World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 62
White Tiger Divine Fist shovels a very big gully the ground, covers these Yao family expert, tyrannical Qi Aura is wreaking havoc their body, in instance that the god fist impact comes, they can feel the physique muscle in their body to explode clearly, True Qi in within the body all diverges! Stops, your Yao family Patriarch and elders had been defeated by me!” Shen Xiang explodes roars, sound is shocking, Yao family inside and outside hears clear, but plaza outside person is also surprised, Shen Xiang went in shortly, takes Yao family. In the hearsay, powerful martial artist, can destroy the entire city easily, now Shen Xiang can strongest one batch of martial artist of family defeat easily, but three Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, but actually collapse at the first blow in front of Shen Xiang, obviously the hearsay is not false! The medicine great and does the Yao family elder whole body shinbone disruption, but they have not actually fainted deadly in the past, is only the whole body severe pain, the item looks at Shen Xiang including the hatred. Yao family Patriarch and elders have defeated, other Yao family people do not dare to revolt again, their Yao family strongest person has dropped down, they fight again, is only meaningless. Shen Xiang...... you, you are waiting for by the senior statesman retaliation of our Yao family!” The medicine great knows that they must die without doubt, but he knows that the Yao family senior statesman will certainly not sit by and do nothing. Shen Xiang laughs: That should better, but, they can come to be best, I will deliver them and you reunite!” During the speeches, Shen Xiang condense leaves together Qi Aura, turns into a short sword, he waves to fly to shoot the Qi Aura short sword, spike that medicine great head. The Qi Aura short sword thorn is used as medicine great head, explodes instantaneously, the medicine great head also turns into the smashing, looks nauseously, making the person heart live the fear, they worried that Shen Xiang can also come such one move to them, they are unable to resist. Yao family other people see the so bloody method, becomes contented, the surrender begs for mercy.

At this moment, proud Li in the Southern Martial Empire many years of pills aristocratic families, was routed in the short time, moreover this is they brings upon oneself, what most unbelievable is, to Yao family creates the huge heavy losses is actually 16-year-old youngster! Shen Tianhu they have not thought that this can be the final result! Xiang'er, you lead the injured person to leave first, you were also tired, here gives us to process!” Shen Tianhu loudly shouted, the item including is taking a fast look around these Yao family people dignifiedly, making these people cannot help but hit one to tremble. Shen Xiang nodded, having on over a hundred to have the wound Shen family juniors to leave, returns to the Dan King pavilion, accepts the pills treatment, but he today releases completely Azure Dragon True Qi and White Tiger True Qi, has consumed less than half True Qi, moreover other three True Qi because also he used Universe True Qi to consume much, his first consumption so many True Qi. In the Dan King pavilion, Shen Luzong and Dan King Uncle Meng just obtained the news, is startled these two old fellow again and again to shake the head, they are also hard to believe that Shen Xiang's strength unexpectedly is so fearful, moreover he also has the powerful alchemy talent. Such fellow, goes to these Martial Dao sect to be good earlier, this place definitely cannot withstand him to toss about!” Shen Luzong sighs with emotion was saying. Here, Shen Xiang is it can be said that difficult rival, but goes to these Martial Dao sect he is only also small. Why this is also martial artist in secular world, once after having the formidable strength, unwillingly stays in this place, even if they are expert that here keeps aloof, will continue stay here only to make them bog down, so long as arrives at their Realm martial artist, everybody can want to go a step further. Yao family by the Shen family comprehensive receive, Yao family was proliferated Southern Martial Empire regional industries also entirely to belong to Shen family, this makes Shen family a more formidable influence without doubt, now Shen family is the Southern Martial Empire first big pill Yao family clan!

Several days pass by, this matter spreads over entire Southern Martial Empire! Other families know that Shen family and Yao family make war are sooner or later matters, but has not thought that will have finished quickly, moreover so suddenly, but the Shen Xiang's name was heard again, because he performance in this matter is most astonishing. In Imperial Palace, a complexion thin and pale handsome man, was saying to over the face dignified middle age: Imperial Father, do we like this consider as finished? Shen Xiang not only plagiarize our Dragon Martial Technique, but also my severe wound......” Song Wu loud voice shook said: „Should we be what kind of? Led troops extinguishing Shen family? Shen family inside Mortal Martial Realm 8th level has six, strength possibly close Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer Shen Xiang! Initially Shen Xiang had not killed you, is benevolent! Let you think oneself clever, will only have some small methods!” Song Wu was an emperor, but faced Shen family he also to lose the dignity, moreover he did not have what hatred with Shen family, he on the same day injured Song Nanming has not been the wise action, if he stays in Yao family on the same day, perhaps he and Song Nanming also by Shen family for a penny and for a pound massacring. I...... I am not willingly.” Song Nanming clenched teeth saying that initially he was hit disabled, if were not because used good pills, he did not restore. Snort, what has not to be willingly? Yao family became the history, but Shen family will not constitute anything to threaten to us, when the emperor they do not have the interest, after must manage one pile of broken matters! You give me contented.” Song Wu coldly snorted, then left. The Yao family actually place also turned into Shen family, in that is only the front some places, because fights to be destroyed, quick can repair, but Shen family all people migrate now from Wohu city, will move in King City! Before and Yao family relationship very good influence, at this moment in abundance and Yao family has put aside relationship, showed good will to Shen family, for these days, the person who coming to the Dan King pavilion to give a present were many, moreover was the big rituals, Shen Xiang has chosen some herbs, other left Shen family.

After killing Shen Furong, Shen Xiang had found grain of True Elemental Dan in that storage pouch, this is High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, is very precious, Southern Martial Empire Dan King Uncle Meng are hard to refine! Inside is massive pure True Qi! After eating up, can build up directly, is really good pill, when I can refine!” Shen Xiang looks that a grain has transparent outer covering, the core is one group of white clouds pill pellet. Su Meiyao is holding appreciatively Shen Xiang that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, Bai Youyou is also looking in the one side, after Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace by Shen Xiang owner recognition, Bai Youyou no longer fears that heat. Su Meiyao said: Can refine the High-Grade Spirit Level Dan alchemy master also to calculate in these Martial Dao sect well, although are not many, but are also many, only then can refine the Profound Level Dan alchemy master, will attach great importance.” Shen Xiang can only refine Mortal Level middle-grade now, he planned that the society refines Mortal Level High-Grade Dan or is Spirit Level Low-Grade Dan goes to these big sect again. Two elder sisters, you said that Yao family elders can run to cope with our Shen family from Martial Dao sect?” Shen Xiang asked that after he was worried about him to leave, the Yao family elders will come back to retaliate. You do not need to be worried that here matter definitely is known by these Martial Dao sect, but this that Shen Furong and Zhang Dragon are destroy the custom and here person fight, was killed them not to investigate that let alone their these two in that True Martial Sect eye radically anything are not, they will not break the rule for the deaths of these two people, their True Martial Sect also will aim when the time comes by other sect.” Su Meiyao said.