World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 63
Martial Dao sect has many, is in sharp opposition, wishes one could the opposite party to leave wrong, then grabs does not put, what making Shen Xiang somewhat accidental is, badge dragon young Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, did not attach great importance to unexpectedly, in conceivable these Martial Dao sect, fierce martial artist are definitely many, martial artist that can attach great importance to decides however has boundless prospects. Matter tranquil, Shen Xiang also starts to study alchemy relieved, accelerate ripening spirit herb, he has not eaten up that True Elemental Dan, because Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou suggested that he eats in the bottleneck, then has very big use to him. After the Yao family pills business Shen family takes over control, the price also fell, this makes many martial artist, support Shen family but actually happily, is popular from this aspect Shen family very much, will have very big help to the future development. In this world, law of the jungle is most normal, Yao family accumulates many years of wealth to belong to Shen family in one day! This is also Yao family asks for trouble, if he with the Shen family opposition, now he should not be well. After having annexed Yao family, Shen Xiang does not lack spirit herb to come alchemy now, now he picks some spirit herb in Yao family that medicine garden, the preparation is being used to refine Mortal Level High-Grade Dan, the Mortal Level High-Grade Dan refinement process, not only the difficulty promotes many, spirit herb that but also needs is also more precious. The Mortal Level High-Grade Dan type is not many, but uses frequently also such several types, most has the use to martial artist, moreover refines rarely is also very high, is the alchemy master must grasp like this class pills, when Shen Xiang starts to study other refinement advanced pills, first chooses this pills. „The Mortal Level High-Grade Dan status is somewhat awkward! Said? In the true Martial Dao world, is Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer above martial artist are quite generally many, is quite rich! This kind of person's request to pills is extremely high, therefore they purchase pills time, generally will not choose Mortal Level pill, is in Spirit Level low-grade . Moreover the purchasing volume is big, after he eats up, has very big effect.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang said: Then, in these Martial Dao sect, Mortal Martial Realm 8th level and 9th level martial artist is very poor?” Su Meiyao said: This is natural, therefore they can only purchase in Mortal Level High-Grade pills, but you must know that martial artist of Mortal Level High-Grade Dan to Mortal Martial Realm 9th level and 8th level, the effect is not very obvious.” Therefore, you only needed to grasp that several types quite to sell expensive Mortal Level High-Grade Dan that's alright, mainly had to cultivate Qi Dan, Dayuan pill, melted fine pill.” Su Meiyao said.

These pill Shen Xiang have understood, is in Mortal Level High-Grade Dan is quite truly expensive, after the clothing/taking next, effect is also very tangible, is very useful, cultivates Qi Dan mainly promotes the True Qi quality, enabling some martial artist to build up purely True Qi. Dayuan pill promotes cultivation base pills, after eating up, can obtain massive Spirit Qi, builds up then to practice massive True Qi directly, does not need to be worried that Spirit Qi thin with Spiritual Vein quality issue, finally melts fine pill, this is can turn into spiritual power within the body True Qi directly, mainly expands Divine Sense, cultivates Divine Sense to use. Shen Xiang has Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, this is one can let Sacred Level dragon tool that in pill furnace the time accelerates to pass, can make him save many time to refine this high rank pills. Must know that some pills many take several years, even is dozens years can refine successfully, but Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace can actually master Shen Xiang shorten the time. What Shen Xiang first refines is Dayuan pill, because he must through taking this pills promotes cultivation base, he only then enters Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, can go to these big sect. Dayuan pill's main material has three types, although are not many, but needs above 500 years, but auxiliary herbs reaches 20 incoming samples, the maximum year takes hundred years, lowly is also 50-60 years, obviously precious degree of Great Yuan, if failed, that alchemy master certainly crying good a period of time. This stone same fruit, but also is really difficult to process!” Shen Xiang started to refine, herbs is originally Yao family, has four, each value hundred thousand multi- large spirit coins. Although Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace can become the flame more suitable alchemy, the control temperature also has one's wish, but did not know about the spirit herb heating degree that any divine furnace is useless. Shen Xiang branches out more than 20 Divine Sense now, controls more than 20 groups of flame incinerators separately more than 20 spirit herb, moreover these spirit herb must in turn into herbal powder at the same time, cannot differ too, moreover many herbal Spirit Qi that Shen Xiang also needs to refine these from spirit herb with the biggest thoughts gather together, consumes Divine Sense, but Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace can actually make him save Divine Sense, he does not use alchemy while takes pills to restore Divine Sense.

Shen Xiang's Divine Sense passed in alchemic furnace probably one all day, but outside actually passed the small moment! Because Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside time is to speed up passing, is different from outside time! „His mother egg, was complete!” Shen Xiang is sweating profusely, looks at the Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace ascension, but that group colorful Qi mist, cursed gets up. This is ten ten thousand large spirit coins, turned into the smog all of a sudden, Shen Xiang has not cried is good. Is Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, unexpectedly has not exploded worthily.” Su Meiyao giggle smiles tenderly. Sister Meiyao, do not stimulate me!” Shen Xiang mumbled. In a moment ago him was because burnt down name „an iron Yuan fruit spirit herb caused the failure, because that iron Yuan fruit made him unable to imagine firmly, how not only to burn is not rotten, this made him increase the flame immediately, who knew an iron Yuan fruit actually instantaneously to explode in that explodes Spirit Qi that welled up to cause inside other herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi blending one group, has had various responses, finally exploded, spurted from the flame dragon pill furnace air outlet. I had already told you, that fruit is not very good to process, I planted in the past in that gray fruit good repeatedly! Now sees some people failed before me, I naturally am much happier.” Su Meiyao spits the ruddy fragrant tongue to him , to continue to smile tenderly. alchemy, Su Meiyao will come out with Shen Xiang together each time, sometimes she can Shen Xiang wipe away sweat, sometimes meets to rejoice in other people's misfortune, sometimes will encourage Shen Xiang, occasionally also will sexually harass or entice Shen Xiang this monogamous youngster. Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: You can be defeated, I am not good, now had three materials.” He was exclaiming in surprise when Su Meiyao studied alchemy the extensive resource that in the past has, can be defeated unexpectedly many times.

Good younger brother, should not be discouraged, others remembered the past matter, fondly remembered very much.” Su Meiyao takes the silk handkerchief to walk, looks to smile to clean the sweat on Shen Xiang face sweetly. Shen Xiang sucks in the body that Su Meiyao that is gladdening the heart to be fragrant, feels her tender and delicate white hands to stroke once for a while on his cheeks, this makes him feel that has a wonder of not being able to say. After rest, Shen Xiang continues to refine...... The second time, he failed, similarly is the failure is processing that iron Yuan fruit stage. The third time, he has solved that iron Yuan fruit successfully, but actually when concentrates finally pill is unable to control many herbs herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi fusion, causing in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to have the small explosion! Father is really the ruined family, the short two double-hour, similar four hundred thousand large spirit coins like this evaporated.” Shen Xiang lies down in the ground, looks in secret room these are scattering Qi mist, a face is grieved.