass Blood Element Flower Profound Bright Flower Spirit Leaf Grass. Shen Xiang had considered, said: Gives me to come five.” Four hundred large spirit coins, five were 2000, Shen Tianhu gave his three thousand large spirit coins not to have all of a sudden most probably, this pills was really not the average person can consume. The female is one startled, which Young Master brother she cannot find out in Wohu city is young starts to cultivate the technique of alchemy medicine, moreover understands a medicine. Wait a bit, my this obtains you!” The females did not worry that Shen Xiang and she cracks a joke, has in the person who in Spirit Pill Pavilion cracks a joke, but the consequence is very serious. Yo, who is this?” Wears the magnificent and expensive white clothing, grasps handsome youngster of folding fan to go down from a staircase, looks that Shen Xiang contemptuously said. In the Spirit Pill Pavilion building sells rank higher pills, the people who can come up are the Spirit Pill Pavilion distinguished guest. Your eye long on buttocks, ** long on mouth? Opened the eye to speak the bullshit.” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. That youngster is Shen Zhenhua, he and Shen Xiang are the same age, is the aptitude excellent person, young entered Mortal Martial Realm 4th level, moreover prepares to enter Mortal Martial Realm 5th level.

Immediately the face of Shen Zhenhua brushes changed green: Shen Xiang, I acknowledged that in childhood you were very fierce, but you do not have Spiritual Vein, now my hand can solve you!” Shen Xiang now is Mortal Martial Realm 5th level, no matter 4th level person strong, absolutely is not his match, he only but laughs certainly at these words same regards. „Is this Shen Xiang? Shen family Patriarch grandson? It is said that he does not have Spiritual Vein also to enter Mortal Martial Realm 3rd level, it seems like that this piles with pills!” A Shen Zhenhua behind beautiful young girl with disdaining the look has swept Shen Xiang one. Shen Xiang recognizes this female, that is the Wohu city City Lord daughter. Really is the birds, has not thought that the City Lord daughter so will be superficial, with such fellow together.” Shen Xiang said false smile that then no longer pays attention to them, he has the absolute strength now, for many years experienced suffering taunting, to obtain the strength is struggling diligently, on vies for supremacy compared with these teenage boys and girls maturity that at heart tries to outdo others many. Sees Shen Xiang to turn head not to pay attention to them again, Shen Zhenhua and that young girls somewhat are angry, but Shen Zhenhua wants in the City Lord daughter's front a crest of wave, therefore he walked toward Shen Xiang. Young Master, this is the spirit herb seedling that you want.” The female walks, put out many to use from storage pouch paper-insulated. Shen Xiang unexpectedly buys the spirit herb seedling! This makes that Shen Zhenhua somewhat surprised, but he contemptuously said with a smile: Shen Xiang, you do not have Spiritual Vein, do not presumptuously think to plant spirit herb. With me do not say that you must be a alchemy master, this was too funny.” Although Spirit Pill Pavilion inside person are not many, but are also many, moreover is peaceful, person who at this time they hear one not to have Spiritual Vein must become the alchemy master, cannot help but curious looks. The Shen Xiang's fame is not small in the city, after all his grandfather is Patriarch, his father is a famous character, but is only he not to have Spiritual Vein, therefore many people, when talked about Shen family Patriarch or Shen Tianhu, always sighs. Shen Xiang keeps silent, paid money to receive these spirit herb seedlings, looks but not see the vision of people, when he must leave, Shen Zhenhua said with a sneer: „A waste, wastes with many spirit herb.”

Shen Xiang frowned, said that he does not have Spiritual Vein, teased several, but was in front of his saying that he was the waste, he is unable to tolerate. The people see the Shen family juniors to have the battle, in the heart one happy, because they know that had the good play to look! Shen Xiang has turned around, looks at put on a high and mighty act Shen Zhenhua, his five fingers, sees only his control suddenly to emit one group of flame, the scalding hot aura wells up to all around, is only suddenly, many people felt one are similar to a steamer. In Spirit Pill Pavilion, the vision sinister person are many, they fully realized that this type of flame is out of the ordinary, absolutely is the alchemy excellent flame. Shen Zhenhua, do you dare True Qi Fire that tries my this waste to put?” Shen Xiang unemotionally, sound gloomy and cold. True Qi Fire, only then can condense come out through practice rare special cultivation technique, has again is inborn understood that changes into the flame True Qi. Shen Zhenhua is very near from Shen Xiang, at this moment he whole body has braved the hot perspiration, but the beautiful female of that counter is also so, this makes her whole body the thin clothing be soaked by the fragrant perspiration, outlines the attractive curve. This type of fierce flame makes the people in entire Spirit Pill Pavilion shock, dumbstruck.