World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 64
Shen Xiang more is contacts a higher equivalent pills, more is understands that the fierce alchemy master so will be why few, because most people cannot consume spirit herb, he is the comparison has the talent, moreover there is Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to be auxiliary, refines this Mortal Level High-Grade Dan continuously to be defeated three times! Let alone others? Sister Meiyao, you kiss my, like this I had the power, failures, I somewhat feared.” Shen Xiang said timidly, after saying, but also a face laughs foolishly. Su Meiyao spat one tenderly: Your this little rascal, gives back to me to play the fool! Joked that's alright with me, with my Senior Sister do not say that this words, otherwise your face at least must swell for several days.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: This I know certainly that Sister Meiyao you have to kiss me, kisses not to have anything again.” Previous Shen Xiang obtains Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, Su Meiyao was happy for a while that has kissed the Shen Xiang's cheek, but has not thought that Shen Xiang has been keeping thinking. in your dreams, your this, I later may pay no attention to you again.” Su Meiyao lightly snorted and said, remembers her to kiss the Shen Xiang's face on the same day, her pretty face cannot help but slightly feels hot, two groups of intoxicant corona reappear red, idle caress flatter charming, looks at Shen Xiang to be in a daze. Snort, hurries alchemy to go!” The Su Meiyao's face was redder, she stamped the feet, charmingly angry, then changes to a white light, entered in that ring. Shen Xiang somewhat loses, but he knows , to obtain the heart of beautiful woman, must make itself formidable, has rested the moment, Shen Xiang once more earnest alchemy, if this time is defeated again, he must purchase herbs. More than half double-hour pass by, in secret room hears Shen Xiang that evil laughter: Ha Ha...... The father has succeeded finally, is only the half-day time, my society refined Dayuan pill, Ha Ha......” After Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou hear that disgusting laughter, in abundance runs from the ring.

Later again do not exude this coarse laughter, otherwise I wipe out your tooth.” Bai Youyou that ice-cold sound conveys, lets eat dogshit to be the same in happy Shen Xiang probably, hastily receives that laughter, shuts tightly the mouth, was worried very much Bai Youyou will knock really his words tooth. After Su Meiyao sees, actually smiles the flowering branch to shiver all over. Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace opens, inside lies down five grains is being similar to the longan big pure white pill, is scattering very rich Spirit Qi, this is eight ten thousand large spirit coins grain of pills! This brat, always such attacks the person, I think that he at least must be defeated ten times, but was failed such 2-3 times to succeed each time.” In the Su Meiyao heart is very happy, but honk the attractive small mouth was saying. Although Shen Xiang haughty, but in the surface said: This is lucky the instruction of Sister Meiyao, Sister Youyou......” „Does this close my trifling thing?” Bai Youyou interrupts his words. This...... Naturally and Sister Youyou has big relationship, because in my heart is always thinking must help two Sister Fairy restore the strength.” Shen Xiang grins to say with a smile. Although Bai Youyou knows that Shen Xiang is flattering, but in the heart slightly is actually being moved, because Shen Xiang had been considering for her. „When later many diligently, when the time comes you study my devil art, I earnestly will certainly teach your.” Bai Youyou said that then returned to the ring.

brat, hurries to eat up to exercise martial arts, earlier enters Mortal Martial Realm 9th level.” Su Meiyao helps him wipe away sweat, returned to the ring. Shen Xiang has not eaten, but has rested, shouted Su Meiyao that making Su Meiyao teach him to refine fine pill and cultivates Qi Dan, seeing Shen Xiang so to have the fervor, Su Meiyao also patiently instructs him. Melts fine pill can be said as in Mortal Level High-Grade Dan is most difficult to refine, moreover herbs is most expensive, sells most expensive pills, because can promote Divine Sense rapidly, must know that Divine Sense is more difficult than to practice True Qi, some fierce cultivation technique, need certain Divine Sense to take the foundation! But was this type very much fine pill who was difficult to refine, Shen Xiang failed one time, second time refined on the success, moreover was a six grains of furnace, this may let Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao these two beautiful woman beautiful faces changes colors, they were also more excited, they can affirm that Shen Xiang will meet the alchemy rare talent from now on, certainly can stand in the roof of road of alchemy. Melts the fine pill's material to have four, after Shen Xiang failed a time, below can completely refine successfully, altogether is 18 grains, according to each grain of hundred thousand, this is 100 eight hundred thousand! But herbs is also only about 150,000, herbs can refine six grains, if can succeed, Shen Xiang greatly will certainly send sends especially, naturally he did not plan that gets rich in secular world, he must go to that true Martial Dao world to gain! brat, you now are relaxed, when you refine the Spirit Level Dans medicine time, do not complain incessantly that's alright.” Su Meiyao said that she to the Shen Xiang's alchemy talent felt was shocking and happy, but she does not think that Shen Xiang is proud because of this. Shen Xiang nodded, now is in the evening, he eats the thing to arrive at outside the city to practice, he only does not practice True Qi, he is inside and outside has minored, uses various means to quenching his fleshly body, this not only can make fleshly body formidable, but can also fast the True Qi transformation be spiritual power, will repair refined into Divine Sense. One month passes by, Shen Xiang has been able to refine Mortal Level High-Grade three quite easy-to-use pills familiar, pill who attempts to refine some unexpected winners enhances alchemy technique, naturally, to examine oneself, he also tastes the trial system with other alchemic furnace, except for starting to be defeated, later refines can succeed, just ordinary alchemic furnace alchemy time requires very long time. For example refines Dayuan pill, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace only needs more than half double-hour to build up a furnace, but ordinary alchemic furnace actually required he almost day of!

One month, Shen family gradually was also stable in the King City status, the pills industry was stronger, although pills sells convenient, the person but who buys were more, therefore Shen family can gain much. In the morning, Shen Xiang returns to new Shen family from the city, just took a bath, then sees a steward Old Ma face anxiously clashes. Young master, left the important matter.” Old Ma hastily shouted. What matter? A bit faster said.” Shen Xiang hastily asked. Patriarch he ten days ago doesn't exit to solve something? After he comes back, on acute poison, now several elder and Meng is using True Qi to suppress his toxicity, Patriarch is in danger now.” The Old Ma words just said that Shen Xiang changes to the shadow to leave together. The Shen Xiang complexion ten segregate heavily, he came to a secret room, several elder and Uncle Meng one according to the Shen Tianhu body, is instilling into True Qi to him, is suppressing acute poison of his within the body. Shen Tianhu that full is body jet black one piece of vigorous and healthy muscle, on the face does not have blood-colored, moreover is responsible for black Qi faintly, understood at a glance in him acute poison. But Shen Luzong actually looks at a very tiny steel needle in one side congealing eyebrow!