World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 65
At this time, several elder and Uncle Meng moved out of the way from the body of Shen Tianhu the hand, they were sweating profusely, the complexion was somewhat thin and pale, can see them to consume many True Qi. Many thanks Senior helps my father drive the toxin, he now how?” Shen Xiang asked that although his voice was tranquil, but in the heart actually very much worried that Shen Tianhu was his father, was his family member, since childhood was caring for him, he worried very much can lose this father. Uncle Meng said: Relax, the toxicity suppressed temporarily, but completely has not actually eliminated, acute poison entered in the skeleton and meridians completely, has permeated the five main internal organs (entrails), can fortunately, even if suppressed the toxicity, otherwise......” Shen Xiang closes the eye, took a deep breath, is gripping slightly tightly the double fist, in the heart full is angry, invisible murderous aura wells up immediately from him. Shen Tianhu has opened the eye slightly, although sound is fragile, but actually full is the anger: Jiudu Gang this group of bastards, they plot against our Shen family person repeatedly, therefore I look for their calculate personally, finally has fought with them. I manage a household their Jiudu Gang two, after five elders butcher, actually encounters that master to plot, I had not continued to fight at that time, but hurries back with great speed!” Shen Xiang was shocked, these elder and Uncle Meng also inconceivable looks at Shen Tianhu! Father...... Unexpectedly a person rushes to Jiudu Gang alone!” The Shen Xiang but actually took a deep breath cold air, Jiudu Gang is a very evil and cruel organization, mainly attacks with poisonous, is many martial artist frightened dark forces, once two families ten years ago sent out the top player to go, but has not actually come back. Afterward was Patriarch of that two family goes, similarly cannot come back! Snort, what has to be good to fear? Since our Shen family annexes Yao family, this Jiudu Gang does with our Shen family right, always robbed our Shen family cargo, the Shen family person secretly is also killed by poison ten people by them, words that this Jiudu Gang did not remove, after our Shen family person, will be killed by them.” Shen Tian gets angry the sound to say. Loses one's temper not by any means.” Uncle Meng urged. Shen Tianhu this act was also Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, unexpectedly killed Jiudu Gang two to manage a household with five elders, this to a faction was a big loss, shook the foundation of entire faction.

Shen Luzong walks, his hand that uses the thick cloth to wrap the pintle gives the people to look, said: This needle everybody gave day of tiger suppression toxic time a moment ago, braves from his arm. After this acupuncture enters the body of person, will produce paralysis, will not make the person detect that but Divine Sense of day tiger is quite formidable, can induce to the situation in within the body, therefore has not continued to fight, otherwise the toxin will intensify the proliferation.” Shen Xiang looks at this needle, the eye fierce opening, the facial expression becomes more dignified! This type of needle I have seen!” The Shen Xiang fist grasps, he remembers previous and Crown Prince Song Nanming fought, Song Nanming had emitted this type of small needle, but Leng Youlan was also stabbed, but the toxicity was not too strong. Is that Crown Prince, Leng Youlan and he fights, he has emitted ice needle, making Leng Youlan be poisoned! With I contend in martial arts, what he emits is the steel needle, but was actually used to burn down by me.” The Shen Xiang congealing eyebrow said. Crown Prince can have this type of thing he to have doubts, but he sees Jiudu Gang also to have this type of thing now, letting the person has to associate it. Song Wu this emperor worked as is leisurely and carefree, he and Jiudu Gang this influence together words, did not have the least bit advantage to him, but that Crown Prince had the possibility secretly and Jiudu Gang has the contact.” Uncle Meng said that previous Leng Youlan's poisonously is he drives out, he also suspected. I must investigate thoroughly! Father, that Jiudu Gang where?” Shen Xiang asked that the item contained thick killing intent. Chaotic Fengshan, all careful!” Shen Tianhu also very knew about own son that the Shen Xiang's strength also makes him be able rest assured that so formidable Yao family is Shen Xiang takes. Relax, the toxin of day tiger only needs on a period of time to compel.” Shen Luzong has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Shen Xiang leaves the secret room, rides a horse to go out of town, rushes to the King City east, chaotic Fengshan is the place that the robbers and bandits gather, in the hearsay there has had a gang to gather various group of scattered robbers and bandits, but now that is Jiudu Gang!

Goes out of town, Shen Xiang detected that some people in tracking him, he pretends not to discover that continues to hurry along, after he eliminates Yao family, took revenge by some Yao family remaining people also not possibly, but his present strength actually does not need to be worried that these people retaliate. Enters the forest, Shen Xiang leaves the horses, oneself dash about wildly in the forest, but also slows the tempo intentionally, making these track his person with, but makes him feel that what is strange, these people do not have the meaning of fight, is responsible for monitoring him. Some people calculate that I will go to chaotic Fengshan?” In the Shen Xiang mind suddenly has this idea, he guessed that front will possibly have the ambush. Enters the deep woods, his suddenly discovery tracked his these people to circle to him in front of went, Shen Xiang can affirm now that some front people were ambushing he! Really, dashed in him slightly a moment later, seeing front to sit a person! Front is one piece has not planted the place of trees, the spacious ground has the fallen leaf, but presented a luxurious chair here, the person who chair above sits is a handsome youth. Song Nanming!” Shen Xiang coldly looks that once was hit the remnant Crown Prince master by him, if no massive good spirit herb, he is unable to restore that quickly. Song Nanming will appear here, only then an explanation, that was Song Nanming and Jiudu Gang really has close relationship, Shen Tianhu left after Jiudu Gang, Jiudu Gang immediately uses the hawk signalling the words, Song Nanming had the time to come here. According to the Shen Xiang's style, the Shen Tianhu poison departs, Shen Xiang can revenge, but Song Nanming has despised Shen Xiang, in halfway interception also normally. Shen Xiang one has thought this, he knows that around one has certainly many Jiudu Gang people to prepare to him to use that type concealed or hidden weapon that has acute poison, but he is calm calmly.

Is he of alchemy master, already had the anti-poison ability, moreover he is the Mortal Martial Realm 8th level strength, the insight is greatly strengthened, previous time Song Nanming has not plotted against him with that pintle. Song Nanming behind also stood four robust men, the whole body is sending out pure True Qi, understood at a glance that was the Imperial Palace master. Song Nanming, has not thought that your unexpectedly and Jiudu Gang collude with together, solemn Southern Martial Empire Crown Prince, unexpectedly with this evil force illicit intercourse, the words that passes on, humph, humph!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. „Does Shen Xiang, what die to being imminent is spirited? You died, who will know me and Jiudu Gang matter? Ha Ha...... So long as has solved you, later I have been the emperor, certainly destroys completely your Shen family, I must be a genuine emperor!” Song Nanming a face said crazily. The Southern Martial Empire emperor is nominal, but is responsible for managing the entire country, but had Shen family and Yao family matter, has no right the interference, does not have the strength to interfere, the authority is limited. Song Nanming was Crown Prince, he was the next emperor, he longs to the authority that he does not want to be suppressed by these Martial Dao families, therefore he on hits relationship with Jiudu Gang this influence now, when the time comes he can use this influence the family to annihilate some and he made to secretly. fight, cannot make him live is leaving here.” As Song Nanming bellowed, in the forest blew cold wind immediately!